Saturday 5.4.13

He's a Knockout.


Lumberjack 20
20 Deadlifts (275, 185)
400 Meter Run
20 Kettlebell swings (70, 53)
400 Meter Run
20 Overhead Squats (115, 80)
400 Meter Run
20 Burpees
400 Meter Run
20 Chest to Bars
400 Meter Run
20 Box jumps (24″)
400 Meter Run
20 DB Squat Cleans (45, 30)
400 Meter Run

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The Lumberjack.

The Lumberjack.


  1. Jamie

    I am a Lumberjack and I’m OK !!

  2. Tricia D

    Haha, he is adorable!!!

  3. Andrew Ho

    LJ 20: 34:38 (225 DL, 95 OHS, rest Rx)

    I honestly can’t say enough how fortunate I feel to have found CFNE. And this WOD exemplifies every bit of why. Perhaps my greatest compliment to CFNE, and CF generally, is that every time I start to feel good about myself, about my progress, about my achievements, it bitch slaps me back into my place…it makes me dig deeper and push harder to break through a barrier I may not even know existed.

    All week, I’ve felt amazing, and then along comes this flannel wearing, axe wielding, winter hat toting, Levi jeans (the tight ones) loving, stump chopping, bitch of a workout just to remind me why I’m here. Why I show up. To be a better me…to be the best effing me.

    And then apropos of everything, there’s Max (an actual lumberjack…I mean literally, the three times I’ve seen Max outside of CFNE he was wearing the exact outfit I described above), illustrating how effective having a community behind you can be. I have never wanted to quit a WOD as bad as I didn’t want to do the dumbbell squat cleans today. So what did he do after seeing me struggle with the first TWO?!? He stood there, along with 3 or 4 or more other family members, making sure that I got stronger today, that I broke through today, that I became a better me today.

    So, thanks CFNE. Truly. You make me a better me.

    Lastly, I promise I won’t write another big cheesy write-up like this for at least a month. And, no, I’m not crying right now. I’ve just been chopping onions.

    • Lynne Mc


    • Eugene

      Love it Andrew! Nice job finishing. Those DB squat cleans are the worst, although it was 2 years ago that I destroyed my back on the deads. Gonna do this tomorrow morning…hopefully.

      • Andrew Ho

        Saint told me your story…it’s what scared me into scaling the deads. I had planned on trying 275. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

    • marissa

      andrew! i had the SAME experience today! i came off a personally proud fran experience and have generally just had a good CFNE week, only to be shocked and humbled by a lumberjack. i have only thought about quitting a few times, and today it is all i thought about. i actually thought – what if on one of the 400m runs i just get in my car and drive away? but max and rachel were there with their positive support and energy, and i also had heather’s recent post about cutting corners in the back of my head. so i finished. thanks so much to the coaches and the family and specifically to david n. who gutted it out with me. it was brutal, but i am a better me.

      • Deb R

        So proud of you “beast”. You always give it your all…keep it up!

    • Great work today brother! True grit.

    • Deb R

      Awe…great job!

    • Laura c

      I agree. Those db squat cleans were humbling. Little sneaker f-ers

    • Big Mike

      I actually asked Doc Rockett for a ride

    • Maureen B.

      Aww Andrew you’re the best!

    • Wendy P

      Great post Andrew… Way to perservere! :)

    • Harry

      Mooooootivation! Awesome stuff Andrew.

    • Very funny…especially the part about Max the tattooed Lumber Jack.

      The tougher the WOD, the greater the sense of accomplishment. Nice job!

    • Chad M

      I think every CFNEer would agree. And although the support is a CF thing I think that the level of positive support is more of a CFNE thing.

      • Ken K

        I agree. Cool post Andrew. CFNE is a special place for sure! You are a part of it!

  4. Sammy B.

    Lumberjack 20: 27:33 (scales: Russians, OHS 55#, banded pullups, step-ups, DBs 20#)

    Hero status well deserved! Glad to be able to finish.

  5. Lynne Mc

    5K transformation challenge run 29:14, run as a gentle chatty start to the weekend. We def have more in us but not whilst enjoying it so much ! Thanks Sarah for doing this with me, I had fun!

    • Sarah S

      Great running with you this morning. Once I saw our time I thought maybe we had too much fun and not enough running! Seriously think I may need to redo this one :-)

  6. Braatz

    Lumberjack 20: 28:30 (205#DL, 53#KB, 95#OHS, 35#DB)

    “And I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper…” (heads-up: rated R)

  7. marissa

    lumberjack 20: 29:56

    many modifications: 115# DL, 35#KB, 55#OHS, 25#DBSC, pull ups instead of CTB

    great to partner with you erin! and great to finish with you david! thanks!!!

    • Melinda

      Way to get thru it…excellent job

    • David N

      Marissa great job today, that is what neighbors (well sort of neighbors) are supposed to do….the last two runs were the best two

    • Great job Marissa. This was a tough one. We were struggling from the beginning just trying to get our station all set up :). But I knew we would pull through – this was so hard it reminded me of some of the first WODs from Elements! Fitting that we were working together. Yay September Elements – we’re tough like that.

  8. Heather V.

    Lumberjack 20: 28:21 Rx
    Thank u Rachel for sticking w/ me on the OHS….totally helped me get thru them and remember to keep my core tight.

  9. Run To Home Base (9k/ 5.58 mi)–46:48 rx
    Longest run in awhile, and for a good cause…great day for it

  10. Christian

    5k run: 25:47

    This will be filed under “work on mental toughness and run pacing.”

  11. Ashley R

    Lumberjack: 28:50 with lots of lighter weights and rowing. I definitely felt like I half assed this workout today but glad I came considering my leg was throbbing the whole time. And yes..I actually DID fall during the 5K..and yes, it was a bit bloody :)

  12. Brook R

    Lumbering Jack 20: 32:43 – mods galore… 185# DL, 54# KB, FS instead of OHS, and in my C2B, my C didn’t always hit the B. A real grinder today. And we are all stronger because of it. Thanks to Harry for telling me to switch to FS, otherwise I would still be on my set of OHS. And thanks to all the athletes in the 9:00 for the motivation to keep pushing.

  13. Deb R

    Lumberjack: 30:21 105#DL, 55#OHS, 35#KB, reg pu, 20#dbsquats. Thanks for being a great partner Cary…even though we were booted out of our original spot..ha, it was a great day to “get to” do this workout.

  14. Laura c

    Lumberjack 20: 30:37
    120# DL, 55# OHS, 44# KBS, 20# Db sq clean
    Rest rx

    Maureen thx for pushing me on the weight…. I was on day 5 and broken but I did well!!

    Liked this wod a lot… Not the db sq cleans…

  15. 27:51 185 dl x10, 53 kb, c2b,40db
    protected back on DL and switched to kbs after 10 reps
    Thanks for the motivation Harry I thought the Wod was just about lumberjacks.

  16. Andy R

    Lumberjack: 29:30 RX.

  17. Big Mike

    Lumberjack 20: 28:36 (225# DL & 95# OHS)
    Figured teaming with John G was a good strategy as I would only finish 1 second behind, but alas, he was there enjoying breakfast when I got done. We may have not been the fastest today but our collective years guided us to smart choices on the weights.

    And if I ever meet the guy that invented dumbbell squat cleans, or his cousin that invented dumbbell squat clean thrusters, god help them.

    • John G

      Big Mike – you were super strong today! It was fun teaming with you! I consider our collective years translates into wisdom!

  18. michelle

    Lumberjack: 33:43. Rx. (2:41 pr)
    Great class, Harry! Thank you!!

  19. Maureen B.

    Lumberjack: 30:35

    Holy Scaling: 120# DL, 55# OHS, 44# KBS, 20# Db sq clean, 9/20 PU C2B

    Fun working with Laura on this one, almost exact same finishing times!

  20. Ali G

    Lumberjack 20: 30:50 RX

  21. Chad M

    yesterday at hotel gym 50# dumbbell squat cleans, push ups, abmat sit ups, 4 rounds 12 reps each, I think it was 9.12.
    today at CrossFit hammer 10,9,8… 95# thrusters, 1,2,3… pull ups. 8.25
    Nice place, good people…nothing like home.

  22. 27:22 rx.
    Still missing..,,,,pair of green nanos 11.5. Please check your gym bags. Last seen after Annie.

  23. Thomas F

    Lumberjack 30:57 Rx

    Note to self – have something to eat in the morning before a chipper like Lumberjack! That was horrendous. Loved it anyway!

  24. Patrick

    Seated overhead press:3×5@100
    50 sit ups with 25#plate
    Push ups: 20,25,15,15,25. 90 second rest between sets.
    Strict pull ups: 10,8,6,4,2.

  25. Ken K

    Lumberjack: 26:30
    (DL 225, 95 OHS, 35 DB sc)
    400 rows

  26. Georgia

    Lumberjack 20: OHS #45, green band pu’s, 35#KB, 100#DL, 20#DB, 20″box jumps, 35:18

  27. DC WOD – 9:50
    4 rounds of
    16 BJs
    10 Burpees
    6 Cleans (145)

    Followed by 200 DUs
    2000m row.

    • Ken K

      200 DU’s? Are you kidding? Did you learn that in Kenya?

      Nice dedication! To be honest, cant say I am surprised. Awesome job!

  28. Mike Dunleavy

    Lumberjack 20: 27:08 (95#OHS, 40#DB)

  29. Lumberjack – 3rd wod at cfne in 3.5 weeks, very humbling, 23:53, lots of scaling.

  30. Lumberjack: 27:32. Same mods as Marissa above so no need to rewrite all that. But also should add 2 minutes because I realized halfway thru the DB squat cleans that I was just doing DB squats. So did 10of those plus 12 DB squat cleans.

  31. 5k: 44:54

    I tend to get hypoglycemic running more than a mile, and I did this time too. I kept it from getting out of control, though, and felt pretty good. I feel more confident and am looking forward to running harder next time.

  32. Eugene

    Lumberjack 20 – 26:46 Rx (on sunday) 3 minute PR


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