Friday 4.12.13

Two of our favorite Smulligans...

Two of our favorite people named Smulligan…

Squat Clean (135,95)
Ring Dip

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And a new Smulligan to love, Abigail Caroline!

And a new Smulligan to love, Abigail Caroline!

Marathon Monday – Partay at MDV’s House!

Hey Team, just a reminder that we will be celebrating Marathon Monday at MDV’s house in Natick. The address is on the board at CFNE. We will be grilling, sipping cocktails (or soda water) and watching the marathoners cruise by.

We’d like everyone to bring something to share – whether it’s a snack, drink, pre-made or raw! Come out and hang with your favorite gym buddies.

There will be ONE class on Marathon Monday – 7am! Remember the roads close early in Natick, so plan ahead!


  1. Congratulations Pat and Jen ! She is Beautiful !

  2. Chris M.

    Congratulations! What an amazing gift.

    1. Elizabeth – 9:10 Rx’d
    … Angie left quite a mark yesterday – cleans were slow and broken – well of PR pace

    2. Cash-out – Deadlift 1×10@315# (PR)

  3. Annmarie

    Elizabeth: 10:11 70#Squat Cleans, dips on GHD, 20# heavier then Dec ’11

  4. Brian L

    Elizabeth- 12:23rx

  5. Congratulation Pat and Jenn!

  6. Congrats Pat and Jenn!
    Elizabeth 14:01 115#
    Deadlift 225X10
    Dumbbell complex — 20, 30, 40, 50

  7. Rachel E

    Elizabeth with that fun 8:30am class: 9:52 (75#, red band dips w/ one leg in)
    2:13 PR over 11/16/12

    Congratulations, Pat and Jenn!! So happy for you both and can’t wait to meet little Abigail!

  8. Elizabeth- 9:00 with Power Cleans 135# and Push Ups

    Signed up for the challenge today…Watch out for the 8:30!!!

  9. Michelene

    Congrats to the Smulligan family!

    Elizabeth: 65# & GDH dips – thanks Harry for teaching me how to do dips!

  10. Elizabeth – 7:47 – 75# FS and toe assist GHD dips. (Harry – thanks for setting up my rack)

    If anyone is near Barnstable, Cape Cod Organic Farm on 6A just got their pork back from slaughter. They have all kinds of cuts: loin roast, hocks, chops, sausage, ribs, bacon. Yum!

  11. michelle

    Elizabeth: mod w/ 95# SC & 42-36-18 barbell hops 10:xx?


  13. Mike Dunleavy


    Elizabeth: 12:12 rx

  14. OK, looks like pro golf is getting on the crossfit bandwagon…

  15. Kristin B.

    Elizabeth: 10:02 w/rx weight, banded dips for the 1st round and GHD dips for the rest.

  16. Congrats Jenn and Pat. Precious!

  17. Kristen P

    Congratulations Smulligan Family!! Your new love is gorgeous!

    Elizabeth: 9:39 75# SC’s; skinny red band ring dips.

  18. Melinda

    Elizabeth: 11:20 95#, GB dips

    Congrats Jenn and Pat, Abigail so beautiful!

  19. Jonathan

    Congratulations Pat & Jenn!

    Elizabeth: 9:23 (95# and Rx ring dips) 2:30 pr from 11/16

  20. Hey MDV (or whomever knows)…is your place north or south of the marathon route?

    • West Central Street is the Marathon Route. He lives on the East Bound side. Well everybody lives on the East Bound side Marathon day.

  21. Susan Stein

    Not exactly Elizabeth: 9:40 with 65# and barbell hops instead of dips.

  22. Heather Bergeron

    Elizabeth 6:56
    (no PR today, off by :08…Sub-6 next time!)

  23. Congratulations on your new addition!

    Elizabeth: 10:10 Rx

  24. Wendy P

    Elizabeth: 10:35 55#, grn band dips – arms/shoulders are fried from Angie

    Post Wod-
    Deadlifts: 5×65, 5×80, 3×95,3×110, 3×125, 3×140

  25. Curt V.

    Congrats Smulligans!

    21-15-9 Power Cleans – Pushups. 9:25

  26. Elizabeth – 6:11 Rx, first time but I missed the standard on some reps for the ring dips with my shoulders/biceps not touching the ring at the bottom.

    MDV had a blazing time of 4:55, nice work!

  27. Congrats Pat and Jen!

    Elizabeth 10:28 Rx

  28. Congrats guys!!!

    Elizabeth – 9:57 Rx

  29. Elizabeth 12:10 115#

  30. Congrats Smully’s! Beautiful baby!

    Elizabeth 8:52 Rx. 4min pr with 10lb extra weight! Can’t wait till next year! Yeah Neeb!

    • I can completely see you typing this in your office and yelling “YEAH NEEB!” out loud.

      All your colleagues think you are nuts, but they are intimidated by you cause you are a beast!

    • Rachel E

      Yeah, Neeb! Hell of a PR!

    • Hell-o! Nice job!

  31. Lizzy – did my version of Elizabeth: 8:06
    21-15-9 Cleans (125#), GHD dips
    Pacing myself back on these movements

    Pre WOD –
    DL – 6 x 5 rising to 305#

    Post WOD –
    DU work
    Bench cash out – Body weight (175#) max reps – 15. Arms were history by this point.
    Row – 500m easy

    Congrats Smulligans…kids are cool….you guys are going to be great parents!

  32. Heather V.

    Elizabeth: 11:12 rx

  33. Christian

    Elizabeth mod:

    Squat cleans Rx, and abmat sit-ups- 12:21

    For the most part did the cleans 1 rep at a time to avoid burning out on my pulls.

    Post Open re-evaluating how/how often I use my arms. Just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should — I get it.

  34. Maureen

    Elizabeth 11:00 (#65, small banded ring dips)

  35. Beautiful Baby, Congrats!

    10X1 OTM Snatch 115#
    Elizabeth 14:29 RX

  36. “Libby”

    Squat cleans with 55#, 1″-banded ring dips.

    Made it through the first set without issue before “tweaking” my left trap coming off the rings. Not really sure what the heck happened, but it felt like something didn’t go back where it was supposed (amazingly clinical description, I know!). Kept thinking that this is something Tori or Chad or Katrina would know how to fix!

    MDV gave great advice to roll it out, which I did for several minutes, then finished up reps 15-9. Clock was at 15:49 when I finished, I think, but I didn’t keep track of how much time I spent rolling, so don’t have a good time for this one. Boo.

  37. Thanks for all the love and congrats! We are home, healthy, and getting settled.

  38. So sad to be missing this. Marathon Monday is one of the best CFNE traditions of all.


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