Sunday 4.14.13

Bob R.

Bob R.

CrossFit Total
1RM Back Squat
1RM Press
1RM Deadlift

Record heaviest lift for all three.

Rollllllll out!

Rollllllll out!

Marathon Monday Partay!

1. One Class at 7am – gonna be a doozy :)

2. Roads close in Natick at 830am – bring ya towels, shower at CFNE.

3. Come to MDVs house on 135 in Natick. Check board for exact address.

4. Bring something to share! Food / Drink / Love.


  1. Does anyone know exactly what the road closings will be on Monday? Will be looking to get from CFNE to Wellesley office park (rt9 and 128). I usually take rt 9.

  2. Saw a sign on Rt. 9 in Southborough today that said it was closing at 7:30 am.

    • IT goes progressively by town. Hopkinton will be closed the earliest (like 6 or what ever). Then ashland later then frmainham after etc. 135 in Natick will be closed at 8:30 and will remain closed until 3ish. Park on a side street

  3. Also reminder guys – There is no 8 am class on Sundays. Class times on Sundays is 9 and 10 am. The total takes a while to complete. We will be doing a qwik warm up + mob and get right into BSq. Please arrive early if you need addtional warm up time + mob work.


    • Also, please be prepared to lift like and animal and PR all over the place.

  4. Ok if I scale Mondays WOD and Row 26.2 ?

  5. Check out this awesome article…congrats Eric, JC, Judi and CFNE!

  6. Laura c

    Travel wod.10 rds 10 push up, 10 sq and 10 sit ups. Did this with my 9 year old daughter. She beat me by a round and a half. Called her out on standards but she was not too far off (or far from the ground for that matter). Love putting my kids fitness to a test!

  7. CrossFit Total- 745#

    Squat- 275
    Press- 155
    Dead Lift- 315

  8. Megan B

    535 (205, 85, 245)

    Pretty far off my pre-injury CFT, but I’m working my way back slowly. Loved seeing SMW dance after her DL PR. That woman knows how to celebrate!

  9. Tricia D

    Crossfit Total: 340
    Back Squat 115 (I think most I’ve done is 65 or 75 awhile ago so around a 40# PR)
    Press 60
    Deadlift 165 (60# PR)

    Fun working with you Colleen + Susan. Great work ladies and thx for the push on the dl

  10. Crossfit Total: 495
    185 (15#pr), 90 (5#pr), 220 (25#pr)

  11. Back squat- #155 and a PR! Thanks Megan :)
    Press- #80
    Deadlift- #155 don’t know how it could possibly be the same as my back squat..hmm

    • Megan B

      So nice lifting with you today. You definitely have more in the tank on both the back squat and deadlift! Next time you’ll be able to get a little bit more…

  12. Big Mike

    Crossfit Total: 790# (10# PR)
    BS: 285 (5#PR)
    Press: 140 (5#PR)
    DL: 365 (Tied PR)
    Wanted the 800 real bad today. Bad strategy jumping to 385 on the DL. Great tips today Doole…and great working with Doug and Dan…walked away with PR’s and didn’t hurt myself.

  13. Colleen (OC)

    CrossFit Total: 312, not a PR (by a lot) but I did PR my press. BS: 105# (10# off my PR; failed at 110#); Press: 72# (a 5# PR); DL: 135# (30# off my PR; failed at 145#).

    Just love how Tricia was declaring she was a beast and Susan was doing the 20# PR happy dance!

    • Tricia D

      Haaahaaa cracking up reading this. Grrrrrr. Fun way to start the day. Enjoy the rest of the w/e.

  14. CF Total: 435# — 10# PR overall

    BS: 145 (5# PR)
    Press: 80# (same as previous PR)
    DL: 210# (5# PR)

  15. Crown Jewels – 10 RFT of 10 chair dips, 15 sit-ups, 20 squats: 14:36

    Bloody hotel WOD in London.

  16. Rachel E

    CF Total: 460

    BS: 170 (15# PR)
    Press: 75 (5# PR)
    DL: 215 (10# PR)

    Can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than on the platform with Trupti and Sarah!

  17. CrossFit Total
    BS: 295
    Press: 100
    DL: 275
    Total: 670

  18. Christian

    Front Squat 250# — failed 275#

    Press: 10×10 db presses 10# (moving big weight)

    Dead: 405#

    Cf total: 405#

    Did totals 6 or 7 weeks ago — couldn’t front rack or back rack, couldn’t press anything, and dead was. 315# — so a great day.

    Thanks Doole — the no slack in the dead was a huge help for me.

    Great lifting with Big Bri and Kevin!

  19. Patrick

    Overhead Press: 5 reps @ 45,65,75,85
    Pull Ups: 7,6,5,5,4
    Sit Ups:5×15
    Push Ups: 15,12,10,10,10

  20. Kristin B.

    My favorite day! Bummed to miss this.

    Travel wod: 2 mile beach run, then 10 rds of 5 push-ups, 10 air squats, 15 sit-ups

  21. Big Bri

    Back squat – 335#
    Press – 145#
    Dead lift – 385#
    Total – 865

    No PRs today – I’d like to do this during a “non-Angie” week.

  22. Brook R

    CrossFit Total: 735 – 35# PR
    Squat – 245 – 10# PR
    Press – 155 – 5# PR
    Dead lift – 335 – 20# PR

  23. Sarah S

    CFT: 385
    BS: 150 (15# PR)
    Press: 70 tied 1 rep max
    DL: 165# (20# PR)

    Awesome job by Rachel and Trupti! Lifted tons of weight, ladies! Thanks for a fun morning and GREAT tips from Doole today! I can’t wait to see what we’re lifting on Wednesday to practice.

  24. Megan B

    Folks! Erica D update!

    First off: photo:

    Second off: she has finished her first acclimatization hike to Camp 1 altitude. Their first trip up to Camp 1 levels are actually done on a different mountain – Loboche. So they’ve successfully summited one 20,075′ peak. The photo is her (in blue) and a teammate dancing atop the summit, apparently traditional acclimatization behavior. She also successfully avoided peeing on a yak one evening (I guess they’re hard to identify in the dark?) so that’s good too.

    • CF Single: DL 235 (30# pr)
      Not a chance I could do Total today.. still sporting T-Rex arms from Angie. Did 5×5 BS (135) and a few Push Press (65), but hurt so stopped.
      Thanks for push James and Brian. Great class JD!!
      Fun working with Kim!

      • SO psyched for Erica! Very impressive! (this was supposed to go before my post, but just didn’t happen that way) :)

    • Colleen (OC)

      Erica dances during WODs, it is not surprising she is doing that on Mount Everest!!!

  25. Susan S.

    CFT: 155/82/195

    Awesome working out with Michelle and Sarah C. today!!

  26. denise sullivan

    cft: 404#
    b sq: 151# (-6# pr)
    pp: 58# (not discussing, ha)
    dl: 195# (-5# pr)
    inching my way back, i’ll get you my pretty


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