Monday 4.8.13

Deb R.

Deb R.

3 Rounds
500m Row
12 Bodyweight Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps 20″

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Heather V.

Heather V.

From the Community…

As many of you know I have signed up for a charity boxing event sponsored by Haymakers for Hope – funds I raise in sponsorship help fund cancer research at Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund. As with many of you I have lost many people dear to me to cancer. I hope that by putting my head in harms way, I can help spare others some of my losses. I’ve never fought – I’m training like mad – this is going to be crazy. I’m asking people to help sponsor me at the link below.

My Story and Fundraising page are at:
The Fight Card for the night is at:
Tickets are going on sale Friday, April 5th (Today)! The Fight is May 16 (Thursday) at the House of Blues Boston – big venue. There will be a link to the ticket page at and on my fundraising page. Please purchase under my name.

There will 3 different types of tickets available to purchase online: General Admission: main floor and are standing room only, with a cash bar. VIP: mezzanine level, standing room only, and come with an open bar. Stadium Seating: lodge level, come with an assigned seat and open bar. VIP boxes for 10 people and sponsorship seats are available as well, but please contact Andrew at andrew@haymakersforhope.orgwith any of those requests.

Corssfit Cape Ann (where I coach) has a big possy going and have negotiateda big dsicount on VIP tickets. Contat Jon Conant ( if you woudl like to coordinate.
I’m pretty excited about the upcoming fight. Hope you can help me make it worthwhile; and thanks to those of you who have already donated.

– Bubba


  1. Andy R

    Christine: 10:25 (185#)

  2. Sara C

    Christine: 16:27. Rx! My first rx’d girl WOD! Woo hoo!

  3. Sara C


  4. 15:01 @ 135#, step up box jumps.

    Time to start the come back.

  5. active recovery day: basically watching the 12:30 class do Christine

  6. 3 rounds (knee rest)
    12 DL 185
    21 53lb KB
    20 Push ups

    100 Abs

  7. laura c

    christine: 14:21 RX I actually did this 5# heavier than past RX since my weight has slowly increased since starting CF (no before and after for me either!) so to keep integrity, I increased the weight. So, a few seconds faster and heavier.

    I still am not a fan of this WOD but got it done. I actually felt my rowing , albiet still sucky, I was able to keep the numbers in the ranges that Heather suggested based on my very slow 2K – actually kept them a bit higher. So, there is the positive!

    And Heather and Deb – you ladies are SMOKIN!

    • Ashley R

      Chalk up the weight to muscle. Don’t worry- no before and afters for me either since I gained a few pounds in my first year. It happens. I will take it over being ‘skatty’ :)

    • Sara C

      I’m at the weight where, before CF, I would start to panic and diet. And now, well, I just accept it as muscle weight…whereas before it was just fat!

      • Laura c

        Me too ladies. I actually have a bikini before and after photo and it is like 2 different people. As a society (myself included) need to get away from the scale. It sucks and is Just one marker… But often, not an accurate one:)!

  8. Christine – 11:00 Rx (2:35 PR & 10# heavier).
    BJs need some work still.

    Post WOD – goat work
    1. 5 Rounds of 400m run & 5 HSPU
    2. Cleans
    3. DU work

    Making progress on my herd.

    • Big Mike

      Note to Self: Always spell out box jumps.

      • Big Bri

        Ha ha!

      • Noted, thanks!

        By the way, I thought you were giving up “Big Mike” as your moniker and moving on to “Big Sexy” or “Magic Mike”?!

  9. Jared S.

    I just got off the phone with Cross Fit Corporate and apparently it came down to the wire with 13.5 being thrusters and chest to bar versus a 15 minute AMRAP of this:

    The team competition aspect of this would have been exciting to watch as you can see from the video. Leard and Potsy were disappointed this didn’t make its way into opens but there’s always regionals. I hear Ben is putting together uniforms for competitors and fans similar to those worn by “The Bad Boys” . Nothing says intimidation like spandex. Enjoy…..

    • Omg. I am so coming to do that wod, when it is nexted programed. The same music will be a “must”.

    • Cheryl

      Oh. My. Gawd. I am at work laughing out loud. They could try out for the Rockettes with those high kicks.

    • Coordination, agility, accuracy, and mobility all wrapped up in a nice spandexy package. Who WOULDNT want to do that WOD???

  10. Rick W

    Christine: 12:25 @ 175# limited on weights selection so did + 10# rx

  11. Christine: 14:28 120# (I think…help Kristen) 5# heavier and 27 seconds faster than Sept.

    Thanks to everyone who made me feel like a total rock star today! It makes posting the “before” pic much easier. :)

    Heather V you look AMAZING!!

  12. Modified Christine: 13:45. Subbed air squats for BJs, DL 105#

  13. Christine– 10:08, 185# rx
    This one must be named after the car in the movie…similar effect….

  14. Lynne Mc

    Christine 14:08 round 1 125# then dropped to 105# also step ups to counteract the fact that rowing nearly kills me every single time …

  15. Megan B

    Update on Erica D: She’s at Everest Base Camp! According to their web site, the team she’s with will take a couple days there to acclimatize and prepare their gear, then head down to tackle Lobuche Peak.

  16. Mod WOD, thanks to Harry: 10:30 3 RFT, 30 cal aerodyne (oy!), 12 push press 65#, 12 step ups. Great work out and mobility work. Hammy getting better!

  17. Kristin B.

    5x400m before class

    Christine: 14:06 @145# and mostly step-ups. 1:11 PR and 10# heavier.

  18. Wendy P

    Christine: 14:11 115#… 50# more and 6 sec slower

    – deadlifts were a challenge tonight -MDV put me in the penalty box for not having correct form…. Will do better next time. :)

    Jen- great meeting you tonight!

    Deb and Heather- so beautiful and strong- your hard work shows :)

  19. Andrew Ho

    Christine: 12:26 Rx (210#)

    I’ll take it. Three movements I suck at, so pretty pleased.

    A pleasant surprise when I hear “who are these little monkeys” and I turn to see that almost all of my kids (3 out of 4 for inquiring minds) are standing there. Evidently my ride had arrived.

  20. Christine: 11:39 (125#)

  21. Christine is not my friend…yet!

    15:15 @ 103

  22. Christine: 14:59 rx (150)
    Wasn’t happy with this performance but I only blame myself for being on a bender the last few days. Sure got my punishment for that.

    Even though I’m disappointed in my performance I walk away tonight knowing I improved over my Christine in September: 29 seconds faster and 35lbs heavier. So while I’m a little mad at myself for being a bit of a baby, I’m happy to see the improvement.

    • Sara C

      You were a minute and a half faster than me, and I was super happy with how I did (my first rx girl wod), Don’t beat yourself up…you are doing so, so well and should be really proud. And sometimes a bender is needed more than a “great” workout. You’ll be an old bag like me some day and wish you had more lost weekends to look back on :)

      • Laura c


      • i’m not disappointed in my time, per se. i’m seeing a bit of a trend with myself though where i find myself unable or unwilling to push myself over the pain barrier. i lack mental toughness, something i have been trying to work on. tonight i let it get the best of me, and i have been letting it win the past few workouts. i’m struggling to push through it. i don’t know how to train my brain to be stronger i guess. i guess that’s the source of my disappointment. waaa now going to go cry somewhere haha.

  23. Mike R.

    Christine: 10:28 Rx @ 160# (PR) – Only other time I did Christine was last September and my score was 14:03 @ 165#… Nice to be down a few #s in the belly and shave some time off the score… Great work tonight 6:30!

  24. Mike Dunleavy

    Christine: 9:51 Rx

  25. Kim P.

    Christine: 13:05 135# not RX weight..

  26. Christine: 12:57 Rx (175). A year ago was 14:27 at 165. Big time better.

  27. Christine: 11:47 135#

  28. Christine: 14:50 125# (35# below Rx), jumps up/steps down

  29. Christine: 13:01 (125#)

  30. Christine – 12:56 (135#) 5# heavier, 42 sec faster than last fall

  31. Sarah S

    Christine: 13:03 Rx. 21 seconds PR and first time Rx.

  32. Eric C

    10:46 RX

  33. 1st class thanks to kevin for great teaching/techniques 135lbs 14:26

  34. Christine: 11:38 with 125#


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