Monday 5.6.13



500m Row
40 Squats
30 Situps
20 Pushups
10 Pullups


Baseline Plus
500m Row
40 OHS (45,35)
20 Ring Dips
10 C2B

Post Score to Comments.

Just you, your shadow, and some kettlebells

Just you, your shadow, and some kettlebells


  1. Sara C

    For time?

  2. Laura c

    So, how do you decide which one?

    • Sara C

      You know which one, Laura. Look deep inside your soul :)

    • Sonia

      The one can do Rx?

      • Sara C

        Hmmm, I need to use a band for ring dips, but can Rx otherwise. What’s the word from management?

        • Andrew Ho

          They told us at the 5:30 no scaling on the Plus. So, one or the other.

  3. Patti j

    I love Finn’s perfect squat!

  4. Doug Eisenstein

    “PLUS”: 8:16 Rx

  5. Best warm up ever. Katie I let you stay in because I thought it was better to lose than not be able to operate.
    Baseline plus 7:12

  6. New post
    About rotator cuffs

  7. Andy M

    BL Plus: 8:28

  8. Andrew Ho

    Baseline: 4:44

    Ring dips were limiting factor for the Plus…it’ll come.

    • sarah wilson

      You will remain in FB purgatory for a few more days, but thanks for pointing out that we both beat Big Mike.

      • Big Mike

        Game on…..
        Baseline: 4:50
        Spent the drive in thinking, how the F did they both beat me…1:35 row, unbroken on pullups….slow squats have to be the culprit. I may just have to come back tonight for another go.

        • Andrew Ho

          Yeah. You need to work on your butt muscles. Sarah and I talked after and decided our awesome asses were definitely key to our domination.

        • Fake Doug Bell

          Nice job Ho. Love the effort and the win against the Sensei. I sense a rematch soon.

  9. Megan B

    Update on Erica D from her mom two days ago:

    “Erica called this morning from Base Camp. She reports that she and her Dad are doing well. She said that sleeping at Camp 3 without oxygen was tough and that the Lhotse Face was pretty hard with ice vs fluffy snow but that all is about as it should be. She says they will be at Base for anywhere from 1 week to 2 weeks looking for their Summit window. She talked a while and still seems charmed (though seriously realistic) about all that she is experiencing.”

    Keep her in your thoughts the next couple of weeks! It sounds like this has been a tough year on Everest for both the company she’s with and for the entire climbing community. I’m sure she’d appreciate good CFNE mojo being directed towards everyone on that big mountain.

    • thank you for the update Megan!! sending positive energy!

    • Heather O

      Thank you for the update Megan. I will be thinking of and praying for her and her team.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Thanks for the update Megan! Pass on the word that we’re all thinking of her!

    • Rachel E

      Thanks for the update, Megan! Best wishes to Erica!

    • Ben Bergeron

      I was hoping for a Erica update so thank you very much!

      Sending her all of our good thoughts.

    • Jenn S

      Yay! So good to hear. Sending good vibes her way!

    • Thanks Megan, glad to hear the good news. Any idea what group/team Erica is with? I’ve looked for updates on but don’t know who she is with. Hope they get that window to try for the summit!

    • Sarah S.

      Yay Erica! We’re rooting for you!

    • That’s so amazing! Thanks for keeping us updated!

    • Sonia

      Go Erica, you got this!!

    • Alison

      Thanks for the update, Megan. Sending well wishes and good karma, Erica.

  10. Dave C.

    Baseline plus: 8:20

  11. Amy B

    Baseline: 5:26 (I think – that or 5:16)
    Practicing my squats and pull ups this month.

    Very entertaining battles during warm-ups.

  12. Big Bri

    Hey I have a set of four Sox tickets for tonight if anyone wants them, no charge. Roof box sec 31. Lemme know.

  13. Baseline 5:56 with a band for the pull-ups. Solid row, less than stellar sit ups. Lots of work to do.

  14. Heather V.

    Baseline plus: 8:25

  15. sarah wilson

    Who won the warm up? I forgot….Eugene/Krissy, you remember?

    Baseline: 4:46 rx. First one off the rower doesn’t always win this. Don’t pace it, but don’t flame out either.
    For those who did Baseline Plus: you rock.

    Post WOD: butterfly pull up practice with Heather V. & Coach Rachel (who I say is an authority after watching that Fran) & Wall Balls.

  16. Baseline 5:35

  17. Greg D

    Baseline Plus: 7:25

    5:30 AM Mayhem Shirt v 2.0 Sign-up:

    Please sign up for shirts if you are interested in them because I don’t anticipate ordering extras. I’ll have the post up the rest of this week and hope to be ordering next week.

  18. Colleen (OC)

    Baseline: 5:55, Rx. I really, really, really wanted to do Baseline plus. I can do ring dips. Just not super fast. I’d like to try it at some point, just to see how I do.

    2:09 row. I really stink at rowing.

  19. Eddie

    Baseline: 4:49

  20. Rachel E

    Baseline: 5:41 — pushups/pullups were too pokey

  21. John S.

    Baseline: 6:53

  22. Rick W

    Baseline plus 6:53
    Snatch 10X1 @ 120#

  23. Rob C

    Baseline from Vegas: 5:23
    Subbed 20 more push-ups for pull-ups. No bands for me here.

  24. Ron R

    Baseline – 6:46. Pull-ups slowed me down.

  25. Big Bri

    “Baseline Plus” – 6:24

  26. Laura c

    Baseline: 5:26
    I’m ok with this bc I was dead last off the rower and caught up!

    • Laura c

      Oh, post wod goat work
      Wb work… 10# ball consistently hitting the high line! That’s progress
      7×5 butterfly PU practice.

  27. Baseline – 5:12

    Nice 1mi cash out run with 8:30.
    Bonus 1mi run with Lori and Cary

  28. rich t

    Baseline – 6:15
    slow on squat turn over cause of knee

  29. marissa

    baseline: 5:44

    after work with lynne and melinda: 7x200m run (average time — for me, not them! — :49)

    nice work 930!!!

  30. Fake Doug Bell

    Baseline Plus – 8:29
    on a mission to get my pullups back. stared at bar for a long time. for 10 pullups.

    • Doug B

      Not how I remember it…C2Bs went pretty well…shoes untied…just the right amount of swagger.

    • Fake Doug Bell

      And the hair. Never forget the hair.

  31. Susan Stein

    Baseline: 6:10 (knee push ups, skinny red band pull ups)

    Cash out: Tabata hollow rock/plank

    Thanks for the help Kevin!

  32. Mike Dunleavy

    Baseline Plus – 7:45

  33. Ken K

    Baseline plus DQ: 5:06
    Screwed up and did regular sit ups, lost focus and didn’t realize they were GHDSU until it was over.

  34. Jenn S

    I want Finn’s mobility.

  35. Lynne Mc

    Baseline 7:34 felt slow today but did full push ups which i suck at and my first sit ups for 6 months now my tailbone is finally healing (thanks Bonnie) so it’s all good. Then 7 x 200m which felt far too hard. Fastest 44 slowest 47 I think. Thanks to Marissa and Melinda for doing it again with me.

  36. michelle

    Baseline: 5:15? I was all over the place this am- “it’s not complicated” but I somehow forgot rep scheme and order of movements.

  37. Rich P

    Not timed, but as one continuous effort: Run 3.5 miles, 2 rounds of 15 pushups, 20 situps. Yay running.

  38. BPlus: 6:14

  39. Annmarie

    Baseline: 7:38 RX, most push ups I’ve done not on my knees, my pull ups were not very good today

  40. BL: 5:29

  41. Rasheed

    Baseline Plus – 6:45

  42. Baseline: 6:35. I PRd “unhealthiest weekend ever by someone participating in a nutrition challenge” and needless to say felt miserable during today’s WOD.

    Bonus work: 3 RM FS @ 105# (did 2 at 115# but failed 3rd rep) / 10 RM FS @ 100#.

  43. Melinda

    Baseline: 6:00

    Silver lining is I have lots of room for improvement (push ups/pull ups).

    7 x 200m run with Marissa/Lynne – Tx ladies
    HSPU OTM14: 5 strict w/ abmat

  44. Kathy

    Baseline: 4:41
    10+ consecutive “legit” ring dips added to the goat list

    post wod: butterfly pull up work

    • Patti j

      Does that mean you did baseline plus in under 5 minutes? U r such a wonder woman!

  45. Baseline:6:24 rx

  46. Colleen (C4!)

    Baseline 4:31
    I did 5 extra pushups because Coach Heather was on me (in a good way) about not getting my chest to the floor. I think I am, but video footage shows ribs are hitting first. Thank you Heather! I wanna do it right. Kipping HSPU and Butterfly PU practice afterward.

  47. Jonathan

    Baseline Plus: 7:52

    3×5 Overhead Squats at 115#

  48. Rick W

    Signed up for Nor’Easter… No scaled division – o boy, gonna have to extend the paleo challenge another month!

    • Rick – let’s chat about this. I had an email exchange with Allison Belger who is involved with the event. I also looked at the NorCal site for example WODs from prior Masters events. Might help a bit.

  49. Katie C.

    BL 5:58


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