Thursday 5.2.13

What is Craig/Eric staring at?

What is Craig/Eric staring at?

Team Transformation Benchmark
TBD…dun dun dun

Post Time to Comments.

The man...the myth...the Harut

The man…the myth…the Harut.

Cinco de MayooOOooOOooOO

CFNE, we will be gathering at Margaritas in Natick on 5.5.13 to ring in CINCO DE MAYO.

4:30 pm – Sombreros Optional

Wear your neon. Bring your caution tape.

Coaches Corner…With Coach Heather

Cutting corners.

We’ve all done it, and we all know how dirty it feels afterwards.  While it’s all Britney-dancing-in-a-prep-school-uniform to feel naughty, it never reeeally feels good to feel dirty(switch to Lil’ KIm-locked-in-a-dark smokey room-with-2 Live Crew).  Just one filthy hot mess.
To compound things, whenever you feel dirty about one thing in your life you KNOW it somehow spills over into other areas of your life: you avoid showering all day after Clovis, you pretend you don’t see people waiting in the cross walk…in front of the churchdown the street, you assume the socks you wore during Clovis might as well just hang tough through tomorrow’s workout, and finally you’re elbow deep in your kid’s bag of Doritos because “it doesn’t really matter at this point”.
Now, think about how it feels to do things the right way: you cross the 400 meter line at the turn around, you redo a wall ball because you know it didn’t reeeally hit the blue line, you replace the toilet paper roll (I mean you actually take the empty cardboard roll OFF and put a new roll on the plastic-metally axle vs. putting a new one on TOP of the empty roll),  and you add an extra 3 ounces of water to your Nalgene because your kid had a sip and you’re monthly goal is to drink 64 ounces…not 61.
You know what Mahatma Gandi (and, Ben Bergeron) say:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

When we cut corners, it says a lot about the person we are…and, the person we will continue to  be.
Do things the right way, regardless of how small they seem, and you are, literally, laying down the path to a life of goodness.
And, the naughty that’s good, not dirty.


  1. Andrew Ho

    I hate surprises…what am I supposed to obsess over all night now?

    • rich t

      channel your anxiety into the unknown. unknown anxitey is non-linear. it will drive you nucking futs.
      Sweet Dreams Andrew.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Plan for the worst, and hope for the best!

  2. Ben Bergeron

    Love the article Heather.

    Love you Heather.

    • Aww.

    • Big Mike

      Get a room

    • Rachel E

      Aww you cuties

    • Heather Bergeron

      Do me.

    • This is great Heather. It’s important as a person, but I think it’s even more important as a parent. I grew up with some negative influences in my life, but I always thought about how hard my mother worked for me and my old Polish grandfather. He was old school and he never cut corners. The respect I had for them was more important to me than crossing over to the “dirty” side. It’s my lifelong goal to be that kind of role model for my child (soon to be children).

  3. Shannon Dre

    I love that quote! Thanks for the pep talk. I am reading this right now instead of snacking:)
    I have been sick for 2 days …but thanks to Paleo and CrossFit I think I am bouncing back quicker. I am looking forward to getting back AT IT tomorrow,

  4. Jamie

    Did someone tell on me ?

  5. rich t

    Thank you Heather. Need a reminder once in a while.

    should I go? what should I wear? do I bring a rope, wrist wraps,?

    • Saint

      bring it all. Knee sleeves, fanny pack, half-shirt, etc…

  6. Holy shit, that was deep. And spot on. Thank you very much.

  7. Rob C


    Your beliefs become thoughts
    Your thoughts become blogs
    Your blogs become inspiration for us
    Your inspiration for us becomes love for you
    That love for you becomes love for our community
    That live for our community becomes love for others
    Love for others comes back to us all as peace.

    Peace sister. Very grateful for you and CFNE!

    Bring on the WOD!

  8. Yesss…replacing the toilet paper roll…I mean you are siting there anyways….what else are you gonna do?

    • Laura c

      Word!! Huge pet peeve!

    • Read, sing, respond to emails, text, tell yourself jokes…the list goes on. Cool thing is you can do all those things as well as change the roll…multi-tasking!

  9. Yep. Things can go downhill pretty quickly.

  10. Big Mike

    Team Transformation WOD: 25:43

    I’ve never seen more blood than I saw today.

  11. Fake Doug Bell

    TTB: 22:03 (did it at home)

    What did Rinaldi get?

  12. Doug Eisenstein


    Great speed 5:30 crew!

  13. rich t

    Team Transformation Benchmark – 115#, 275#, 350# = 740#, 1:59

    10# off PR. Fun on platform.

  14. Andy M

    Team Transformation Benchmark – 26:23 not a PR and my shoulders are smoked.

    • James Hobart

      I just can’t believe Ben would program those movements together….insane #gamesready #regionalsCFNE

    • rich t

      alternating one handed negative plate HSPUs were crazy. new goat for me.

  15. Dan T

    Team Transformation – 26:57
    Bar felt heavy today — there go the torn hand blisters again…

    Enjoy all.

  16. Alison

    TT – 28:11. Looking forward to swimming tomorrow after today. Or maybe not — more shoulders? Ugh. Nice job 5:30. Way to stick with it.

  17. Andrew Ho

    29:06 Rx (really psyched to do this Rx)

    Barely survived. Just ridiculous…

  18. Heather O

    Happy Day before Friday everyone! Great job today 5:30! However this was sort of a cruel joke! :(
    3.5 mile Pre Wod in 32:39
    TTC Benchmark: 29:54 Rx!! :) (Can I keep my first time? :) Haha. :) Just kidding.
    Happy to have the next two days as rest before the half on Sunday. See everyone next week! :) Have a great day and weekend everyone!

    • Michelene

      Can’t believe the race is here. Good luck, although you won’t need it – you are so ready!! :)

    • Jen W

      Why would you lift heavy with that benchmark twice? Cray-cray.

    • Katie C.

      Great job today!

    • Tricia D

      Good luck on Sunday! You will do great!!!!!!!! And great job today on whatever it was, I’m sure you rocked it!

    • Heather O

      Thanks so much everyone. :-) You are all so sweet. :-) xo

    • Good Luck!

    • Alison

      Way to go. Good luck on Sunday — you’ll crush it.

    • marissa

      i’m so excited for you heather! you are more than ready! you’re gonna love it!!!

  19. Larry


  20. Heather V.

    Team Transformation Benchmark – 85#, 173#, 210#… Not a PR. 3:50 time
    I am beat.

    • Krissy Mac

      Wish I was there for this one. :-)

    • Heather O

      Great job today Heather! I saw you and Big Mike running together and I was like if I keep up with my running for the next 120 years only then will I maybe be able to keep up with them! :-)

    • Ali G

      great job!

  21. Tricia D

    Mayhem’ers your posts are killing me!!!! Greg D won’t give me the scoop and I have to wait til 7:30pm to find out what I’m in for! It’s going to be a long day!

    Great article, Heather!

    • Big Mike

      Just so you know, he was crying at the end.

    • Heather O

      Good luck girl. You will do great. See you next week. :-) xo

    • Heather V.

      Ya it was bad. Not just Mikes crying… The WOD.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Crying or puking, take your pick.

    • rich t

      had i known of the carnage, i would not have gone in this morning. what was the body count?

      i wish we could reach out to the other classes to save them from the horror.

    • Tricia D

      Haha thanks for reinforcing the fear guys. If the veterans are saying it’s bad, I’m f’d. But, must get in there tonight and take one for the team…no excuses!!!!

  22. Ali G

    Team WOD: 25:46 RX

    Well done 6:30am, fun morning.

  23. Thank you 6:30 class!! You are the BEST, most AWESOME class EVER! I’m really honored to be one of you! :)

  24. Rachel E

    ^ Ditto. Such a fun morning with the 6:30AMers! Love you guys.

    25:50 Rx

  25. Amy B

    TTC: 27:45 good times

  26. Colleen (OC)

    TTW: 30:44. Spit contests with Rich T were awesome. It was really who spit more vs. who could spit the farthest.

    5:30 am killed it this morning!

  27. Jen W

    TTB: 34:25 Rx

    Oof. Really took some mental toughness today. Never seen so many grown people cry before/during/after one WOD.

    It was fun crashing the 6:30am (again) this morning- nice work!

    (And I’m glad I picked the appropriate shirt to wear.)

  28. John S.

    Team Transformation WOD: 27:52 Rx

  29. Christian

    Bullet Proof Shoulders and DU work

    EMOM 20 – 2 rounds

    1 deadlift
    1 hpc
    1 thruster
    1 back squat
    1 behind the neck push press
    1 ohs (I did 5 back squats instead of ohs)


    Bar couldn’t be dropped once round began or entire round was a no rep, bar taken from ground

  30. Kristin R

    TTB: 34:35 Rx. Feels like a victory just to finish – good thing no time cap!

  31. Wendy P

    TTB: 32:18… The 8:30 class is filled with a bunch of rockstars….. I am honored to be part of such a great group :)

  32. Ashley R

    Benchmark 25:18 RX I think Heather’s inspiring words got me through this one :)

    Talking in code: thanks to Joe V, Jim and Pete and JC and whomever else helped pick me up. Thanks to the triage nurses for cleaning me up. The throbbing has stopped..just some flesh wounds

    • Laura c

      You crazy girl:)! Feel better!

    • Just remember…dudes dig scars! Way to keep going. A little blood doesn’t stop 8:30.

    • Jen W

      Ouchie. Glad it’s not serious.

    • Ashley R

      Oh I am wondering if it wasn’t RX due to the ‘incident’ :)

  33. Katie C.

    TTB: 30:58
    The surprise actually worked for me…would have stressed all night had I’d known. Great job 5:30 am’ers!

  34. 32:44, those things are heavy. hope it gets better in a month. 6:30am honored to be a part of the group. thank you.

  35. Annmarie

    TTB: 30:22, much room for improvement!

  36. Big Bri

    Benchmark – 23:59 Rx’d

  37. AdrienneF

    Is it odd that I dreamed about Heather Bergeron last night, and then visited the site for the first time in weeks to find a Coach’s Corner post and get inspired? We were working cooperatively at a task (not CF related) and when we were done, we hugged, I wished her good luck at regionals, and told her I was sorry I’d be missing it.

    CFNE – the gift that never stops giving, even from 18 hours away. Miss you!

  38. Ron R

    Team Transformation WOD: 29:44 PR!
    5:30am rules!

  39. benchmark: 28:18 Went out too fast, I think. First 100% all out effort WOD since my surgery. I’ll take it:-)

  40. Laura c

    TTB: 28:11. That sucked…
    My whole upper body cramping up.. And for Some odd reason my feet too! Can’t blame it on dehydration :)!

    Nice job 8:30! Some strong numbers today!!

  41. corey

    i have never been more anxious to show up at CFNE haha. i think i have to stop reading these posts :-)

    • Jen W


      As someone who’s already survived it, I find the anxiety level amusing.

      As someone who normally goes to a pm class, this would drive me nuts.

    • Cheryl

      I’m kinda anxious everyday…but not knowing is killing me!

  42. Jim B

    TTM 22:34 glad I added getting back into running as a goal

    • Big Mike

      And we have a winner….

      Jim, also famous for the day back in 1983 when he told Sam Johnson in the bottom of the sixth he was throwing a no hitter. The same Sam Johnson who subsequently have up four hits and three runs in the bottom of the seventh.

  43. Chris M.

    The suspense is hard to take …
    … couldn’t share in the fun so …

    Deadlift 3x 315/345/375/390/405(PR)

  44. TTB – 27:57 Rx. Wake up call. Lots of mental and physical ups and downs today. Way to go team 8:30!!

    • Good stuff Heather. I was so inspired that after cleaning out leftover sinus gunk, I PR’d replacing a roll of TP in the mens locker room today.

  45. Rob C.

    TTM: rower’s alley, way to go! 21:49

  46. Sara C

    TTB: 34:31. I can honestly say that is something I have never done before. That WOD was a total uphill battle. And yes, walking into the gym and seeing someone bruised and bleeding from several places almost scared me away!

    • Tricia D

      WTF is that true? This is the last post I’m reading before I come in there!

      • Laura c

        Tricia… You will be fine:)! But, yes, it’s true!

      • Sara C

        Totally true…seriously. But you will get through it!

    • You just have to pick the right partners for the Buddy Carry. If you get the wrong one, you end up getting dropped on the pavement and it’s a bloody mess.

      My recommendation to those that haven’t done it yet is wear long pants and knee sleeves.

      Good luck.

      • Sara C

        Long pants, long sleeves, and OLY shoes. Leave everything else at home.

      • Andrew Ho

        Swim trunks, hoola hoop, straight razor, balloons for balloon animals…nothing else is necessary…

        • corey

          i cannot wait for the day when the night class can egg on the morning classes as much as you guys are right now. payback is a lady that starts with a b…

        • Rachel E

          ahahaha balloon animals

      • Heather V.


    • Melinda

      Great to see you today and catch up on our mutual “issues”.
      Nice work too!

  47. marissa

    TTB: 28:08 RX!!!!!!!!

    incredible effort 9:30! so glad it’s over…..

    extra work: tabata sit ups and burpees

    • Colleen (OC)

      Because when I was done with the TTB, the first thing I thought was, “Hey, let’s do some burpees!” You get major extra credit for that!

      • Sara C

        Seriously, I saw them and was like WTF, you people are NUTS. And then I went and did a 5x300row cash out.

  48. TTB: 25:21 RX

    Nice work 8:30!

  49. “Team Buddy Carry” – 24:11 Rx.

    Nothing better than a buddy carry with the hot 8:30ers!

  50. Martha

    TTB: 29:05

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