Saturday 4.27.13



Tabata Something Else
Complete 32 Intervals of 20sec work / 10sec rest
1-8 Pullups
9-16 Pushups
17-24 Situps
25-32 Squats

Post Score to Comments.

BOX Seminar is TODAY - two classes 7am & 1130am!

BOX Seminar is TODAY – two classes 7am & 1130am!


  1. Maureen B.


  2. Hey Bodi are buggars paleo ?

  3. Jambo (hello) from Kenya!

    Such an amazing adventure. We have many stories and pictures to share with everyone back at CFNE. The villagers are so appreciative of everything you have done for them. They wanted us to pass on their gratitude to each of you. At every event we have attended they have said a prayer of thanks fot you. On our return we will share many stories and pics.

    We have started every day with a WOD. Most days the kids from the village join in. Today’s WOD was:

    1 mile run
    5 rounds of Cindy (5 pull-ups off 2 by 4, 10 push ups, 15 air squats)
    1 mile run
    5 rounds of Cindy
    1 mile run

    I started the run with 2 boys (probably 10 years old). I finished the last run with 15 kids (ages 12 to 4). I got dusted by all of the kids who were running barefoot. It was so awesome!

    Miss you guys!

    Salama (Peace)

  4. Michelene

    Tabata Something Else: 282
    Standards not great, but… my first Rx, hell yeah!!! Can you tell I couldn’t wait to come home and post??!!

  5. Kristin B.

    Tabata: 231. Sore and sluggish this morning, but great way to start the weekend.

  6. Tricia D

    Tabata: 251 (think I put wrong score on board) small green band, no knees on push ups but form very wormish

  7. Big Mike

    Tabata: 283 Awful push up and pull up numbers.

    Tosh: Did it….no idea on overall time but did go negative splits on all but round 2 400. Thanks Saint…stupid idea with about 5 minutes rest but glad we did it.

    JC, Judi & Eric-amazing photos and wish we could all be there with you.

    • agree… not the smartest thing ever, but every day is a good day to run.

  8. Tabata Something Else: 310

    Best part of this WOD – being back at CFNE.

    Worst part of this WOD – Laura C, care to answer for me?

  9. Mike R.

    Tabata: 320

  10. Heather O

    Today was my last long run day before the half next Sunday! :) I’m super pumped for it. I got in 12.5 miles today in 1:56:15. Was a bit rough at the end as this is now the longest I’ve ever run (the last two weekends I worked up to 11 miles each) but I’m glad to know I can make it this far and will only have .6 mile left to get through to finish. :) Also the race still needs volunteers so anyone who is interested can go to the Twin Lights Half Marathon page and sign up, it starts and ends at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester and as of right now looks like its going to be a beautiful day! :) Have a great weekend everyone! :)

    • Colleen (OC)

      You are ready!!!!!

    • wow, Heather. You have come a very long way with your running! I am really impressed. Good luck with your half marathon. Hope to see you again soon at a 5:30 class. May get back at that time…..

    • Tricia D

      Great work, Heather! U r def ready, so excited for you!

    • Michelene

      Holy smoke! Your progress is amazing. You are so ready for this!!!

  11. Tabata Something Else: 273 (small green band pull ups)

    Push ups got sketchy at times but Igot through them without going to my knees.

    I started at squats, which doesn’t seem to be the optimal place to start but is character building.

  12. Laura c

    Partner wod at cf threshold in Miami:

    They don’t announce the wod on sat till you come in.. I was pleased with 200 wb and 200burpees. Cash out 1 mile run. 30 seconds on/30 sec off with partner

    I grabbed a 10# wb but they use the women’s line there… It must be shorter bc I linked ALL wb! Could have used 14# easy. Now I know what it feels like to be 4 inches taller and do wb! It’s a whole new world! My form was spot on…. I almost liked. Wb… Almost.

    Def miss cfne when wod elsewhere. We rule.

  13. Colleen (OC)

    Tabata Something Else: 300, Rx. Felt good this morning…. Fun chasing Sam the whole time!!

  14. David N

    Tabata Something Else: 292….goal was 300, goes to show you one more every set makes a difference

  15. Tabata 272
    Ronda smoked it.

  16. Tabata 269 but did all pull ups as stict pull ups–didn’t get so many here…..
    Great class!! Thanks Harry and Ali for helping to make it even better. Loved the WOD and the way we all moved through it in stations. Happy Birthday, Ali!

  17. Tabata Something Else: 303

  18. Yep, something else!

    225 RX

    Great class Harry and Ali!!

  19. Brook R

    Tabata Something Else: 301

    Thanks for the update from Kenya, JC! Inspirational work!

  20. marissa

    TSE: 300-ish Rx. i think my score was 308 but math is hard so i’m rounding down a little. i thought this was FUN so clearly i’m losing my mind. thanks for a great class harry & ali!

    happy saturday!

  21. Something else: 213 Rx. I messed up with the numbers twice and may have done 10-20 more reps , but going with the numbers that I can acurately remember.

  22. Patrick

    Bench: 3×5@160

    3/4 Tabata something else- 182 with strict pull ups. No lower body work allowed yet, but am happy with healing progress so far.

  23. Tabata Something Else: 366

  24. Tabata something else: 335- 345 ish lost count
    Finished with Pull ups. That number was 79.

  25. “Tabata Something Else”: 339

  26. Kristin R

    Tabata something else: 255 rx (sort of – pull ups definitely not chin above bar for the most part). Happy birthday Ali!

  27. Maureen B.

    Tabata Somethang Else: 316 Rx

  28. Sean Rockett

    290 push ups dragged me down

  29. 353

  30. Kristen P

    TSE: 326 RX

    Great to be back after a week off! Really fun WOD and class! Thanks Harry and Ali (Happy Birthday Ali :). Hope you had a fun day!).

  31. Tabata Something Else: 215ish? Completely lost count during squats.
    Two rounds of full body push ups, a big win…6 kipping pull ups the first round. Seeing progress on these two serious goats :-D

    Great 11:30 group today! Happy Birthday Ali!

  32. Tabata something else: 339 with green band pull ups and knee push ups.


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