Tuesday 4.16.13

Stay Strong Boston.

Stay Strong Boston.

Clean & Jerk

*Reps must be unbroken. Rest as needed between sets.

Post Score to Comments.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by the terrible tragedies that occurred on Boylston yesterday.


  1. Well Done MDV !

  2. Hi…don’t usually post a lot…and it’s late…but thought it worth offering a prayer for those affected today….

    For families and loved ones….for those injured and for those who grieve….for those first-responders who ran to meet danger….for those volunteers who helped, led by a compassion that overcame fear….and for all who persevere….

    In the swirl that will follow, we’re thankful for all we have…for the stability of this community…exercise…our abilities…and the grace to continue living as we are meant to live: for our families and for others.

    And a prayer also for justice…and for those, and their families, who deal in its many forms.

  3. Thoughts and prayers go out to all. Megan and I felt better when we saw all the volunteers, police, firefighters and EMTs running to help. There is still good in the world.

    GWEN: 80# – did this a little over a year ago at 70# so pleased.
    Nice work Katie C!

  4. Thanks Crossfit for allowing me to sprint ten blocks no problem…

  5. Well said Paul and well-captured MDV – similar sentiments here.

    Gwen –115# — 10# pr forearms are toast – but felt good. Last time we did this 10/12 was unable to go unbroken in rounds 2 and 3.

    10/12 @ 105#
    4/12 @ 85#

    God bless all.

  6. Gwen – 125# (10#PR)

    hip-crease rest for last several reps of each set, but did not let go.

    balancing sympathy and anger this morning. need to stop the murder of innocents.

  7. Michelene

    Gwen 55# – Fun working with Erin & Rae!

  8. Gwen – 80#

  9. John S.


  10. Gwen: 65#15, 15, 15, Hammy feeling good, great support from Ben and Harry, you guys rock. Thanks to Brian and JC for the coaching, appreciate it. Especially grateful for CFNE community today. Hug your loved ones!!

  11. Gwen with db’s – 15×60’s should have gone heavier, 11×75’s- didn’t lockout the 12th jerk, 9×75

  12. Gwen – 70, could have gone heavier. I didn’t realize that I’d done this before, but it turns out that I did it last year at 65#.

    Great work John S. and Kristin.

  13. Wendy P

    Gwen- 60#….could have gone heavier…. Very grateful that I got to workout today :)

  14. gwen: 65#. 10# pr from last time. fun working with judi

  15. Laura c

    Team wod at real fitness in Naples with deb R (team cfne rules): 12 min amrap row for calories and sit ups: 140 calories and 307 sit ups

    I stayed to do Gwen: 75#. Not all unbroken so that may be a fail? Unclear. I did 65# in OCR

    Strict press 1 rm 85#. 3 rm 80#

    They just started doing the cfne warm up! Go cfne!!

  16. Gwen: 65# (11 reps, then 7) then dropped to two sets of 9 reps @55#. Worked on jerks with help from Harry.

  17. Gwen – 125# Rx – first time.
    Great test. Will go a bit heavier next time.

    Post WOD:
    1. HSPU – 10 x 5 OTM.
    Digging these now that Harry showed me how to kip.

    2. DU practice.

    3. Cash out – body weight bench max reps.
    1 x 15 @ 175#

  18. Annmarie

    Gwen: 75#, first time doing this WOD

  19. marissa

    gwen: 85# (50# PR from 10/1/12 – which was my first wod ever!) happy despite my horrible clean form. thanks for the help, mdv.

    today is a strange day. so grateful and so heartbroken at the same time.

    • Melinda

      Nice work Marissa, loved that I “got to” work with you today.

      Conflict of the heart. Ditto.

  20. Krystle

    Gwen: 75# That was spicy! Thanks Denise, Heather & MDV for cheering me on or I never would have held on!

  21. Melinda

    Gwen: 95#.

    Huge thanks to MDV for the coaching and form help…much needed. And Marissa for the support:)

  22. Rasheed

    Gwen 135#

  23. denise sullivan

    gwen: 58#

    great wodding w you krystle, so strong girl

  24. Andrew Ho.

    Gwen (first time): 135# (15,7,9)

    Wowza that was some spicy shit on the grips…mega-psyched that I went heavy (and simultaneously bummed that I gave out in the second round). I couldn’t see the finish line and had a mental break. Gotta get stronger there. And for god’s sake I couldn’t move my hands my grip was so smoked. Not sure how to work on that, but maybe add that to the goat list: ninny forearms; must improve ninniness.

  25. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Gwen – 75#

  26. Gwen – 95# (first time)

  27. Gwen – 105# rx….

  28. Thank you Paul.

    Gwen 55#

  29. Didn’t sleep well last night and thought that Gwen wouldn’t be a great idea for me today, so I decided to come in and jump on a rower and see if I could get my first 500m under 2:00.

    I rowed until I thought my lungs would collapse…and was rewarded with a 1:56 time. My throat burned for about 1/2 hour afterward and I’ve developed a lovely “Fran cough” but am just so, so grateful for the physical strength I have acquired over the past year at CFNE as well as the mental toughness that allowed me to push through the pain to meet my goal.

  30. Jared S.

    Gwen: 135# Surprisingly more of a mental battle than I was expecting. Forearms and grip shot to hell.

  31. David N

    Gwen 15-12-9 with 115#

    Enjoy working out with others on the platform…first time doing this work out

  32. Gwen: 105#

  33. Big Bri

    “Gwen” – 145#, 15-9-8.

  34. Rachel E

    Gwen: 80# (5# PR from October and last time was 15/7/7)

    CFNE never fails to make me sure that some things ARE perfectly right in this world. Great working out with you, 6:30!

  35. Mike R.

    Gwen: 115#

  36. Brook R

    Worked out at CrossFit SW Beaverton this morning
    The Chief: 18 rounds Rx – 2 fewer rounds, but 20# heavier on the clean

  37. Gwen: 75#, 10# pr from October and was too light. Now I know!

  38. Gwen: 125# Rx (20# PR from last year)

  39. Maureen

    Gwen: 65# – too light

  40. Gwen – 95# Rx

  41. sub:
    4rounds of
    – 400m row
    – 5 push press 70#
    No Gwen for me today as my presumably “good” knee was bothering me though I was pleased with 400m row times: 1:31, 1:36, 1:34, 1:34. Thanks Coach John for suggesting this sub!

  42. Gwen: 65#

  43. Gwen – 95#

  44. Gwen: 95# Rx did a few extra reps rds 2 and 3

  45. Gwen #65 shoulda gone heavier


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