Monday 4.15.13 (Marathon Monday – One Class 7am!)

A man of unrivaled character...

A man of unrivaled character…

1mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Squats
1mile Run

*Athlete can partition the bodyweight movements in to any set/rep scheme they choose.

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Who made the ultimate sacrifice for his Team and his Country.

Marathon Monday!

Hey Team, another reminder that today is MARATHON MONDAY! We will be holding one class at 7am. After class, we will be heading to MDV’s house in Natick to grill out, chill out, and bro out.

Please bring your family / friends / fellow CrossFitters! All are welcome.

Adults may bring adult beverages. Kids may bring kid beverages. We’d also ask you to bring something to share with the rest of your voracious CrossFit compadres. So if you’ve got a little something, something — bring that you know.

Can’t wait!!


  1. I’m super bummed I can’t be there for this! Have fun guys.

  2. Inspiration for Patriot’s Day:

  3. Had planned on doing Murph this morning but hamstring had other ideas thanks to a race yesterday, BAA 5k, 22:40 (32 second PR). Hope everyone is crushing it right now!

  4. Murph: 39:56 2:19 off PR, tired today and fighting off something. Also, Bode was staring me down and I lost my concentration and focus for a bit, he’s so damn cute.

    Lots of great energy today for Murph.

  5. Murph – 39:20 Rx (9:10 PR).

    I love the CFNE tradition of doing Murph on Patriotic Holidays.

    Such a great way to start the day.

  6. Colleen (OC)

    3/4 Murph (Rx movements): 41:32. Greg D was on fire! Love the determination of everyone this morning. Now let’s party!

  7. Murph: 49:58 Rx (8:32 PR, and last time was blue banded PU) Really psyched on this today, especially while still sore from Angie. Thanks David for the push!

  8. Big Bri

    “Murph” – 36:41 Rx’d

  9. Andy M.

    Wow Andy, huge PR and Rx!

  10. Murph: 40:06 (3:37 PR from 11/22/12
    Trying to get sub 40:00 today so the :07 will be great motivation for the future.

    Unbelievable leaderboard time from Jared this morning.

  11. Way to go this morning everyone!

    Murph: 34:33 or 33:34? Level 2 – I had to get to lax practice for 8:30am ;-D

    Absolutely STOKED to even TRY this workout after my Saturday WOD – Tour of the Battenkill: 65mi of paved and dirt HILLY cycling (5,000ft of elevation gain) My second year participating.

    Last year I rode the 62mi course in 3:40 – much warmer temps and not much wind. I spent the entire winter following cycling specific training and was spent the days following the race.

    This year I had stopped riding my bike in October and started Crossfit in the November Elements class. Before Saturday’s race, I had only hopped on my bike for 4 short rides since November. I was just having WAY more fun at CFNE to give up a class and stay home to ride…Sat’s course was 3 mi longer and temps were at least 10 degrees colder than 2012. I had NO idea what to expect because I had not done ANY cycling ALL winter and decided to just go and try to finish the course. My official time was 4:07:47. I felt GREAT on the bike. I did not stay with any pace lines for fear of burning the candles too early in the race and essentially rode the whole thing by myself. Once I got to mile 55 I decided to pick up the pace. The last 5 miles felt better than the first 5! This was an “ah-ha” moment for me. I already knew how amazing Crossfit was before Saturday. Today, I have a completely different knowledge of Crossfit from my personal experience. Thank each and every one of you for being a part of CFNE! I look forward to class every day and learn more than I expect each time I walk in the doors. CFNE has me excited to challenge myself on a daily basis and has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself in every aspect (physical, social/emotional, environmental, intellectual, leisure/occupational, spiritual) than anything I have done in my life. This truly is the BEST community!

    • What a cool experience. An epiphany after 55 miles of back country riding… Doesn’t get much better. Congrats, very inspirational, and more so because after only 3+ months myself, I get it!

  12. Melinda

    Murph: 47:00 Rx

    Great to take this one on for the first time….and happy to get thru it! With two brothers in the military, I love and support the Hero workouts and what they stand for.

  13. marissa

    murph: somewhere around 56 minutes

    i did the first 10 rounds Rx movements, then used the skinny black band for 5 rounds of pull ups, and finally the green band for 5 rounds. the second half included messy push ups and a slow finish, but compared to the modifications i had to make for this work out last thanksgiving, there is progress happening!

    as always, i feel so lucky to get to do the hero wods. thanks for all the encouragement harry! and thank you melinda for running an extra 400m with me – love the CFNE spirit!

  14. Ran last 10 of marathon with my friend. Just had grabbed her stuff and two big explosions behind us….

  15. My thoughts and prayers are with anyone impacted by the explosions today. I know we have a few people running.

  16. David N

    Murph: RX 49:22….4:08 better than my last crack at this and that was with banded PU. Andy great job today way to push it.

  17. Please let us know that you all are okay.

  18. Colleen (c4!)

    Murph. 43:50 Rx.

  19. 39:40 keep posting, we will find them


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