Tuesday 4.30.13



Double Unders

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Not sure what I was demoing here...Thoughts?

Not sure what I was demoing here…Thoughts?

From the Community…

Dear CFNE,

It is so bitter sweet to say, but the Messinas are moving out west! We have decided to follow our dreams with a move out to Arizona after this school year. We can’t even imagine not having all of you  in our lives 3 days on and one day off!

CFNE is not just the gym we belong to…it’s strength, friendship, commonality, community and the list goes on. We are super excited about our move, but so sad to say “see you soon” to all of you.(we WILL be back for the prom!)

CFNE has changed our lives beyond words could ever explain. Grace and Logan have grown up watching all of you and we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for helping to make them the confident,happy and fit kids they are. All of you have touched our lives in so many ways.

We still have two months here in MA, but had to share this huge news with our Crossfit family.

The Messinas


  1. Christian

    Say it ain’t so!

  2. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so bummed for me, and happy for you. Enjoy this new big adventure.

  3. Oh nooo!!!
    Messinas, please don’t go!!
    Ok, I know I can’t do anything other than wish you the best on everything you do.
    I hope to see you around before you leave!

  4. That sucks for us!! I’ll miss you guys!! I’m super happy for anyone who follows their dreams, soooo… enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!! :)

  5. We’ll miss you so very much!

  6. Also: Bummed that tomorrow is a rest day – I want to do this WOD!!

  7. Aw, heck, first we lose Jennifer to Arizona and now you guys…I think we just need to pick up the gym and let’s ALL GO! :) We will miss you, gosh…so much! But happy you are following your dreams.

  8. p.s. MDV, you are trying out for the next season of “Splash.” Clearly.


  9. Colleen (OC)

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, you already know how I feel about this.

    Very bittersweet. I’m so excited for you, but I’m sad for the RHOCF, who are losing an excellent member :-) and I’m sad that we are losing an excellent chiropractor! Chad, I am now going to officially be the only one left from June 28, 2010 Elements!

  10. Sean Rockett

    Messinas all the best
    MDV diving into a cold pool or checking front parts on a front squatter

    Also new post on 321GoMD.com Use your Head AND Shoulders

  11. Colleen (C4!)

    MDV it looks like you are demoing correct posterior chain positioning for receiving a foam roller spanking from Susan.

    I will miss the Messina’s powerful positive energy! Enjoy following your dreams!

  12. Get after it Messina’s!! Happy for u!!

  13. jared s

    Messinas, you will be missed. Best of luck and health to you all in your new home.

    Mdv was explaining to the class how the carb eating zombies in his recurring nightmares walk.

  14. We wish you the very best Messinas! You will be missed!

  15. Kristin B.

    Safe travels, Messinas! You’ll be missed.

    At Crossfit Invictus (great group of people!):
    Deadlift x 15: 135#
    4 Wall walks
    Deadlift x 10: 165#
    4 Wall walks
    Deadlift x 5: 195#
    4 Wall walks

    Then 4 rounds of max reps in 2 minutes of:
    10 box jumps (18″)
    10 push presses @ 75#
    Rest 2 minutes

  16. I left a black Nike Dri-Fit t-shirt behind on Saturday. If anyone finds it among their things, please let me know. It’s not in the lost and found. Thanks!

    • Heather V.

      It is prob w/ my purple sweatshirt that was never found. ;)

    • Andrew Ho

      Funny, I’m wearing a black shirt under a purple shirt right now, and they are tiiiiiiight…

    • You may have left it in the corner of the locker room. I think I found a shirt on top of my black pants on Saturday.

      • I looked this morning, but I did not see it. :(
        And, Andrew, it’s not fair that you have great hair and wear tight clothing well. You have to leave something for the rest of us.

  17. Messina’s you will be sorely missed but happy you are doing what you want to do. Good luck and all the best in AZ!

    Annie: 6:55 Rx (0:37 PR)

  18. Annie: 8:19 Rx (1:08 PR)

    Hey sit-ups, I’m coming after you.

  19. Dave C.

    Annie: 6:45 Rx

    Godspeed Messinas!

  20. Annie: 11:43 Rx

  21. Annie: 8:21 – SU’s

    Best wishes Messina’s in your new adventure – your very much part of what is today’s CFNE DNA. Your presnce will be missed.

  22. Heather V.

    Annie: 6:34 Rx PR
    HSPU Practice. 3 OTM for 10 min.

  23. ANNIE: 8:06 RX
    A 54 second PR. The last few times I did this was by myself at the HS gym so the energy from the class must have helped.

  24. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone! :) Great job today! Loved the energy of the big class. :)
    Annie: 6:56 with 2x su (1:24 pr from last time I did this a few months back with su, maybe next time we do it ill have du). :)
    Have a great day everyone and best of luck to the Messina family! :)

  25. Michelene

    Annie: 7:58 2x SUs
    Can anyone tell me how to find Harry’s 5:30 team blog? I need to find out what I actually signed up for!! :)

  26. 9:58

  27. Christian

    10:58 Rx (this was first attempt at Annie and first time doing double unders in a WOD and actually completing all of them) really really pumped

    So awesome to get into CFNE for my first ever 630am – great class Harry, and great speech pre WOD about the upcoming challenge.

    Huge positive of this WOD – doing Angie a few weeks ago I couldn’t get more than 25 straight sit ups. It was something I’d kind of forgotten and let go while I was injured and realized it was something (in-WOD sit-ups) I’d allowed to become a goat. Since Angie I’ve been working ghd sit ups, weighted AB Mat sit ups, regular abmat sit-ups fast/in volume and I’m HAPPY to report it’s paid off already!! All sets of sit ups unbroken!!!!! Don’t let that core go, people!!

  28. Colleen (OC)

    Annie: 8:20, Rx sit ups and 10-8-6-4-2 double unders. DUs felt pretty good today (no word from the peanut gallery on how awful my form was, although I felt like I had quick wrists today).

    I knew the DU number selection was a good one when Heather V finished her 50 DUs before my 10 were complete.

  29. Tricia D

    Annie: 8:33 2x su (first time)

    • Michelene

      Great score!! I think I may have to make a short string of DUs my May goal. Ugh, I will have to wear full body armor or I’ll be covered in welts.

      • Tricia D

        I know, those damn welts! Go for it, you will get them!!

        • Heather O

          Great job today Tricia! :-) And I agree Michelene on the DUs. I want to get those and also work on my pull-ups. Oh so many goats!

  30. Good luck Messinas! That letter was from Liz, I haven’t attempted to put my emotions in words yet…I have another month and a half for that.

    Annie. 9.12. (over a minute PR, and sit ups aren’t tweaking me out)

  31. Annie: 9:39 (2:38 PR)

  32. Andrew Ho

    Annie (first time): 9:04 Rx!

    Double unders really came together today, almost all unbroken…now if only I could find my stomach muscles to do sit-ups. I’ve always thought they were in there, but now I’m not so sure. I made Braatz look like a sit-up guru (which from what I’m told is tough to do).

    • Sarah S.

      Congrats on the Rx! You did a nice little dance at one point, perhaps in celebration? I only noticed because I was trying not to get hit by your rope while doing situps.

      • Andrew Ho

        Sorry about my rope. It’s really long…

        And yes, I did a pretty badass dance after the set of 20 DUs went unbroken. Didn’t really plan it. Don’t really know why I did it. I never do. No regrets…ever.

        • dance or a spontaneous spasm… don’t know, but I could tell you were happy.

      • Andrew Ho

        Also, I dance awesome. Just putting that out there.

  33. Brian L

    9:32rx (first time rx DUs)

  34. Sarah S.

    Best of luck to the Messinas!!

    Annie: 13:32 with 15,12,9,6,3 DU. 12 seconds slower than the last time with the same rep scheme. My May goal is consecutive DU as I can’t seem to eliminate that single hop in between…

  35. Heather Bergeron

    Messinas: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Just leave the kids and we’re good :)

    • Ha! I know,…what is grace going to do without CFNE CF Kids?!??! And Logan loves his little nook by the rowers to play the iPad. This is going to be tough for ALL if us!

  36. Heather Bergeron

    If anyone knows anyone interested in a live-in nanny job on the Vineyard for the summer, lemme’ know.

  37. Annie: 7:48 Rx
    Snatch 10XOTM 115#

    Good luck Messinas!

  38. Chris M.

    Annie – 5:28 Rx’d (Tied PR)

  39. Justin E

    Wow! Where in Arizona? Moved from there 2 years ago myself and wifey.

  40. Annie: 6:30RX (33 sec PR)

    We’ll miss you Messina’s!

  41. John S.

    Annie – 10:17 2xsu

  42. michelle

    Messinas! We will miss you all!

    Annie: 7:40 rx. 7 min pr. I don’t what happened today but I got my double unders. I’m still not sure it really happened.
    8:30 crew is magic- so great to have Brad, Mogan, and Tony back!

  43. Annie: 9:15 Single Unders… my May goal is to get double unders. Measurable? Yes. I’ll know when I have them.

    • Colleen (OC)

      I think you were 8:15, not 9:15. Because you finished 2 sit ups before me!

      • Ack, thanks. I need to just bring my wod book to class. I’m starting to question all my PRs.

  44. Craig B.

    Annie: 7:01

  45. Annie 8:57 (mostly singles but got a few DUs in)

  46. Wendy P

    Annie: 8:18 2x singles…. Added a ton of time :(. Need to make DUs a priority .

  47. Patti Jeanne

    Annie: 10:33 with 1/2 number of step ups

  48. Annie 7:24 Rx

  49. Messinas – Please don’t go! We are all going to miss you guys so much. But happy for you at the same time…you go where your heart takes you :)

  50. Laura c

    Annie: 9;06 1/2 DU.

    almost didn’t post bc that was a lot of SUCK. need to get back to practicing. I had not done a DU since before open

    I can’t even talk about messinas… Such a huge loss for us but a HUGE PR for another box. And I’m super excited for them:)!


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