Friday 5.3.13

Somehow Mr. Gooblesworth made it Kenya. No wonder he hasn't been around lately.

Somehow Mr. Gooblesworth made it Kenya. No wonder he hasn’t been around lately.

Thruster (95,65)

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We are CFNE.

We are CFNE.

Yoga at CFNE — This Sunday!

Where – CFNE

When – This Sunday!

What Time – 3:00 – 4:15

How Much – Free for CFNE Members!!!

With Who – Michael Kistoglou, RYT | Inner Strength Yoga


  1. Alison

    Great photo! Love the new school. Thank you for doing this.

    • Alison, this is the OLD school! Check out the dirt floor and the stones that the kids now sit on.

      • Heather V

        Wow That pic is amazing! I can’t believe that have to sit on stones! What an awesome thing u all are doing! We r very proud!

      • Alison

        Oops. They will surely appreciate all of your hard work so that they have proper desks and seats. I’m sure your experience there is amazing. Can’t wait to hear all about you — you’ll have to come back to the 5:30.

  2. Mr Gobbles was tough….in a chewy kinda way!

    • Heather V


    • Yes, true story, very chewy!

      One day the villagers brought a chicken and a turkey as gifts for our work. A few hours later we got “tribal” and had to cut off their heads and prepare them for dinner. This is about as Paleo as it gets.

    • Colleen (OC)

      That. Is. Awesome!

  3. denise

    amazing guys…what a wonderful experience

  4. Hahahahhahahahaaaa

  5. Ashley R

    Wow..great photo you guys..awesome job.

    As for Mr. Gobblesworth..he looks a little different..redder. He must be embarrassed you got a picture of him all the way in Kenya!

  6. Doug Eisenstein

    5:04 Rx

    Fran cough now begins…

  7. Cotter

    “Fran”: 5:09, not Rx. Wasn’t getting chin full over the bar on all pull ups. Thanks for holding me to standards, Big Mike!

    • Andy M.

      Without a doubt, Big Mike is the toughest judge on the planet!

  8. Andrew Ho.

    Fran: 7:08 Rx (first time!)

    I am pretty freakin psyched about this. I’ve been wanting to take a stab at an Rx Fran for a while now. Tons of room for improvement of course, but my only other Fran was in November with the thick green banded pullups for all pullups…doing 45 pullups unassisted and not losing any time…I’ll take it!!

    BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! Happy Friday! [drops the mic]

  9. Andy M.

    Fran: 8:22 Rx (0:52 OFF PR) Just wanted to survive today, it was an awful grind. Would prefer to run a 5k again instead.

    • Braatz

      Great job, Andy. The grind days are the toughest, and you were grinding hard.

    • Amy B

      I was thinking the same thing Andy! Almost opted to do so by taking the dog out for a run this morning but sucked it up and came in.

  10. Dan T

    Fran: 8:10 Rx
    I have done Fran before – but couldn’t find an earlier entry in my book….Great working w/ Amy today!

  11. Andy L

    Fran: 8:13 Rx

    This was tough but I am so happy I did this Rx. Such an improvement from last Fran where I was 7:29 at 65# & banded pull ups off a plate. That being said… I’d like to quote Colleen OC with her pre WOD pep talk, “There aren’t many WODs that make me fear for my soul.”

    • sarah wilson

      Such an improvement, Andy L! Sweet “pep talk”, Colleen. Might I add that being in heat two is not recommended (pick the correct side of the room, people). There was so much pain to witness before 321go.

    • Heather O

      Great job Andy! :)

    • HUGE RX!

    • Heather V

      Very cool! That is a huge improvement.

    • Andy M.

      Yeah Andy.

    • Colleen (OC)

      You rocked this!!!

      We have had two soul-stealin’ WODs in as many days. I need a rest day! Or a fat drink, one or the other.

    • Alison


  12. Heather V

    Fran: 4:44 Rx
    PR by 32 sec. I thought this was a bigger Pr, totally thought I was still in the 6 min for this WOD. Oops. Next time I want closer to the 4 min mark. Pumped that I got below the 5 min mark!!!!

    Easy recipe if interested. I would suggest going lighter on the cayenne and salt. Super easy. And I never have time to marinade it for very long… Usually only can let it sit for 10 min before baking.

  13. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone! Love the pictures guys! Keep them coming and keep up the amazing work! Glad you found a familiar face over there! :) Have a great day and weekend everyone!

  14. Fran: 6:42 with 65#
    PR by 2 minutes and 5 seconds.
    Did not go full throttle—maybe about 90% per surgeon’s advice….
    Was pleased with result but look forward to repeating in a month.
    Thanks for being a great judge, Heather V!!
    You absolutely crushed it today!!!!!!!

    • Heather V

      Your PU’s were practically CTB’s. I meant to tell u that after class, but couldn’t find u.

      • thanks, Heather! had to run, wake up kids,and get to work….

    • Andy M.

      Wow, 2 minutes, great job.

    • Heather O

      Sorry I missed you Sam! I am glad you are back and feeling good. Hope to see you soon. :-)

      • I can’t believe you ran twice yesterday—what were you thinking?? But, then again, the WOD was not announced. Great job with all your running. See you are another 5:30 am-er soon

        • Heather O

          Yes this is why I like that the WODs are typically announced the night before. I walked into the 5:30 and everyone was like guess what the WOD is and I turned around and looked at the board and could not believe it. Such a cruel trick. But I suppose it worked out bc now I don’t feel guilty about taking two full rest days before the half on Sunday. Have a great weekend and maybe I’ll see you next week. :-)

    • Chad M

      2 minutes 5 second PR at 90%! DAMN!

    • just looked at my log book—actually did this at 50# in 8:47 8 months ago. Walking taller today:-)

    • Susan Stein

      That’s huge! Awesome job!

  15. sarah wilson

    Frantasy: 7:00 RX. Last time I did this in over 8 minutes at 55lbs. There are benefits to bulking up a bit….Oh, and another benefit to a few more pounds than I had anticipated at weigh-in on Monday: I can give blood now that I’m over the weight cut off. I’ve got a date with the Red Cross.
    Kate and Heather V.: You made it look too easy.

    • Jen W

      I didn’t even know there was a weight minimum to giving blood. Oddly enough, it’s never come up for me. 😛

    • Rick W

      Huge improvement! Congrats. Hard work pays off

    • Andy M.

      Nice job Sarah!

    • Colleen (OC)

      That is HILARIOUS, I have always had that problem too! Great job today!

    • michelle


    • Michelene

      Great work today, your an inspiration!

    • Andrew Ho

      Facebook stalker.

    • Big Mike

      Way to go you Bulky SOB.

      • laura c

        AWESOME!! I totally understand the weight thing. I can not do it..but a few more months of CF I can again! last time I gave blood (I clearly was heavy then b/c it was not muscle – was 10# heavier and was not in shape) I wound up with my head between my knees at the charles street T station b/c I got so sick! But I worked at MGH at the time as a dietitian and I wanted the free parking pass!

    • Alison

      Yay, way to go SBSP.

    • Susan Stein

      Great job Sarah!

    • Krystle

      You’re a bad mama jama!!

  16. Braatz

    Fran: 6:37 Rx

    First time Rx. Last time I did this (bit more than a year ago) I clocked in at 6:38 w/ 65#.

    2013 goal is sub-6:00… a stretch, but possible I think.

    • Rick W

      You can do it! 10 seconds per month. Great job today!

    • Andy M.

      Awesome job Braatz, you were on a mission today and you killed it.

    • sarah wilson

      You have it in you for sub 6 RX. You flew through the bleeping thrusters and pull ups were solid. Huge improvement today though, Braatz.

    • Braatz

      Oh, I forgot one thing… hey thrusters, f*ck you.

    • great job today, Braatz!

    • Heather O

      Awesome job doing this Rx! :-)

    • laura c

      nice job!!!! You can do it – unless they change the Fran WOD to include sit ups, then you are screwed!

    • Alison

      Nice PR.

    • Andy L

      Way to go Braatz… you were waiting for this one so you could kick ass!

  17. Rick W

    Fran: 5:29 rx. 15 sec pr.

  18. Big Mike

    Fran: 6:12 Rx
    Hard to believe but 21 months of very steady 3 on/1 off this was my second time with the lovely lass. 9/28/11 was 6:30 with 65# and a green band. Not even Big Dawg standard so a little disappointed. Comes down to connecting more pull ups. Got the first set of thrusters unbroken and my first pull up was a belly button to bar, might of had a bar muscle up if I had been thinking of it.
    The round of 15…….ugh
    The round of 9…..broke on thrusters twice

    Also the worst that I have felt after a WOD in 21 months. But it feels great to have that in the books and know that I “got the required stimulus”!!!

  19. Jen W

    Fran: 11:16 Rx

    Super excited to have done this Rx, on my first shot at Fran.

    My goal was to just do it Rx and not worry about the time. Achieved.

    My 2013 goal is sub-7:00, which is possible if my pull-ups improve to where I can do more than one at a time.

  20. Lynne Mc

    I’m planning to do the 5K benchmark at 7am tomorrow if anyone else wants to do it. I feel this would be better with more people out there!

    Good luck Franners today!

    • Sarah S.

      Hi Lynne,

      I’d love to run tomorrow morning. Any interest in meeting earlier so we can then jump into the 7am class?

  21. Eddie

    Fran: 9:50Rx

    Did this in 7:56 Nov 10. Today was a grind.

    Rae (or is it Rea?) – Great work this morning.

  22. Colleen (OC)

    Fran: 5:58, 45# (PR by 2:08) Now that I’m under the 6 minute mark (FINALLY), it’s time to up the weight!

    I PR’d by a lot more than I thought I did because I’ve been bouncing up and down lately with the weight.

  23. Fran: 5:19 RX (50 sec PR)
    First set unbroken, didnt get the rhythm on the pull ups until round 2.
    broke 2 twice on last set of thrusters (even dropped on number 8…uugh!) but happy with the PR

    Great work John G. you were flying!

  24. Amy B

    Fran: 7:09 (55#) have done this once before RX but my strength isn’t where it should be. Would have taken me awhile. This was definitely an excellent stimulus for where I’m at right now. Not quite a PR at this weight for me but close.

    Thanks for counting Dan!

  25. Michelene

    Fran: 7:45 (45# & red band PUs) Actually did the first 5 PUs with no band but knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up standards for the next 40. Thanks for the motivation Sarah!

  26. John S

    Fran-9:24 (65#)

  27. Ron R

    Fran – 8:22 at 85# and green band for PU
    Very messy! Should have went at 65#.

    Danielle – great job – you were flying!! – sorry I lost track on counting…

  28. Joe D

    Team Challenge Benchmark WOD


  29. Laura c

    Fran: 7:59 RX. virgin RX
    I’m excited! I can quit cf now… Was on Bucket list :)!
    Not gonna lie.. Was hard.

    Cash out with DU and wb goat work… But a lot of standing around bc fatigue.

  30. John G

    Fran 4:53 rx pr :)

  31. denise

    fran: 6:38, 45# (+5# +24 secs)
    ok w that
    rather increase wt
    next time 50#

  32. Big Bri

    “Fran” – 3:55 Rx’d

    2 min pistol drill – 25

  33. Deb R

    Fran: 9:04 RX (1st time RX) So great to have an offical Fran time. Think I pulled a stomach muscle though…

    Thanks for being a great judge and motivation for me, Marissa.

    • laura c

      you were awesome!

    • Susan Stein

      Great job Deb! Hope the muscle feels better quickly. Try that mobility thing MDV had us do on the wall balls. It gave a pretty good stretch.

    • Krystle

      Go Deb!!

  34. marissa

    frantastic: 7:40 Rx

    the first time i did was very early in my CF journey (one month in). i did 35# and green banded & jumping pull ups and got 5:55. even though i was slower today, i’m HAPPY.

    deb – you are the best partner!!! thanks for the support and enthusiasm! and you did awesome!!!

    happy weekend CFNE!

  35. Fran 9:23 @ 80# and Rx pull-ups. Day two of the wake up call. Only other Fran was with 65# and jumping pull ups. I was frustrated with the time, so a big thank you to Ali for making me realize the work is the important thing not the time.

    Great job today Cary and the whole 8:30 crew.

  36. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Fran 7:11 @ 55# and medium band pull ups.

  37. Fran: 6:57 Rx

  38. Kathy

    Fran: 5:03 rx
    Nice job 8:30!!!

    • sarah wilson

      You are amazing. Kathy, you were my partner the first time I did this WOD (and first time I did a thruster). You made it look so easy in heat #1, that I remember thinking, “I got this.” After doing my first three thrusters, I realized, “I don’t got this,” and proceeded to take almost twice as long to finish. You were so encouraging too! Just one humbling moment among many at CFNE.

      • Kathy

        Thanks – you are so sweet and kind, and very, very funny! Now if only we had done the 5k together and you could have cheered me on as I finished 5 minutes after you.. :)

    • laura c

      Congrat! I saw you and I was like “dang…that woman is fast!!!!” XOXO

    • Deb R

      Wow Kathy!

    • Krystle

      Nice Kathy!!

  39. Melinda

    Fran: 6:50 RX

    Have some pull up work to do.

  40. Krystle

    Francis: 7:20RX first time doing it ever!! Throat got dry fast very distracting def need to work on pushing through that.

  41. Susan Stein

    Team Benchmark WOD: 29:15

    Did the benchmark today since I wasn’t in yesterday. Wanted to get it in under 30 so I’m happy, but there’s definitely lots of room for improvement. Thanks for doing it with me Terri and Steph.

    Cash out: Tabata burpees followed by Tabata ab mat sit ups

  42. Liz M

    Fran: 6:45Rx(30 second PR)I think I was still on my 21 pullups when Geoff L was finishing his 9! Love being around such amazing athletes.

  43. Annmarie

    Fran: 10:51 RX weight but did 12, 9, 6 pull ups which were definitely difficult. Haven’t wanted to quit during a WOD in awhile but thought about it many times today!! Thanks Laura for your encouragement!

    • laura c

      you pushed through it so hard! I was truly proud of you today! You work so hard and your improvements show so much! I know those PU were tough for you but you did RX weight and that is amazing and after those thrusters PU become impossible…. You were NOT going to quit….. Not so long ago you told me you could never do a legit PU and you do now!!!! You should be proud!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Next time Annmarie, I’ll do the pullups and you do the Rx weight thrusters and together we can have a 2 minute Fran. Deal?

    • Patti J

      Great job Anne Marie!! No bands and Rx weight! You are very quietly getting much stronger.

  44. Colleen (C4!)

    Fran 4:54 Rx
    First time doing this WOD, it has just never shown up the days’ I was there.

    Awesome job, Krystle! Thanks for partnering!

  45. LEARD

    Fran 4:51 1:14 PR.

    Well that went well. I broke up the set of 15 and 9 on Thrusters and the Pull-ups were broken each round.

    The students in the weight room didn’t know what to make of what I was doing, which made it that much more priceless.

  46. Colleen (OC)

    The Globe website has a video right now on the main page titled, “CrossFit Helps Cop Heal After Marathon Blast.” I haven’t watched it yet, but I guess it’s at Southie…

  47. Rob C

    When i saw that today was Fran I had to try it. Had an appointment early so missed the 8:30 but got to work out with my buds at now noon!

    Frankly Fran: 8:00, 75# and green band. This was the hardest workout for me yet. The last three PUs took me 30 sec.

    • Krystle

      You did great! My pu used to be sooo slow I would stare at the bar for so long I felt like I wasn’t even getting a work out in, they will come!

    • laura c

      fran is a pesky little lady…nice job!

    • Melinda

      Nice to have you at noon…and good job getting it done!

  48. Colleen (C4!)

    Yeah, Rob C! You hung in there and got ‘er done! Great work!

  49. Matty Noits

    Modified Fran – 5:10

    Front squats 75#
    24 inch box Jumps

    Thanks for the mod Max

  50. Fran: 7:18. Rx weight but blue band pull-ups


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