Friday 4.26.13

Rasheed. Beast Mode Engaged.

Rasheed. Beast Mode Engaged.

Tiger Blood
3 Rounds
10 Clean &  Jerk (135,95)
400m Run

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BOX Seminar is coming to CFNE this Saturday - two classes 7am & 1130am!

BOX Seminar is coming to CFNE this Saturday – two classes 7am & 1130am!


1. Saturday, April 27 – BOX Seminar at CFNE, two classes 7am & 1130am

2. Team Transformation Challenge – 5.1 – 6.1 – get measured prior!

3. Noon Class – we’ve combined the 1130/1230 into one sexy Noon class.


  1. Brian L

    this WOD is great…make sure you do this one!

  2. “Tiger Blood”: 9:37 Rx (2:05 PR)

  3. Tiger Blood – 8:42rx

  4. Tiger Blood: 12:10 rx
    got five unbroken in the first round – pretty ugly form though – legs too wide
    :26 pr
    Good to be back in the box after week on road.

    Have a great day all.


  5. Hi, if anyone found a blackish Oakley water bottle with a flop top please let me know. It was a gift from my kids when I started CFNE and has sentimental value. Thanks!

  6. sarah wilson

    TB:85#, 11:58….and this was after moving my bar up as close as I could to the garage door entrance to shave off time. Big Mike, my face off with you was foiled when you lapped me on round 2. Doug Bell, your avatar is weird but A+ performance. Amy, I’m in awe of how fast you moved through that.

    Max, thanks for the nutrition pep talk. No sugar (but extra cream) at Starbucks this morning…a gutsy pre challenge move on my part.

  7. Big Mike

    Tigers Blood: 8:52 Rx (50 second pr)

    Max-thanks for pushing Doug B (the new guy). He built the lead on the first round of C&J that I could not close but I kept the gap throughout.
    Ninth PR this month….might need to save something for the Challenge but I’m feeling Regionals ready so as long as there are no double unders, dips, HSPU’s, push ups, pull ups, C2B’s or anything really heavy-I’m ready when they need me. Going to wear my Nano’s and stay chalked up so I can just hop right in.

  8. Rachel E

    Neon Tiger Blood: 9:41 (75#, :39 PR from Jan)

  9. Tricia D

    Tiger Blood: 9:51 (55#)

  10. Craig B.

    Tiger Blood: 9:11 rx

  11. Colleen (OC)

    I DO not know how I have been here for almost 3 years and never done this WOD. And Rasheed! DAAAMN!

    Tiger Blood: 10:12, modified. I did 10 back squats at 65# and 10 push ups. Catching the clean hurt my tweaked hand. Now I need to go attend to my Fran cough…

  12. Tiger Blood: 9:49 – 85# – raced John S to the finish which helped get us both under the 10 minute mark. 38 second PR.

  13. Sarah S.

    Tiger Blood: 10:18 at 75#. First time (I think) for this one. There were some legitimate speed demons in the 5:30 am today!

    Rasheed – great photo!

    • Colleen (OC)

      You were right behind me- thanks for pushing me! I felt like giving up but knew you were back there, so I really had to sprint at the end!

  14. Michelene

    Tiger Blood: 9:58 – 60#

  15. Missed Tiger Blood this morning and swam a mile instead. 1/4 mile freestyle at a mellow, steady pace – 10:08. Didn’t time the rest. First time swimming in a year and a half — didn’t drown, so that was success.

  16. Maureen B.

    Tiger Blood: 10:10 (65#)

  17. Laura c

    Tiger blood: 10:10 (65#) twinsies with Maureen!

    Glad I dropped weight …. Last time did this at 75# but per Ben should be faster.. Damn I’m a slow runner

    My big PR was taking the 830 class and making it to Logan by 10!! Now standing in a long security line… I’m very neon and still sweaty. Ill fit right in when I Land at home in Miami. Bright and smelly!

    Have a good weekend as I go home to honor my “hero”

    • Laura c

      Almost 3 min faster and 10# lighter then last time so 65# def better for the stimulus… And sitting on a 3 hr flight. Double win.

    • Maureen B.

      Nice Laura! I actually read your time and weight and thought in my head “twinsies” before reading that you wrote double twinsies? I like that you were representing neon friday @ the airport too!

  18. Tiger Blood 11:30 115#
    Hang Squat Clean 135# 5,6,7
    Power Snatch 95# 5,5,5
    HSPU 1 abmat 5,5,5

  19. Heather Bergeron

    Tiger Blood 7:28 Rx.

    Good push with Bob R. and Michelle :)

    • Susan Celli (Subie)

      Holy Tiger!

    • michelle

      You were FLYING, Heather!!! It was great being out on the side porch with you both- Spring is really here.

  20. Thomas F

    Tiger Blood: 9:03 Rx

    Chasing Kim today – nice job KP!

  21. Tiger Blood: 11:08
    Row vs run, 85#

  22. Tiger Blood: 11:21 85#

  23. Wendy P

    Tiger blood: 10:26 60#…. Last time on 1-9-13 25# 10:18….. Great day to be outside :)

  24. Tiger Blood 8:58 Rx (pr by 1:09 with 85# on 1/9/12)

    I’ve been PRing like mad over the last four weeks and not sure why. It’s either Something About Harry or that the word “April” has PR written all over it.

    • Rasheed! You look like a living GI Joe doll. That’s a compliment, Stud Muffin! Yeah, that’s right, I’m calling you a Stud Muffin. The Naughty Nooners gotta represent!

  25. Ashley R

    Tiger Blood: 9:18 85#. Why do my lungs still hurt????

    Did this a year ago RX..but slower..must’ve been feeling particularly strong that day! Vanity got the best of me today so I scaled down to protect bruising my collar bone that will be showing tonight at a party :)

    Go Rasheed..looking crazy strong in that picture!!!

  26. 2×5, 1×6 Hang Squat Cleans #185
    Tigers Blood 8:19 RX (2:35 PR)
    50 Push ups for time 1:24
    50 GHDSU’s Too long!

    Rasheed you better Blow up that pic and frame it!! Great Shot!

  27. RED SOX TICKETS! For Tonight
    Megan is not feeling well so we need to give them away.

    3b/rf by foul pole Section 93 or something.
    I have the tickets in Natick.

  28. Heather V.

    Tiger Blood: 8:30 Rx

  29. Big Bri

    “Tiger Blood” – 8:25 Rx’d

  30. Curt V.

    Tiger Blood: 11:00 Rx

  31. Tiger Blood: 8:06 Rx

  32. Tiger Blood: RX weight (Row)
    11:25 (50sec PO)

  33. Jonathan

    Tiger Blood: 10:26 Rx
    Thank you Curt for guilting me into 135#. Now that its over…I’m glad I did it!

    • Curt V.

      It wasn’t a hard sell, you had pretty much gotten there yourself. Great job!

  34. marissa

    tiger blood: 10:37 @ 85# (30 seconds slower than january but 25# heavier)

    felt slow and distracted today but maybe that happens when you have to bring a kid to crossfit….

    happy weekend everyone!

  35. Kristin B.

    Tiger Blood: 12:47 RX. First time; cleans felt heavyyy today.

  36. Melinda

    Tiger Blood: 8:28RX

    Something about the patio, nooners, and nutrition pep talks…good stuff.

  37. denise sullivan

    tiger blood: 12:14 60#
    the wheels came totally off on this today, not sure why
    last c&j wod was 55# which felt doable
    i want to get the weight back up, i have some work to do
    i’m in

  38. Tiger Blood 10:00 Rx

  39. John S.

    Tiger Blood: 9:48 (70#)

  40. Jared S.

    Tiger Blood: 8:18 rx
    Anyone else immediuately start wheezing during the runs today? Damn pollen

    • the key is taking it easy. I think we have been programmed so that our bodies just can;t move at 80%

  41. A big happppppy birthday to coach ashley!! We all love you!

  42. 7:13 w 60#db’s

  43. so great to finally get back to CFNE after 2 weeks off post surgery.
    Tiger blood: 8:53 went lighter than I normally would at 55#. Felt great, no pain/discomfort, felt awesome. Running was highlight for me–as I felt really good for that part of it:-)
    Looking forward to coming tomorrow!!

    • Laura c

      Welcome back! I was rushing to catch my flight so couldn’t stop to talk! So happy to see you back!

  44. Christian

    7:34 (135#, no jerks/only power cleans)

  45. Tiger Blood: 8:40 (65#)

  46. Brian L

    9:13RX (47sec pr)

  47. Lil Tony

    Tiger Blood: 10:24 rx


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