Tuesday 5.7.13

CrossFit Reebok St. Thomas.

Reebok CrossFit St. Thomas.

100om Row
50 Thrusters (45)
30 Pullups

Post Score to Comments.

Latin America regional competitor and friend of CFNE, Conor Murphy.

Latin America regional competitor and friend of CFNE, Conor Murphy. The plate is from NH, with an American Flag, and honors ‘MURF’…


  1. Paul P

    Paul P
    May 6, 2013

    Baseline Plus: 6:48 RX

    OK…6:30 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Tomorrow is Tuesday. For many of you this is just another day. For 3 of us, this has been an opportunity to break out some very bizarre and most times Ugly Tank Tops. The Tank Top Tuesday Trio of Paul, Dan, and Andrew needs some help. Andrew has been out of commission so now we need all of YOU to take his place!!! Yeah buddy!!! Dan and I will have what we call our “Bert and Ernie” Tanks on so don’t worry about looking silly or ridiculous. We have that part covered. Any Tank Top will do. FYI- TTT or T3, is not for every single Tuesday. However, when the moon is right and the starts have aligned or the mood strikes us. T3 comes to life. Tomorrow is THAT TUESDAY!!!

    See you all at 6:30

    • I just read this comment to the class…they are pumped!

      I think today’s warmup brought the class closer together…literally

      • Paul P

        Awesome!!! Looking forward to what these maniacs come up with.

    • Two Words…Tie-Dye! Love this!

      • Maureen B.

        Gahh I forgot mine! I’m a zombie in the mornings

    • Fake Doug Bell

      Fake Doug Bell approves of tank top tuesday. But no one from the 6:30 pm can outdo some of my tank top outfits. Or my untied shoes.


  2. Laura c

    Why did this change? I liked the other wod:(!

  3. Krystle

    NO! I wanted painkiller!

    • I don’t like deadlifts I willed it to change. Jedi mind trick

      • rich t

        nice. can you do something about world peace and starvation?

        • Doug B

          One step at a time…Jackie’s a good start. Thanks doctor!

    • laura c

      krystle – you and I – head to head pain killer:)! forget this rowning thing:)! Wait, I am not being negative for you all thinking that, I am just being OVERLY positive about Painkiller!

  4. Jackie: 10:29 blue band PU

  5. Douglas Eisenstein

    7:26 Rx
    Split the Thrusters into 10’s and PU’s into 10, 5, 5, 5, 5.

  6. Andy M

    Jackie: 9:28 Rx (0:30 PR)

  7. rich t

    Jackie – 12:09 Rx

  8. Alison

    Jackie – 11:15 Rx. 1:54 Pr.
    I might have skipped PU#28 in my haze, I really can’t remember and it’s bugging me. Sometimes counting really taxes me.

    DU work after with Sarah S who is stringing them together – woo hoo!

  9. Amy B

    Jackie: 11:23 RX
    Broke up my Thrusters too much and did pull ups as all singles – could have cycled them a little quicker. That said, the last time I remembered doing this workout was a head to head with Megan and we tied! I thought it had been at exactly 10 minutes. Looking back, it wasn’t. This ended up being a 44 second PR. Surprised.

  10. Sarah S.

    Jackie: 9:04 Rx. (32 second PR). DU practice with Alison post WOD, second day in a row with consecutive DU. today I got 3 – I’ll take it!

  11. Heather V.

    Jackie: = disaster… ummm this one just keeps getting worse for me. I think I was 9:40 today or 9:20, last time, 9 even, time before that 8:39… I think I am pacing the row too much and it didn’t help that I had to go get a bar, but glad I could provide some comic relief for others. ugh.

    I was REALLY looking forward to HSPU’s today because I had been practicing. booooo.

  12. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone! :) I just wanted to write to thank everyone for all of their love and support during my half marathon training journey these past three months. I finished my first half marathon this past Sunday with two of my oldest and dearest friends by my side. :) Though the course was a bit hilly it was beyond a gorgeous day to run along the coast through Gloucster and Rockport and I finished with a time of 2 hours and 51 seconds which I am pumped about! :) I know there is lots of room for improvement going forward but seeing as how I could barely run a half mile at one time when I started Elements in September, I am very happy to now be able to run for more than 2 hours straight! So thank you CFNE for pushing me to do things I never dreamed that I could. :)

    Today was an active recovery day for me (after my full recovery day yesterday) so I got in a 5K in 28:15 and continued my mobility, as well as 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups. Looking forward to getting back to the 5:30 am mayhem tomorrow! :) Enjoy this beautiful day everyone! :)

    • Sarah S.

      Congratulations Heather! What an accomplishment!

    • Susan Stein

      Congratulations Heather! A job very well done!

    • Heather V.

      Very cool Heather!

    • Braatz

      Congratulations, Heather! It’s been great watching you set the goal, train hard and then perform so well.

    • Rachel E

      Congratulations, Heather! Huge achievement!

    • Michelene

      Awesome job, way to go Heather!! All those pre-WOD runs before the 5:30 class?!?!?! Now THAT is dedication! You should be really proud of this accomplishment – we’re all proud of you!!

    • Big Mike

      Congrats Heather-way to stick to the plan.

    • Kristin B.


    • Rick W

      Wow, way to go. Great time!

    • What a great accomplishment! Congratulations on your success!

    • Greg D

      Great job Heather! Your dedication has been impressive.

    • Tricia D

      Congratulations, Heather. You trained so hard during a bitter cold and snowy winter when most of the world was still snoozing. You are a true inspiration for dedication and hard work. Keep it up girl!

    • Wendy P

      Congratulations Heather!!!!!

    • So cool. Congrats. A triathlon is next, right?!?

    • laura c

      congrats heather – huge accomplishment!

    • Sarah W

      All that effort paid off!

    • Heather O

      Oh you are all so sweet! Thank you so much everyone! :-) I could not have done it without you. And Joe haha no I don’t think any triathlons are in my foreseeable future, the clinic scared me a bit on Saturday, though it was really great and Ben’s piece on mental toughness really helped get Lisa and me through on Sunday, that’s for sure. But never say never I have now come to learn. :-)

    • marissa

      FANTASTIC!!! so happy for you and impressed by your dedication! way to go!

    • Congratulations!! And already running again today. I’d say you are hooked. :)

    • Alison

      Congratulations Heather. Well done!!

  13. Chad M

    Jackie. 7.37rx too slow on the row.

  14. 12:09 with a big ass rubber band helping me. lots of work to do and hopefully tons of room to improve. Def ready to petition for painkiller tomorrow.

  15. Braatz

    Jackie: 8:21 Rx

  16. Big Mike

    Jackie: 7:50 Rx (36 second PR from last month)

    Managed to get the thrusters unbroken because I slowed down a bit on the row. Now if I can just get some bigger sets of pullups I might be able to challenge Greg. The guttural scream as he finishes is a little intimidating.

  17. Rachel E

    Nice surprise Jackie to start off my Tuesday! 10:59 RX — far from a PR but all I had today.

  18. Craig B.

    Jackie: 6:29 rx

  19. Larry

    9:30 my conditioning has a long way to go!

  20. Michelene

    Jackie: 9:59 (33# & sm blue band PU) This was a 2:21 PR from last month! I think it was the thrusters that made the difference, I remember slogging through them last time. Or maybe there really is something to this paleo thing. Can a week make a difference?

  21. Rick W

    Jackie: 7:55 Rx (49 second PR from garage games) – Note to self – work on pull-ups

    10X Hill Sprints

  22. Chris M.

    Jackie – 6:51 Rx’d (PR by 1:25)
    … stuck to the rowing gameplan and was able to go unbroken on the Thrusters … stoked – another 2013 goal off the list …

  23. Greg D

    Jackie: 7:14 (:09 PR from 04/18/13)

    5:30 AM Mayhem Shirt v 2.0 Sign-up:

  24. Mike Dunleavy

    Jackie: 8:45Rx

  25. This guy is on his way back to Natick.


  26. Rob C

    Vegas Jackie (kinda fake sorry to say): 6:50 30 thrusters with 20# barbells, 30 knee push ups
    Out late, had a drink(weak), felt like crap tha AM. BUT I got to work out this AM at Canyon Ranch, brought the dumbells out of the weight section to the rower, did my thing, and now I feel great. Bring on the show! Miss CFNE.

  27. Wendy P

    Jacke: 11:46. ( I think… Somewhere in the vicinity)… 35#- shoulder feeling a little tweaked, pull ups 2 at a time… Slow and steady but I did all 30 :)

    Great job 8:30!!!

  28. As an FYI…

    LT. Michael P. Murphy would have been 37 years old today.

    Let’s wish this great man a happy birthday and remember the incredible amount of courage he showed in the face of certain death.

  29. Joe D

    1 mile run-10:26
    Jackie-9:00-Jumping Pull Ups

  30. Wendy H.

    Jackie: 16:45 (33# and black band on pull ups)

    4:00 minutes faster than last month and heavier bar!!

  31. Ali G

    Jackie: 9:38 RX (7 sec PR from a few weeks ago)

  32. Katie C.

    Jackie 11:45 rx

  33. Jackie: 10:02 Rx – 2:41 PR from a few weeks ago. Must work on pull-ups.

    Post-WOD mile with Maura and Michelle.

  34. Susan Stein

    Jackie: 13:08 (skinny green band pull ups)

    Soooo slooowww on the thrusters. Tons of room for improvement. Great job today 9:30!

    Way to crush it Heather B. you were amazing!

  35. Deb R

    Jackie: 10:56 RX (1:03 PR) from 4-18 Hell’s ya! Great job today 9:30!

    Awesome to see Heather B crush this one! Boom!

  36. laura c

    Jackie: 11:27 RX (;24 sec PR but Ill take it)
    Just dread this WOD and I def pace it way way too much…but I did it b/c that is what you do at CF – you just do it! Even if you dislike it! And then you PR it and it is all better… well, I still do not like it.

    Post WOD 1 mile run with the 9:30 ladies
    very short butterfly work – hands just spent….

  37. Sarah W

    Jackie: 8:58 rx. Thrusters were ok. 45# feels better than 65#.

  38. “MJ” – sometimes the best way to clear your head is to do a ridiculously hard workout.

    1. 1 mile run – 1 lap of the CFNE 5k loop
    2. Jackie-ish – 7:11. Push Press for Thruster. Knee is angry.
    3. Pain Killer – 13:16 Rx. (5 rounds – 9 DL 225#, 9 HSPU, 200m run)
    4. 200 DUs
    5. Bench cash out – 1 set max reps @ 185 (15 – not much left in the tank)
    6. 1 mile run – 1 lap of the CFNE 5k loop

  39. Denise

    Jackie: 12:28 rx

  40. marissa

    jackie: 11:27 Rx (1:33 PR from 4/18)

    extra work with lynne: 4x300m row

    heather b. just crushed it today — so inspiring to watch!
    great job 930!

    • Laura c

      I’m honored to be your “twinsies” since you usually kick my butt!

      • denise sullivan

        you both kicked my butt…haha…just glad to do rx!

  41. Eugene

    Jackie – 8:17 Rx (PR)

  42. Andy R

    Jackie – 7:42 RX

  43. 3×2 front squats 245
    3×5 OHS 150
    Painkiller 11:22 rx.

  44. Lynne Mc

    Jackie 15:12 (33#)
    My two biggest demons -rowing and thrusters so my time sucks but doing it was a win.

    After party 4 x 300 m row in the hope that I don’t have to row again for a few days.

  45. Heather Bergeron

    Jackie 6:38 Rx. PR :)

  46. Jonathan

    Jackie: 9:25 Rx (1 sec slower than last month)!

    OTM 6: 3 C&J @ 135#

  47. Jackie – 7:23 Rx

  48. Curt V.

    Jackie: 13:37 Rx

  49. Annmarie

    Jackie – 11:48 RX, PR by 1 minute

  50. Krystle

    Jackie: 11:57 RX (6 second PR) thanks to LJ for taping my wrist raps mid-WOD!!

    Cash out 3×15 GHD and 55 sit ups

    Guys big news… I now have a 2 pack. Any tips on how to find the rest of it please let me know

    • Laura c

      I need the same memo:)! I found about 2 also! They seem to be covered by “relaxed muscle”:)!

      • Krystle

        There are two more just waiting to break out… Too bad I had almost all of my blocks by 1:30pm today… Fail.

        • Krystle

          Update: now I’m drinking blueberry ale at Framingham Beer Works… Highly recommended

          • L.J. DiCarlo

            Great job today Krystle! By the way, the beer sounds pretty Paleo friendly to me!

    • Sara C

      Step #1: Unless your name is Heather Bergeron, don’t ever place a baby behind the 2-pack.


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