Tuesday 4.23.13

Our box.

Our box.

The Filthy Fifty

For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings (35, 25)
50 Walking Lunge steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press (45, 35)
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots (20, 14)
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

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BOX Seminar is coming to CFNE this Saturday - two classes 7am & 1130am!

BOX Seminar is coming to CFNE this Saturday – two classes 7am & 1130am!


  1. filthy 50 23:33, rx except 14# wb to 9’target. Felt good to back at the gym after almost 2 weeks.

  2. Mike R.

    Filthy 50: 34:29 Rx (last time was 32:04 with 2x single unders and knees to triceps, which at the time I thought was the standard, but apparently not as I learned tonight… I guess the word elbows is in there for a reason). Got off the wall around 22:15 tonight and just came completely unraveled for the burpees and double unders. While I am not in love with the time, I am pumped to do this Rx and know I will be better next time around. Great work 6:30!

  3. Steve D

    Filthy 50 – 31:28 (singles)
    It’s hard to work that hard and not put at RX next to your time. Motivation to master double unders!!!

  4. Andrew Ho

    Filthy 50: 34:02 Rx! (First time Rx and first time doing DUs in a WOD other than the Open attempts)

    Did this in January in 35:30 with high knees and 2xSUs, so real progress here, however slow and steady.

    Also so grateful to be back in the box after being forced to take a week off for personal reasons. I thought about CFNE everyday. What a family.

  5. Filthy 50 29:37 1/2 knees to elbows 1/2 to tri’s

    Excited to get through all the movements my first time!

    Boo ya 6:30!

  6. Patrick

    20 minutes
    4 Strict pull ups OTM
    Dropped to 3 fice times, 75 total

  7. dylan r

    Filthy Fifty: 40:59 w/100xSU (1:59 PR)

    Doole- thanks for not cutting me off. After that much work, I definitely wanted to finish.

    Spent somewhere close to 9 minutes on knees to elbows. yeah.. that happened. Felt noticeably better on everything else though (except burpees)

    Whole body still trembling

    • Way to get after it! So glad Doole didn’t stop either of us – once you’re that far along, you really want to finish!

  8. Amanda S.

    Filthy Fifty: 35:59

    First time with this one, and there is LOTS of room for improvement. I thought those double unders would never end.

  9. 22:09 Rx… first time doing this one… fun fun fun!

    first day back from 13.3 shoulder… good one to hit first with light overhead/shoulder movements.

    – then –

    2+2(5) – classic snatch + overhead squats 95#

  10. Filthy Fifty: 37:55 RX (deteriorating K2E, tho’) – shaved 5+ minutes off my time from January. :)

    Meg was crushing it tonight! Glad to see Nicole M and Mel – miss you guys!

    Totally bummed to find out that the “keep calm and Bergeron” shirt is a Bruins thing. Would be the perfect tee for CFNE!

  11. FF: 30:33 Knees to triceps some of the time/SU – (2:11 PR from January yayy)

  12. Lil Tony

    Filthy fifty 24:04

  13. Kevin G

    Filthy 50: 26:34

  14. Filthy 50…modified for hotel gym:

    1000m run subbed for box jumps (20m for each jump)
    50 JPUs using weird push up machine grips/platform
    50 dumbbell swings (25#) — unbroken, yay!
    50 walking lunges
    50 knee tucks holding dip machine handles
    50 push presses with 15# dumbbell in each hand
    50 back extensions on some God awful machine
    50 air squats instead of WBs
    50 burpees
    100 jump rope-less “single unders”

    Wow, this took a ton of motivation to get through…alone…with margaritas and a lazy river floating by me outside!

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