Wednesday 4.10.13

Ashley, driving herself under the bar.

Ashley, driving herself under the bar…

Clean & Jerk
10 x 1

Post Load for All 10 to Comments.

...and sticking it!

…and sticking it!

From the Community…

Dear CFNE,
My lacrosse club is a local branch of the Key For Hope Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that recycles old keys to raise money for the impoverished. I know it sounds crazy, but the keys are broken down and sold for money. All of the proceeds go towards buying food for people that are in need. The mission of the club is to make a significant impact in the fight to eradicate poverty.
While a key does not seem like much, 70,000 keys equivocates to 14,000 pounds of food! 
Basically we ask that people put any old keys that they have in the bucket that we gave you. Each key makes a difference in the fight to end hunger.

Annee O. (High School S/C, CFNE)