Jen L. spreading the CFNE love in HI.

Jen L. spreading the CFNE love in HI.

1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45#)
30 Pullups

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The power of education.

The power of education.

From the Community…

Hey CFNE – We wanted to give everyone an update on the Hope for Kenya initiative.  Tonight Judi, Eric and I are joining a team of 10 Crossfitters from around the US heading to Kenya.

Our 24-hour journey will take us from Boston to Amsterdam (8 hours), then south to Nairobi, Kenya (8 hours) and on to Mombasa, Kenya (2 hours).  Once on the ground, we have a few hours of 4-wheeling to the village of Mnyenzeni.  That’s where the CrossFit HQ for Hope for Kenya is located, and our home base during this trip.

While there, we will be doing a number of things including breaking ground on 2 schools – one for CFNE and one for CF Morristown.  We will also help build and brand desks for the schools.  Lastly, we will attend the grand opening ceremony for the NorCal CrossFit School.  This will be the moment the school is blessed and handed over to the teachers and villagers.  I’m sure this will be quite an experience.

We plan to take lots of pictures and videos to share with everyone at CFNE when we return.

Here is a link to a video of Jason Khalipa and his NorCal team’s experience in Kenya.  It will give you a pretty good sense of the importance of this initiative.  I’m sure our experience will be as uplifting.

Video Link:

Map of where we are headed: CFNE school in Kenya

Salama (peace in Swahili)

JC, Judi and Eric