Thursday 5.2.13

What is Craig/Eric staring at?

What is Craig/Eric staring at?

Team Transformation Benchmark
TBD…dun dun dun

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The man...the myth...the Harut

The man…the myth…the Harut.

Cinco de MayooOOooOOooOO

CFNE, we will be gathering at Margaritas in Natick on 5.5.13 to ring in CINCO DE MAYO.

4:30 pm – Sombreros Optional

Wear your neon. Bring your caution tape.

Coaches Corner…With Coach Heather

Cutting corners.

We’ve all done it, and we all know how dirty it feels afterwards.  While it’s all Britney-dancing-in-a-prep-school-uniform to feel naughty, it never reeeally feels good to feel dirty(switch to Lil’ KIm-locked-in-a-dark smokey room-with-2 Live Crew).  Just one filthy hot mess.
To compound things, whenever you feel dirty about one thing in your life you KNOW it somehow spills over into other areas of your life: you avoid showering all day after Clovis, you pretend you don’t see people waiting in the cross walk…in front of the churchdown the street, you assume the socks you wore during Clovis might as well just hang tough through tomorrow’s workout, and finally you’re elbow deep in your kid’s bag of Doritos because “it doesn’t really matter at this point”.
Now, think about how it feels to do things the right way: you cross the 400 meter line at the turn around, you redo a wall ball because you know it didn’t reeeally hit the blue line, you replace the toilet paper roll (I mean you actually take the empty cardboard roll OFF and put a new roll on the plastic-metally axle vs. putting a new one on TOP of the empty roll),  and you add an extra 3 ounces of water to your Nalgene because your kid had a sip and you’re monthly goal is to drink 64 ounces…not 61.
You know what Mahatma Gandi (and, Ben Bergeron) say:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

When we cut corners, it says a lot about the person we are…and, the person we will continue to  be.
Do things the right way, regardless of how small they seem, and you are, literally, laying down the path to a life of goodness.
And, the naughty that’s good, not dirty.


  1. Stephan

    Wow, that was something else! Talk about putting your life in other people’s hands. Glad no one got hurt in the 6:30. Great team effort!

    TTB 31:24 RX

  2. I am going to the 7:30 pm class and can’t even imagine what is coming.

  3. Krystle

    34:22 but wasn’t technically “RX.” Let’s just say if today were the zombie apocalypse I would not have survived… EC would have fed me to the zombies.

    • Jen W

      Your arms were so dead you couldn’t work a shotgun or push other people towards the zombies as food?

    • Susan celli

      You finished which counts. You had a tough run. Not next time!

  4. Melinda

    TTB: 25:01

    Go 9:30…..! and tx Harry for the magic words/push at the end.

  5. Scott A

    Benchmark- 27:01

    Great to see the crew and meet some new folks. Again, great to be back…

  6. denise

    5k: 25:20
    LOVE that heather, i’m printing

  7. Jonathan

    TTB: 27:23 Rx.
    OTM 7 – 2 Strict Press (115#)

  8. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Team Transformation Benchmark: 28:01! Very happy about this!

  9. TTB: 24:46 Rx
    Great Job Team 8:30!!

  10. Maureen B.

    Ttb: 27:38, fun doing this one with the 9:30 crew!

  11. TTB: 25:15

  12. Patti Jeanne B

    TTB: 22:18 5K row. Lots of fun in rower’s alley!

    Ashley hope your leg scrape is all cleaned up.

    • Patti Jeanne B

      with a lot of lifting and jumping and throwing

  13. TTB: 23:17 – not Rx

  14. Tricia D

    TTB: 30:03

    Fool me once…..that was actually fun!

    • Sara C

      You did it fast, too! Kicked my butt!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Kicked mine too!

    • Tricia D

      Haha I’m usually running with a double stroller and two kiddos so running alone on a nice night after fearing blood and bruises was just lovely :)

  15. Thorp

    I think the secret is out now..

    TTB: 5K row – 20:53

  16. Eugene

    22:58 I think.

  17. Wendy H. (aka Mrs. Big Mike)

    25:45 …yes, only 2 seconds behind Mr. Big “shot” Mike.

  18. Mike R.

    TTB: 22:29

    Great work tonight 6:30!

  19. Nicole

    TTB: 29:39

    Goal was to break 30 minutes so I was pretty pumped about this. Awesome energy at 6:30!!

  20. Greg D

    TTB: 22:51

  21. Corey

    TTB: 33:52.

    My time may not be awesome but I’m happy with this for 2 reasons:
    1) my lungs weren’t what slowed me down for once. Immediately after finishing I didn’t want to die. In fact I feel pretty good
    2) this is a HUGE mental goat for me. So I took this 33 minute opportunity to practice positive self talk, and turning that negative voice into a positive one. It was really great and much needed practice.

    Great work to everyone today, especially the 6:30 crew that made me feel like I was crossing the marathon finish line tonight. Love you guys!

    • 6:30pm crew…..WHAT a team! You guys are well on your way to having a kick ass month!

  22. Kristen P

    Great post Heather!

    I’m laughing my tail off reading today’s posts!!!

    TTB: 28:08 RX.
    Post WOD cash out: tabata sit-ups then tabata burpees

  23. Curt V.

    TTB: 29:46

  24. Patrick

    sorry to miss this one. i’m a long way from being able to do TTB, so I don’t think i’m any help to the 5:30 this time around.

    Bench 3×5@165

    4 rnds:
    25 push ups
    25 sit ups

    5×6 strict pull ups

  25. Georgia

    Team Benchmark: 29:28. First mile was stiff and brutal but after loosening up a bit it was a blast. LOVED running with the 6:30ers! My end of month goal sub-28, let’s do this…

  26. Amanda S.

    TTB: 27:57

    Very happy with this so I’m excited to see what the next month brings!

  27. Matty Noits

    TTB: team Leard in da house!

    24:04 (Run Forrest, run…)

  28. Paul P.

    TTB: 22:11

    Great work 6:30!!!

  29. dylan r

    TTB: 29:57

    Nice job 7:30!

  30. Brook R

    TTB: 22:41

  31. Kevin G

    TTB: 26:38 sprinted last 200…. and still had some in the tank. (sigh)

  32. TTB: 23:45

  33. Andy R


  34. TTB: 27:38

  35. TTB: 25:17

  36. 25:29

  37. Moody Street 5k 5/5/13 23:21 (PR) 7:30pace with a SLOW last mile 8:30. Tons of potential here. Shooting for a 7-7:10pace.

  38. Brian L


  39. Rob C

    5k row: 20:19. (PR 1:30) great cap to a great month. 8:30 team is so supportive, grateful to be a part of it.

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