Monday 4.29.13

Breaking ground in Guro.

Breaking ground in Guro.


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CFNE's representatives in the CFNE school!

CFNE’s representatives in the CFNE school!


  1. Mike R.

    2K Row: 7:27.4 (first time)

    Thanks for the great tips on strategy and mindset tonight, Ali!

  2. 2K Row – 7:41 (15 sec PR)

  3. Christian

    7:43.7 first time with both arms

  4. 9:22, :38 sec PR

  5. Maureen K

    2K row: 10:43 First time. Probably the slowest time on the board today, but I am okay with it because I gave it all I had! Clearly, rowing is not my thing. Thanks for the coaching, Melinda!

  6. Wendy P

    2k row: 8:46

  7. 2k row: 8:26.0

    First tie doing this – I feel like I have more in me.

  8. Amanda S.

    2k row: 8:08 (14 sec pr)

  9. Brook R

    2K Row: 7:36.2 – First time with this one. Loved the “negative splits” queue. Great energy 7:30 class!

  10. 2K Row: 9:26…30 second PR from last year. :)

  11. 2K row: 8:03 first time. AmAaaaazing coaching from Amanda. I def would not have had this time without her! Thanks girl 😀

    Honestly liked this WOD! Minus my now chapped lips and wicke sore throat, haha!

  12. dylan r

    2k Row: 7:18 first time doing this one.

    Amazing energy 7:30! And great coaching/motivating/screaming Doole! The negative splits is definitely a keeper strategy.

    • dylan r

      Edit: Somehow neglected to mention how awesome it was to see Brad up and walking around. Can’t wait til we get you back man!

  13. 2K row: 7:25 first time doing this one and will get a whole lot faster. I didn’t push my pace at all, guessed wrong, and had enough in the tank to pull a 1:30 on the last 300m and go cheer on the rest of my heat. Ah well. There will definitely be a next time to dance with this one.

    Great to row outside with the 5:30 crew.

  14. Maureen B.

    2kRow: 8:32 somehow this is the first time I’ve done this one, will start out a little faster next time

  15. Kevin G

    2000m row. 8:02 (20 second PR)
    I was shooting for under 8. But I was too conservative during the last 500.

  16. Lil Tony

    2k row: 7:50


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