Friday 5.3.13

Somehow Mr. Gooblesworth made it Kenya. No wonder he hasn't been around lately.

Somehow Mr. Gooblesworth made it Kenya. No wonder he hasn’t been around lately.

Thruster (95,65)

Post Time to Comments.

We are CFNE.

We are CFNE.

Yoga at CFNE — This Sunday!

Where – CFNE

When – This Sunday!

What Time – 3:00 – 4:15

How Much – Free for CFNE Members!!!

With Who – Michael Kistoglou, RYT | Inner Strength Yoga


  1. Mike R.

    Fran: 6:31 Rx (2:14 PR from 12/26)

  2. 1×10 otm front squats 250
    Fran 4:26 rx. 53 sec pr. Here come the butterflies! Yeah!!

    Nice job tonight Paul!

  3. Fran–4:28 rx….:15 sec PR…great 5:30 class!

  4. Sara C

    Fran: 10:11 Rx…first Rx on Fran! Woot woot!

    I first did this WOD last May during my second month of CF…with 25# and jumping pull ups. What a difference a year makes! To anyone new: hang in there, keep digging, keep working. Don’t worry about “if” you will ever be able to Rx a WOD or “when” you will be able to. I wondered these same things — heck, I don’t even think I wondered, I think I just thought, “I will never be able to Rx anything.” And now I can. Not every WOD, but some of them — more and more all the time. If you work for it, you WILL be able to…and you will know when you are ready. Today was my day…I was ready…just barely, but I was ready. And I’ve got nowhere to go but up from here.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

  5. Fran- 3:47

  6. Fran: 5:38 #55 next time going RX!

  7. Megan B

    A very pain-filled 31:53 5K. Which after talking with Amy now seems like it may have been 400m short and done backwards from class. Oh well.

  8. Thomas F

    Fran 5:19 rx

  9. Maureen B.

    Fran: 8:45 Rx – No idea what my time/weight was when I have done this in the past because I was bad bad bad at writing it down, but definitely didn’t do Rx weight or actual PU’s. Thanks Kim for convincing me to do Rx!!

  10. Cheryl

    Fran: 8:42, 65#, 9-9-5 pull ups (was planning to do 9-7-5 but mid-way through could no longer count correctly).

  11. Kristin B.

    Fran: 7:19, 65# with 9-6-3 rep scheme for unbanded pullups (yaay).

    When I did this in November I did the same weight but green-banded pullups for the set of 21 then had to switch to jumping pullups and finished in 8:03.

    Very happy with this progress and look forward to an RX Fran next time.

  12. Sarah S

    Fran: 6:23 Rx. Last time I did this was 4:48 a year ago at 35# and blue banded pull ups. Managed to do the thrusters unbroken in set of 21, but totally lost steam on round of 15.

  13. Fran: 7:44 (50#)

  14. Fran: 6:59 65# 9/7/5 kipping pull ups – PR!

    12/26 35# and blue band kipping, but NO TIME written down!? Not sure what happened there…regardless, significant gains.

    Pull ups felt great! Strung a couple sets of 3 and many 2. Only 1 single because I lost my grip. Huge progress.

    • Cheryl

      Awesome job stringing the PUs Amanda!! They looked effortless.

    • Kristin B.

      your pullups were great! nice partnering with you.

  15. Dave P

    5K 32:25. PR and a major goat. Glad it is over.

  16. Fran – 6:19 75#


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