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Double Unders

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Not sure what I was demoing here...Thoughts?

Not sure what I was demoing here…Thoughts?

From the Community…

Dear CFNE,

It is so bitter sweet to say, but the Messinas are moving out west! We have decided to follow our dreams with a move out to Arizona after this school year. We can’t even imagine not having all of you ┬áin our lives 3 days on and one day off!

CFNE is not just the gym we belong to…it’s strength, friendship, commonality, community and the list goes on. We are super excited about our move, but so sad to say “see you soon” to all of you.(we WILL be back for the prom!)

CFNE has changed our lives beyond words could ever explain. Grace and Logan have grown up watching all of you and we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for helping to make them the confident,happy and fit kids they are. All of you have touched our lives in so many ways.

We still have two months here in MA, but had to share this huge news with our Crossfit family.

The Messinas


  1. Ashley R

    Annie: 10:18 RX..somehow at PR even tho I felt so slow. Started with all du but tripped up a lot so had to resort to double/single. Almost there!

    Best of luck Chad and Liz. What an awesome place to live…

  2. Annie: 6:37 rx

  3. Annie-10:57
    Single jumps 100,80,60,40,20
    2:25 PR!!!

  4. Don’t go we love you !! Tell Chad my back is killing and I need him here.

  5. Annie – Rx. (not sure on time, I’m in a bit of a fog still)
    First time getting all the DUs; though there were many singles in between doubles along the way.

    Post WOD:
    4 x 400m run (moderate)
    8 x 5 C&J (115#)
    2 x 1000m row (moderate)

    Messinas you guys are awesome. U will be missed. Wishing you the very best!

  6. Annie: 6:17 rx
    Not a pr – 2 equipment malfunctions with jump rope – time for a new one. Great chasing Morgan – welcome back!

    • Kristen P

      Supa fast!!! Great job Kathy!!

    • Laura c

      That’s your time with malfunctions. Holy crap!

    • Sarah W

      I always think of you when this WOD comes up because you are so damn good at it

    • Ashley R

      Glad I was in my own little world trying to get through the D.U’s since you did this in almost half my time :)

  7. Mike Dunleavy

    Annie: 7:15

  8. Katie C.

    Annie: 8:50 rx

  9. Susan Stein

    Annie: 9:05 with 2x single unders, 51 second PR

    Best of luck Messinas!

  10. Annmarie

    Annie: 10:41, scaled du’s to 25-20-15-10-5, first time doing them in a WOD

    Good luck Messina family, we’ll miss you!

  11. Annie – 9:09 SU 2x

  12. Annie: 7:56 2x SU (1:04 PR – next time w/ DUs)

  13. Annie 11:33 – was able to string 40 DU’s in a row. need to push through sit ups better next time.

  14. marissa

    annie: 11:50 Rx (two minutes slower than january 6 but i did 2x single unders then…)

    oh double unders, why do you always have to play hard to get?

  15. Annie: 9:17 subbed air squats for DUs

  16. Annie: 12:22 RX wow, those DU were really hard to get today….practice is needed!

  17. Sarah W

    10:50. Hot painful mess.

  18. Fake Doug Bell

    Annie – 7:18 Rx

    Messina family…so sad to see you guys go. So much that I couldn’t even bring myself to say anything to Chad today!

    I will have to make sure I miss the day you have a WOD named after you guys though. 300 HSPUs for time just won’t work for me…

    • Fake Doug Bell

      And for those of you wondering where I was today, I was lifting big weights in the back. I didn’t want to show up Ho today (even though he was wearing that stolen black shirt), and I figured Big Mike would bail on anything involving double unders.

      And for the person claiming to be me, all I have to say is that there is only one Doug Bell (although I do love the picture, and would steal it if i could).

      • you are cracking me up with this stuff.

        i checked in with Doug this morning, and he does not know any of you guys.

      • Doug B

        You’re right there is only one Doug Bell…and it’s me!!!

  19. Haven’t been to cfne or posted in days, so this is what I’ve been up to, fast 5k, hot yoga, moderate 5 miler, barbell complex that big bri described the other day (DL, HPC PP),Annie and Annie’s cousin 50/35/15 DU and burpees. No time on anything, moderate intensity. Hope to make it in tomorrow.

  20. Scott A

    Annie- 11:26 RX

    Glad to be back!

    Best of luck Messina’s!!

  21. Kristen P

    Annie: 8:09 RX (1:21 PR from 08/12)

    Good luck Messina family!

  22. Scott W

    8:00 su

  23. Annie – 13:05 Rx

    • Thanks for the push and the cheering as I finished 5:30!

      • Colleen (OC)

        I second what Andy said- your DUs looked good! Awesome job this morning!

    • Andy M.

      Way to go Rx Alison, your DU’s have come a long way. Next time will be a huge PR. Great job!

      • Alison

        Thanks you guys! I was excited to be able to do it Rx!!

  24. Lynne Mc

    Annie-ish 9.00 with 2 x SU and 1 minute planks

  25. Curt V.

    Annie: 14:03 Rx. DU’s fast, sit ups agonizingly slow.

  26. 5×1 squat snatch 135
    3×5 OHS 135 145 150
    2×2 back squats 250
    Annie 6:16 rx.

  27. Anne: 8:07rx, 35 second PR

    just hit the crossfit hat trick – PR on Sunday, PR on Monday, PR on Tuesday

  28. Big Bri

    5 X 1 squat snatch – 157# across

    2 X 2 back squat – 305/310

    Muscle-ups AMRAPBWS (as many reps as possible before the WOD starts) – several

    “Annie” – 7:50 Rx’d

  29. Annie: 11:26 Rx. 34 second PR.

    Thanks Corey for the tips before class. Definitely helped a ton! Went from having to do double, single, double last Annie to stringing together between 10-20 per round tonight.

  30. Patrick R.

    100 sit ups
    5 x 20 sex hand stand hold
    5×8 dips.

  31. Annie: 8:31 1/2 DU PR
    Thanks for all the kind words and mean looks today! You guys are awesome.

  32. Annie: 9:57 2XSU
    This was 0:27 faster than Feb, but need to work on consistent double unders so I can do them in a workout.

  33. Annie–7:01 rx’d

  34. Rachel E

    Annie: 10:46 Rx (1:33 PR over March, but both times had lots of singles in there between DUs) — did 5 extra DUs on the last round because I never trust my DU counting! : /

  35. Mike R.

    Annie: 11:58 (sets of 50 and 40 were sloppy DUs, sets of 30, 20 and 10 were 2xSUs) – Switched to SUs after somehow whipping myself in the face finishing off the set of 40.

  36. Megan B

    Congratulations Chad and Liz! No time like the present to chase your dreams!

    Annie: 7:41 Rx (1:21 PR)

  37. “And then the Zombie started coming at me like this”

  38. dylan r

    Annie: 14:20 RX

    Last time I did 13:23 but with SU so, I’ll call it improvement

  39. Annie: 9:54 RX’d I really need to work on my counting skills. I’m certain I did a ton of extra reps, but I’ll do that every time, as opposed to cheating myself. Double unders were there, I am really enjoying that fact, even if I loose count.

  40. Annie: 8:00 SIngle unders (30 second PR!)

  41. Maureen B.

    10:29 and only did half DU’s….clearly need to work on those double underrsss

  42. Annie: 10:11 rx

    (** the noon guys started three minutes into the clock and I can’t remember if I subtracted them or not)

    Chad and Liz, best of luck!

  43. 8:22rx


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