Wednesday 4.17.13

In the OHS, proper positioning of the barbell overhead in the frontal plane is key to a successful lift.

In the OHS, proper positioning of the barbell overhead in the frontal plane is key to a successful lift.


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Tactical Athlete Seminar this Friday!

Tactical Athlete Seminar this Friday!

Tactical Athlete Seminar with Jeff Martone

Friday, April 19, 2013 /  1:30 – 5:30 pm at CrossFit New England

• Injury-proof your lower back, knees and shoulders
• Dramatically improve your running times – while cutting back on running
• Achieve maximum fitness levels in minimal time, with minimal equipment

Check out the PDF for more info!

Tac Athlete Workshop



  1. 5:30 AM Mayhem Shirts v 2.0

    Lots of new faces, a new coach, it’s time for version 2.0 of the 5:30 AM Mayhem shirt! Follow the link below and please fill in all of the fields. Shirts will run about $30.

    Color for the ladies thanks to Heather V!

  2. Worlds Collide: 6 RFT of 10 push-ups, 20 squats, 1 minute bridge plank hold: ~ 12 minutes

    Hotel WOD in Tarifa, Spain. Tarifa is where Europe meets Africa and the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. Straits of Gibraltar…

  3. Scott W

    OHS 10×1 worked up to 125#. 30#PR

  4. Big Mike

    OHS: 95/115/135/145/155/165F/165/175F/175F/175 (40# PR)

    Great working with Crabbe and Doug. Mobility work really helped today as I felt like getting to the bottom of the squat was no big deal. The jerk was key today once the weight got heavy. Thanks for the tips Max & Harry.

  5. Heather O

    Happy Hump Day everyone! What a great class today and great job to everyone! :) (Esp us ladies up front! :)) Great mobility to start and coaching as always Harry and Max. It certainly helped with such a big goat move for me.
    2 mile run Pre-WOD
    OHS: Started at 35 and worked up to 60 which is a 15# pr from the last time I did OHS at the end of Jan when 45 was my 1 rep max before form started breaking down. Very happy with this! :)

    • Sarah S.

      So cool, I had no idea this was a PR for you!

      • Heather O

        Haha thanks Sarah. I didn’t either until I looked it up. I had no idea my max weight because I hadn’t done them in so long and only one other time before that since starting CF. :-) So fun working with you today. :-) Thanks for the push.

    • Tricia D.

      Nice job, Heather!!!

    • Nice.

  6. OHS: 95/105/115/125/135/145/155/165(f)/165 (40# PR)

    The tips about staying tight and feet positioning really helped today. Fun lifting with Eddie.

  7. Heather V.

    OHS: Started at 65# worked up to 125# PR by 10#
    4 x 400 m runs… felt slooooowwwww

  8. Colleen (OC)

    OHS: started at 45#, worked up to 80# (5# PR). That’s what happens when you lift with Heather V on the “PR Platform!”

    I thought it was a 10# PR, but I found elsewhere in my log book that it was only 5#. I had more to give on the squat, but was having trouble with the jerk.

    • Heather O

      Great job Colleen! Loved seeing your excitement on the platform this am. :-)

    • OC, Just wanted to say that it was great to meet you on Monday. Thanks again for sharing your truck collection with Henry!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Anytime JoeV! Grant was happy to have a friend to play trucks with!

  9. Dave C.

    OHS: 115/135/145/155/165/175/185/195F/195 (10# PR)

    Loved working with Big Mike and Doug this morning. Nice work, guys!

  10. Regarding The Bombings, I think Senator Spilka said it best:

    We will show the nation and the world our courage and selflessness to care for those in need, and our capacity to remain hopeful.

  11. Rachel E

    OHS: 75#, worked up to 105# (PR — pretty sure I had never gone over 75#, but it’s been awhile). Awesome to learn from your great form, Kim!

  12. Patrick

    1 Month exactly since torn achilles:

    Bench: 3×5 @ 150
    Dips: 5×6
    Chin Ups:7,6,5,5,5

    5 Rnds for time:
    15 push ups
    15 Sit ups
    First time doing anything for time since injury. felt slow, but good to get the heart rate up and sweat a little.

  13. Sammy B

    OHS 10×1: 45-100# (5# PR)

    OC and Heather V beast performances rubbed off on me even at at distance. Thx ladies, PR felt good!

  14. OHS 10X1: 75#/85#/95#/105#/115#/125#/135#/145#/155#F

  15. OHS: 75# – #110 (20# PR)

  16. Annmarie

    OHS: worked up to 100#, 10#PR

  17. OHS: 65 / 65 / 85 / 95 / 105(f) / 105 / 105 / 115(f) / 115 / 115(f) — 30# PR

  18. 5×2 front squats 225
    OTM OHS up to 195. 20lb PR
    4x400m with 2 min rest.

    Great work 6:30!

  19. Sarah S.

    OHS: worked up to 75# for 2 reps which is previous 1 rep max. Reading all the PRs this morning I am bummed I didn’t try for heavier myself. But, and importantly, Heather O. and I got some great tips from Harry this morning.

    Great lifting with you Heather!

  20. OHS: 95/105/115/125/135/145/155/165(f)/165(f)/155(f)

    Jerks are limiting factor.

    Great work Andy

  21. Wendy P

    Weightlifting day!!!

    OHS: 35,45,50,55,60,60,65,65,67,70. (. 20# pr from last time)- fun to work with Iris

    Bench 5×30 5×40 3×45 3×55 3×60 3×70
    Strict press 5×20 5×25 3×30 5×40 3×45 5×50

    Loving the sunshine :)

  22. Melinda

    OHS: 65#-125#

    Kristen – huge PR for you today, great partnering too!

    MDV/Harry, thank you for key mobility and (a lot of!)form coaching.

    • Nice to see you today! Wow what a scale. Killing it. Sky is the limit for you… really.

  23. Colleen (c4!)

    OHS: 55 to 125# (30# PR)

  24. Tricia D.

    OHS: 45 to 65

    Nice crashing the 11:30am for a change. Thanks for the help, Heather. Started out in terrible shape and actually finsihed feeling much better about my form. Still a tough movement, but some progress is better than none.

    Great to work with you, Allison, and thanks for your help!

  25. Patti Jeanne

    OHS – worked up to 85# and went across for 4 and failed on 2

    then ran/walked 2.5 miles great to be outside.

    • Patti Jeanne

      Any chance of a kids/middle school class today?

    • Looked really strong Patti! Way to commit to the effort. Fun to watch your station today.

  26. OHS: 65# x 10. Not my strong suit yet. Real mobility issues but thanks to Ben, Harry and Brian started to get it. Brian, great job on the PR today!
    Finished with 2×10 banded pullups.

  27. OHS: 215#….1st 5 from 135-155# / 2d 5 from 185-215#
    No previous 1RM or PR…so this is a Double Whammy.

    Great 1130 class! Super pre-WOD mobility session.
    Great working with Paul B on the platform.

    Afterwards, Gwen @ 145#. 15/8/5….singles to finish Rd 2 and 3.

  28. Needed sleep, so slept in and made itnto the 11:30. Fun times with the nooners, loved the outdoor warmup. Worked up to 70, my previous 1 RM and then went back to 65 as form was degrading.

    Great coaching from Heather, thanks!

    Fun to work out with Tricia D., another Mayhemer.

  29. No OHS for me.

    Today was GOAT-a-palooza:

    1. 4 x 400m run (1:13 fastest – 1:24 slowest).
    2. DUs -improving.
    3. Snatch – 5 x 5 rising to 130#.
    4. Dips – 5 rounds of: 5 ring dips with kip, immediately followed by 10 strict GHD dips.
    1 minute break between sets.

  30. Mike R.

    OHS: 95/115/135/135/145 (10# PR)/145/155(f)/155(f)/155(f)/155 (20# PR)

    Fun night of lifting with the 6:30 crew. Thanks for the great coaching, Ali!

    • Mike!! I have the biggest smile on my face right now. You were SO determined tonight. Nice work.

  31. OHS: 75#-135# (10# PR)

  32. Amanda S.

    OHS 75#-135# PR

    Need to be more confident and not hesitate on the jerk. Fun night! Great job 730!

  33. OHS: worked up to 105# (PR)

  34. OHS: 75/80/85/90/95/100/105/115/125/135

    20# PR

    I have more in me – I started moving up to slowly. But the wrist wraps sure helped when the weight got over #110!


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