Saturday 4.20.13

They ran toward the blasts.

They ran toward the blasts.

Marathon Monday
5 Rounds
4 Squat Clean and Jerks (185,125)
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
13 Burpee lateral jumps over barbell

 After 5 rounds are complete:
800m run
Your time is your total time for all 5 rounds plus the 800m sprint. Post Score to Comments.



Come out today to honor those lost and injured, to show your pride for Our City & Our Country, and to show our appreciation for the efforts of those Heroes how risked (and some lost) their lives in apprehending the suspects.

We are asking ALL CFNE Members to wear Boston shirts, hats, shorts, pants, etc.




  1. Tricia D

    Marathon: 21:16 (65# rd 1, 55# rest, green bd pu)

    Today I learned to kip with the band. Oh what a difference. Thank you krystle!!!!!

    Very thankful to be able to get up and do this workout today.

    • Michelene

      Great job Tricia!!! It makes all the difference in the world :)

    • Tricia D

      Almost forgot to thank Max for saving my life this morning! That could have been very bad!! Thank you and great coaching both max & Rachel!

    • Krystle

      Get it giiiirl!!!

  2. CFNE,

    If you’d prefer to make an online donation to the Richard family, please follow the link below. Great turnout this morning thus far. Rain or shine!

  3. Sammy B

    Marathon Monday 24:38 (80#, banded kipping)

    This WoD so worthy of hero status.
    Woke up this morning not sure I could do this, even scaled. Then I thought if how fortunate we are to do these workouts – no matter whether we are slower or lift lighter. That powered me through.

    What a week. Have a safe, peaceful weekend CFNE.

  4. Mike R.

    Marathon Monday: 27:32 (135#)

    Really glad we did this wod this morning, especially after the way last night played out. Great class this morning Max and Rachel.

  5. Marathon Monday: 28:08 @ 135# (my burpees were step overs last few rounds rather than jumps).

    Great class Max and Rachel. God bless the families affected by the bombings and shootings; those who stand in ER’s ready, waiting and will to treat those who need immediate medical help; and god bless those who run towards blasts w/ disregard to their own safety. These are all very special people and we are blessed to have them among us.

    Boston Strong baby!

  6. Michelene

    Marathon Monday: 23:21 (60# & sm blue band PU) Great class today – its always a little easier to drag yourself out of bed on a Saturday morning for a hero WOD. Puts all your problems in perspective.

    • Tricia D

      AWESOME work!! I felt like I was abandoning you on the weight, but my shoulder was acting up so i had to take some off. Too much jerking and thrusting this week. Way to get those pu’s on the small band! Have a great weekend!

  7. SusanKD

    Did my first WOD with Crossfit Camp Phoenix. My new home for the next 9 months.
    It was a lot of running and totally kicked my ass but damn it feels good to be a Crossfitter again.

  8. MM: 27:11 85# reg pullups. Great class today Harry. Thanks!

  9. Wendy P

    Marathon Monday: 65#, green band PU…. Tough workout but so worth it. RIP Martin…..

  10. “Marathon Monday”: 33:42 Rx. Nice work Doug B. Thanks Dave C. for running the 800 with me. Definitely made me move faster.

  11. MM – 27:30 (155#).

    Post WOD – 2000m row.

    Really inspiring and proud to do this WOD with the entire Boston community today.

    Special thanks to all our first responders who help and protect this great city!

  12. John S.

    Marathon Monday-28:26 (85#, banded pu)

  13. laura c

    MARATHON MONDAY: 22:06 75# and KPU
    Def shows I should have gone heavier or I skipped a round – I really think I did not skip a round but my time was too fast…. I think I should have done at least 85# but was nervous b/c I was beat from the past 2 days.

    I really liked this WOD a lot! meant a lot. Felt right to be at CFNE. The run at the end just felt so appropriate (and was nice…..).

    Boston Strong and thanks to our very own CFNE first responders…. we appreciate you guys EVERYDAY!

  14. Heading down to CT to hug my Dad today who turned 94 this week. Will be thinking of the CFNE crew and how you all have become so important to me. Grateful for you all. Emotional week… Somehow Grace was so fitting…

  15. Christian

    Marathon Monday

    Power cleans 185#
    RKBs 70#
    Burpees Rx
    800m run


    Hell of an energetic 10am. Great class, Harry.

  16. Rachel E

    So grateful to get to do this. Thanks, CFNE.

    Marathon Monday: 23:04 (95#, KPU)

  17. Marathon Monday 31:42 85# 7 kipping pull ups and *15 burpees/round because I went in to auto pilot and did not realize I messed up my count.

    The 800 at the end was the most memorable 800 I have run. I was focused on running my hardest for those affected by the bombings. Martin, Krystle, Lu Lingzi, Shawn and their families, Richard and the hundreds of others who have been seriously injured, each and every public safety personel who fought to save lives, all of the courageous men and women who worked tirelessly this week to protect others, the citizens who shared information with officials, citizens who donated to a cause, the Crossfit community members who helped memorialize the entire event and finally the “city” (near and far) of Boston that banded together, stood strong and refused to give in.


  18. Melinda

    MM: 23:55 @105# and KPU

    Grateful to do this WOD today….and great 9am class!

  19. marathon monday 23:19 135# i think
    loved the fight today
    way to show up CFNE

  20. 5×3 front squats 225
    Grace 2:13 rx
    Deads 2×3 315

    Thanks for back room support KP. Kate and Harry!

  21. Big Mike

    Marathon Monday: 26:12 (155#, regular pull ups)

    Great day at CFNE for all the right reasons.

  22. Marathon Monday: 24:39 100#, Pull-ups

  23. Marathon Monday: 22:18 Rx

  24. Incredible efforts from everyone today. Love the pride! From just cash donations, we have raised $444 today for the Richard family. Way to step up and help out CFNE!

  25. Heather O

    Awesome job today everyone on what looks like a tough workout. Today was a long run day for me so as much as I’m sad I missed this WOD I was happy to be out there in my last two weeks of half marathon training so happy to live in this great state and thinking about the events of the week and how lucky we all are. :) I got in 11 miles in an hour and 50 mins. It’s amazing how much better a long run is with a friend! :) Have a great day everyone! Boston Strong!!

  26. Sarah S

    Marathon Monday: 24:12 (75#, mostly pull ups as I couldn’t seem to get legit c2b today). Did a last minute weight strip which was the wrong choice. At times I almost did a thruster.

    This past week has reminded me why I love this area and I am so grateful for the wonderful protection we are afforded every day – thank you. We will never forget this event and all of those affected by it.

  27. Patrick

    Seated Press: 3×5@85

    20 min OTM
    Odd- 10 push ups
    Even-5 strict pull ups

    3×10 knee to chest

  28. David N

    Marathon Monday 27:19 135# and Pull Ups….Always enjoy these special workouts, especially when Max puts them into the proper perspective!!!

  29. Marathon Monday – 30:45 at 165#
    don’t really know because clock reset at some point mid workout (did this on sunday)

  30. Marathon Monday: 22:35 (135#)

  31. Maureen B.

    MM: 27:00 (80#) kpu


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