Monday 4.29.13

Breaking ground in Guro.

Breaking ground in Guro.


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CFNE's representatives in the CFNE school!

CFNE’s representatives in the CFNE school!


  1. Reminder to the 7:30 class. Please show up early to get ur measurents done for the nutrition challenge. There will also be a nutrition talk on In the Tuesday night class.

    If u can’t get measurements tomorrow they can be done on Wednesday. Must be taken before class

  2. ATTENTION 930am TEAM — We will be meeting today after the 930am class. The meeting should take approximately 30 mins. We will be serving milksshakes and burgers.

    Bring a note pad.

    Bring your a-game.

  3. Geoff L

    5:30 PM ATHLETES!!!! participating in the Team Transformation Challenge, there was a sheet going around late last week so if you did not put your email address on it then please put it on here as follows

    First & Last Name

    or email me

    I will be contacting everyone that is registered and who’s leaves their email to talk some strategy and the path we will take for the month of May

    looking forward to take our training to the next level guys!!

  4. Ben Bergeron

    8:30am Class!! I will send out an email today reviewing everything we discussed last week. Be sure your name is on the Challenge Board with “8:30″ next to it.

    Every other class – have fun battling it out for second place.

  5. Andrew Ho

    2K Row (first time): 7:37.5


  6. 7:22 I’m back….again, this time I mean it! No really!!

  7. Heather O

    Happy Monday everyone! Loving seeing the pictures from Kenya! You guys are amazing! :) Keep up the incredible work. Today is a running (in the home stretch now) push-ups, sit-ups and mobility day for me. I’m looking forward to the team challenge (yeah 5:30 am!) and look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow morning. :) Have a great day everyone!

  8. Big Mike

    Row 2K: 7:05.6 (0:05 off of PR)
    Poor clock management on my part. Started the sprint to the finish around the 350M mark and I definitely had the oomph to have started earlier.

    • Andrew Ho

      Dude, that’s 8 seconds off the leaderboard. Not too shabby…

    • Way to push it Mike!

    • Fake Doug Bell

      Nice job Big Mike. Next time, give me that oomph…

      • Who is this posting above? Great job Big Mike. Can’t remember my time, lord knows I scored big style points (better hair than Ho with untied shoes)

        • Andrew Ho.

          Nice try Fake Fake Doug B, but the real Doug Bell would never say he had better hair than me… impostor!!!

          • I said it and I meant it

          • Andrew Ho.

            Oh yeah, well your avatar is stupid…so there.

          • Big Mike, I don’t even know why you bother w this guy…he’s not even in your league.

          • Andrew Ho.

            OK…words hurt bro. Words hurt.

  9. Wendy H. (aka Mrs. Big Mike)

    Row 2K: 9:24.6
    First 2K for me, have work to do on staying on the seat!

  10. Row 2K: 7:41 (:10 PR)

  11. sarah wilson

    row 2k: 9:06

  12. John S.

    Row 2K: 8:34.3

    Thanks Big Mike for coaching my row.

  13. 2K: 7:52 (0:08 PR)

  14. 2K: 7:43 (first 2K row).

  15. Heather V.

    2k Row: 8:30

  16. Chris M.

    2k Row – 7:08.2

    Fell off pace late in the “middle” … that one hurt … lungs feel “burnt” … good to be back.

  17. Mike Dunleavy

    2k Row – 7:08.7

  18. 2k row 7:26 pr – hard…

  19. 2k Row-7:48.3

    :23 second PR!!!

  20. Laura c

    I have mixed feelings about flying home today and missing this. It’s always my most humiliating day at cfne.. With that being said, more the reason to want to do it:)!

    See you tomorrow. Can’t wait to be back home!

  21. Big Bri

    2K row – 6:58.5 (PR)

  22. Katrina

    8:36 :14 off my PR….blah.

    • Greg – Is there a picture of the design somewhere? Sorry if I missed it in an earlier post.

  23. 2K row. 8:02.6

    So proud to see JC, Judi, and Eric represent CFNE in Kenya! I hope once settled in back home that you three do a slide show night!

    • Heather V

      Nice! Was that a PR?

    • sarah wilson

      I love that your time is recorded to the tenth of a second. Colleen, I am so impressed with every single one of your WOD performances in the last couple of months. You are completely on fire!

  24. 2K Row: 7:41 (I just want to be like Mike, Braatz that is)

    Big Bri, inspiring and humbling to row next to you.

  25. Annmarie

    2K Row 8:56, :02PR

  26. 2000m row 8:11. first time. tons of room to improve but I was hoping to come under 9mins and i did.

    looking forward to the challenge.

  27. Lynne Mc

    2K row 8:17

    Delighted to see Marissa & Colleen getting after it with their leaderboard times. Nice job ladies! Very cool.

  28. Stephan

    2K Row: 7:36.6 First time so I guess its a new PR

  29. marissa

    2000m row: 8:02.7 (PR)

    even though i secretly hoped for a sub-8 time, i am very very happy with this. i really tried to stick to the negative split strategy and it helped immensely. thanks kevin & mdv, and especially lynne for the awesome encouragement!

  30. Katie C.

    2K row: 8:58

    • sarah wilson

      Katie, great consistency through the middle 1k and push during the last 500m.

  31. 2k Row
    8:05 (first time)

  32. 2000m: 8:33 (first time) might be the last…that was horrible..ha!

  33. Rasheed

    2k Row: 7:47 (12 second pr)

  34. 2K Row: 7:32

  35. 2K Row: 8:28.7 First time
    Wouldn’t have hit this if I hadn’t been next to Heather V. Great motivation.
    Was beat after this one so definitely need to increase overall fitness to improve the score on it.

  36. 2K Row – 7:55.2 Splits 204/201/157/152
    Strokes per minute Splits 25/26/28/29

    1.5 seconds slower than last time:

    12-15-11- 7:53.7 1:54/2.03/2:01/1:54
    Strokes per minute 29/27/28/30

    Cool feature on rowers to record these data point – hit options – memory and magnifying glass and details pop up.

    Thanks Liz for screaming this is the Henley with 200 to go, and wow to Mary for keeping an intense pace next rower over throughout.

    • With your eyes closed, you were at Henley! I’m just glad I didn’t get much slower by the last 500…..

  37. 2k row 7:20

  38. Susan Stein

    2k row: 8:42 Thanks T for being a great coxswain.

    Looking forward to the Team challenge. Great talk and strategy MDV! Sorry we kept veering off track.

  39. Melinda

    2k row: 8:20 (first time).

    Coach Cam….tx for pushing me

  40. 2k row: 8:50. 25 second PR! It really helped to set goal paces for each 500 as Montoya suggested.

  41. “Amsterdam XXX ” – 18:37

    1 Rope Climb
    50 Double Unders
    3 L-Pull Ups
    40 Wall Balls
    2 Rope Climbs
    40 Double Unders
    6 L-PullUps
    30 Wall Balls
    3 Rope Climbs
    30 Double Unders
    9 L-Pull Ups
    20 Wall Balls
    4 Rope Climbs
    20 Double Unders
    12 L-Pull Ups
    10 Wall Balls

    Had a layover in Amsterdam on the way home so we popped by Reebok CF Amsterdam and did a WOD. Great bunch of guys there. Worth visiting if u are ever over there.

  42. Jared S

    2K Row: 7:18 first time doing this and didn’t know what to expect. Good strategy talk by Kev beforehand put things in perpsective for next time.

  43. 2K Row: 7:46.5 first te PR. Going for sub 8, great strategy from Harry and Ben.

  44. Done in work gym at Devens:
    2k row–7:41….first time PR whammy

  45. dave mc

    2000, Row: 7:31

  46. Suzanne H

    2k row: 9:54 first time and wanted to do it under 10 and I JUST made it!

  47. 2k row: 8:12

  48. 2 K Row 8:05.4 11 sec PR
    Great push from Angelo!!

  49. 2k row: 8:33, 32 second PR :-)


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