Sunday 4.28.13

Sara Colket Photography - April 16 Nooners Gwen-118 -WATERMARKED


1 RM

Clean & Jerk
1 RM

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  1. “Nyambula” (rain)
    2 rounds of:
    30 Box Jumps onto loading dock @ workshop
    15 handstand push ups
    1 mile run

    “Salama” (peace)
    20 minutes odd/even
    Even – 15 push ups
    Odd – 15 air squats

  2. Melinda

    Snatch: 105#
    C/J: 140#

    Michelle, priceless coaching and great to catch up…and go JC!

    • michelle

      Melinda- so great spending the morning with you! You crushed it- awesome 15# pr on your C&J.

  3. Snatch: 105#, 10# pr! So so so pumped to finally get 100+
    Thennnnn epic fail on C&J, failed 125# 4 times, 10#s off my PR. No gas in the tank, so tapped out.

    Love throwing barbells around on Sunday AM.

  4. Rachel E

    Snatch: 105# (20# PR — puuumped!!)
    C&J: 130 (5# off PR, not much left after the snatches)

    Nowhere I’d rather be on a Sunday morning! Great class, Doole!

  5. Big Bri

    Did 1 rep snatch and C&J on Friday, so did Comp WOD1 with Marcus:

    10 RFT:
    10 Deads, 95/65
    8 Hang Power Clean, 95/65
    6 Push Press, 95/65

    On the 2 minute X 5
    200M run/5 HSPU
    Didn’t keep track of time. 5 HSPU may have gotten down to 4 by round 3, and may have gotten to 3 by the end. (Note: “May have” = “definitely happened”)

    Nice job today, Marcus!

    • Great WOD’s today Big Bri. You had time to go get some water, stretch and check your email between when you finished and when I did, but it was still fun!

  6. Snatch: 105#, 10# PR – pumped

    C&J: 135#, tied (a very old) PR – not much left after Saturday

    • 100+ snatch = saweeeeeeet! Not to mention the amazing coaching on the DL. You Rock!

  7. Awesome energy this morning CFNE!

    Mixed up 1Rm movements with Toni due to shoulder apprehension around snatch AND having smoked quads and abs from yesterday’s Tabata WOD.

    DL: 185# (HUGE 26# PR thanks to Jen w and Toni:-D!)
    Strict press: 65# (5# off PR…)

  8. Ok going whole foods shopping. The big push starts Wednesday !!-? 30 days has September, April, June and November. So yeah Wednesday

  9. Snatch: 125#

    Clean & Jerk: 155#

  10. Christian

    Snatch pulls – worked up to a heavy set of 3: 235#

    Power clean – hit 185# and decided to try going overhead so…

    Power clean and jerk – 3 reps at 175#

    3×25 ghdsu

  11. Big Mike

    Snatch: 135#…tied PR but this was a true squat snatch.
    C&J: 185# (failed 205 2x)10# off of PR but also true squat clean. Felt sooo easy. 205 is there.

  12. Snatch: 65# (tied PR)
    C&J: 95# (10# off of PR)

  13. Today (April 28, 2013), I’m celebrating the first year of my new life! A year ago, I would have celebrated with a grande cinnamon dolce latte and 3 petite vanilla scones. Today, I raised a celebratory grande Americano – black, no syrup, no dairy, no pastry. And I relished every sip!

    I share the following, in hopes that someone might think, “Well, if she can do it, I can do it.”
    On April 23, 2012, I met Mel Ockerby during a 5:30 pm class at CFNE. She evaluated me, determining that I remembered enough of my original fundamentals class (from the year before, in Raleigh) to allow me to join the regular classes. While there, I learned that CFNE was starting a “Paleo Challenge” the following week and, in that moment, I decided to go “cold turkey” that weekend – I started eating paleo a year ago today.

    I started coming to evening classes at CFNE a couple of times a week, and on weekends, Rasheed, Malik and I came as a family. A few short weeks later, I joined the team Throw Down – where Chris Neeb and David Mohammed (who was all of 11 at the time, I believe) graciously and good-naturedly joined my “team”. Although my box jumps made people nervous (“…uh, Sue, maybe you should just step up…”), and I dropped the bar on my head during my one and only 55# press attempt, no one laughed at me – rather, people I didn’t even know were cheering me on and showering me with shouts of encouragement. That day, I began to believe in myself, just a little bit. A few weeks later, I proudly donned my first CFNE t-shirt (women’s XL) and joined the Sea of Red in Canton to cheer on our athletes competing at Regionals. I realized then that CrossFit was an even bigger community than what I had come to love at Tech Circle.

    In the months that followed, I made wonderful new friends. I discovered the joy of Lulu. We traveled to Carson to watch our Masters and Team athletes compete; while at the Games, I bought some Nanos and Innov-8s and a speed rope. In short, I drank the Kool-Aid. I kept working out and eating paleo (at least 95% of the time), and my family and friends became accustomed to my strange dietary habits (“What kind of tree does bacon grow on?” “Cavemen ate brownies, really, they did.” “Why can’t you eat peanuts, again?” “Dad, Mom ate a cookie!”). I learned that 8 hours of sleep is harder to achieve than eating strict paleo. I heard Ben Bergeron say that “consistency is everything”, and I kept working out. I climbed a rope. I got rope burns. I did a strict push-up. I jumped on bigger boxes. I scraped my shins. I cleaned, jerked, snatched, squatted, and pressed. I threw medicine balls at 10-foot targets. Medicine balls made my face their target. I tore my hands. I discovered blister band-aids. I met heroes – past and present – along the way. I laughed. I cried.

    In the fall of 2012, a few weeks after my 48th birthday, I competed in the CFNE Master’s Competition – my first true competition – and completed each WOD RX, something I could not have imagined doing a few months prior. Just the week before, I got my first unassisted pull-up, and literally days before, I had my first double-unders. I made it through each WOD, and even though I came in last in my bracket of ten 45-49 year-old women, I felt like a winner!

    In the spring of 2013, I joined thousands of athletes who looked forward to each Wednesday’s challenge of the CrossFit Open. In week 4, I set a PR for cleans with 95#, but couldn’t jerk that weight – despite spending 7 frantic minutes trying to do so, on two separate occasions. My inability to get 95# overhead resulted in a score of “0”, effectively eliminating me from the Open. I kept going, though, and the following week, I got my first C2B pull-ups. At the end of those 5 weeks, I vowed to complete all of the Open WODs (I will get 95# jerks!) in 2014 Opens – the year I turn 50. That’s just one example of the mental toughness I’ve gained from CrossFit in the past year. When I’m working out, I’m not worried or stressing about anything that’s going on in my life. Let’s face it, during a WOD, my thoughts are spectacularly singular (“…one more wall ball, come on. One. More. Wall. Ball. #*%!. Try again.”). CrossFit has been my saving grace in the past year.

    Not just mentally, either. The physical benefits have been nothing short of amazing. In the past year, I’ve gone from about 165# to 130# – making it possible to do “body-weight” deadlifts (okay, I’m stronger, too). My pants and dress size are down from a 12-14 to a 4. I still have my red XL CFNE t-shirt, but now I wear a women’s small. Even my feet got smaller – I went down a full shoe size. My blood pressure and lipids are normal, and I’m off my hypertension and cholesterol meds. I get fewer migraines and my knees don’t creak when I go up and down the stairs; I can go – run, actually – up those stairs without getting winded. I can run. I can run, outside, with Malik – for hours without getting tired. I can do a cartwheel without breaking a bone. This week, someone at work said, “You even carry yourself differently now.” All of this – because of CrossFit. No gimmicks…No TVs, no machines, no mirrors – just results.

    So while this missive has largely been about me, it’s really about my love affair with CrossFit. I owe a debt of gratitude to my CFNE family and my CF teammates across the country. I offer heartfelt gratitude to the amazing coaches and athletes I’ve met in the past year. You have, quite literally, changed my life for the better. Thank you.

    I still search for balance between my goal of WODing 5 days a week and work and family obligations (I know I’m not alone in that). My travel schedule makes the committed club an elusive goal. Sometimes, I still have to talk myself into going to CFNE despite having a particularly exhausting day. I’m finding that perimenopause brings a unique set of considerations (sorry – TMI?). Yet, today, I recommit myself to CrossFit.

    Now, I’m going to celebrate with a small handful of Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips and visualize myself getting muscle ups, and HSPUs without any ab mats.


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