Sunday 4.7.13

JC the Del Real Deal.

JC the Del Real Deal.

Open WOD 13.5
15 Thrusters, 100/65
15 C2B
*4 minute bonus for every 90 reps (3 rounds) completed.

Post Score to Comments.


The artist formally known as Big Mike.

The artist formally known as Big Mike.

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  1. 13.5 – 62 RX

  2. Woohoo another masters competition. Looks like this should be a good one ….

  3. Wow, looking good JC and Fit Mike!

  4. Sammy B.

    Congrats to JC and No Longer Big Mike! All your hard work has paid off!

  5. Rich P

    Is there an 8 a.m. tomorrow or is 9 the earliest?

    • Ben Bergeron

      yes. 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00am tomorrow. come get your last fill of the 2013 Open.

  6. Is there an alternate WOD for people who aren’t redoing 13.5?

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    I’m pretty excited about the upcoming fight. Hope you can help me make it worthwhile; and thanks to those of you who have already donated.

  8. Rich P

    13.5 take 2 at Sobo – 47 (3 rep improvement)

    Had to maximize time today so I hit up the super early at Sobo. Thursday I felt like I hadn’t done all I could. This was every rep I had today. Good luck to everyone hitting it again.

  9. Sara C

    13.5 re-do…tragic!

    • SaraC, this is a workout that even if you redo and didnt do as well, you’re still getting incredibly fit. Also, the mental toughness it takes to do this workout a second time is HUGE. There’s a lot of people out there (myself included!) that wouldn’t want to feel this twice. You did that. You’re stronger than when you started.

      • Sara C

        Thanks, Matt! You’re the best.

        I also learned that pushing…um…39 (again) and going out to a big dinner and drinks the night before an 8am WOD just doesn’t make for a killer workout. But you know what, that is ok. I am glad I went out and am proud that I got up this morning, got to the gym, and tried. And it is very interesting to see how food, alcohol and sleep really does affect gym performance. I’ve found over the past year that how I do in a WOD reflects very well what is going on in the rest of my life…and sometimes that barometer is really what I need the most on any given day.

      • Yeah!!

    • Eugene

      Sara, congrats for doing 13.5 again. After a tough 5 weeks, and a week where we were going heavy on the shoulders, I give you huge props for doing it again. I think it shows just how far you’ve come both mentally and physically. Keep it up, you’re crushing it!

      And for what it’s worth, I totally agree on the food side. I feel it in the gym the next day if I go bad. I don’t know if it’s physical or mental…maybe both?

  10. Wendy P

    13.5 – 2nd time

    18 reps… 3 more than Thurs -just got chest to bar yesterday:)

  11. Way to go JC and Big Mike. Your commitment and hard work has certainly paid off. Awesome!

  12. Tricia D

    13.5 15

    No ctb = no surprise bc I haven’t got pu’s yet, but I’ll take 65 lb thrusters as a victory. Heaviest thruster I’ve done so far.

    This open has been a great oppty for me to push myself & get out of my comfort zone. Glad I did it. That said, next year I want those ctb’s :)

    • Greg D

      I’m so proud of you for taking the leap. Great improvements over the last five weeks.

    • marissa

      amazing tricia!!!!!!!!! those are some heavy thrusters! so impressed and so happy for you! and we can both chase the CTBs for next year. xo.

    • Alison

      and you will get them!

  13. Braatz

    Open WOD 13.5 redux: 50

    2 reps better than last time. Must accept where I am with this killer combo.

    As crazy as it sounds, I look forward to the next time Fran comes around. 13.5 has really helped with the mental prep and toughness required.

  14. Mike R.

    13.5: 54 (6 rep improvement from Thursday) – Great working with Big Mike and Braatz today. Felt better overall today but that second round of thrusters is still a killer for me.

    It was my first time doing the Opens and it was just awesome to be at CFNE during those wods. The Opens pushed me achieve things I hadn’t previously been able to do or even tried to do, while also showing me areas I want/need to improve on. Looking forward to getting after it.

    • Braatz

      Great job today, Mike. Especially powering through round 2 of those thrusters to get back to the pull-up bar.

  15. Greg D

    CrossFit Free Workout #3 Practice:

    :45 On / :15 OFF – Stations, 3x @ each ; rotating
    1. KB Swing (53/35)
    2. Goblet Squats (53/25)
    3. Box Jump 24/20 *must step down

    Round 1 Total Reps: 20+18+15 = 53
    Round 2 Total Reps: 18+17+15 = 50
    Round 3 Total Reps: 19+20+18 = 57
    Score: 160

    Thanks Big Mike for running my clock and judging me.

  16. laura c

    Just want to make sure I did nothing wrong – I put my score in on thurs and it has not been entered yet – I am assuming you guys have not entered them yet but want to make sure I did not mess up:)! Thanks! I want to make sure all my scores are in since I actually did do all 5 WODS:)!

    • Laura, the coaches validate all scores on Sunday night before the deadline. Well done doing all 5 WOD’s.

  17. Tricia D

    JC and Big Mike congratulations on your achievements. Such incredible life changes!

  18. Lynne Mc

    13.5 25
    my thrusters are awful but apparently I have chest to bars and so I am pumped!

    Sarah you did awesome- so strong! Thanks for the encouragement today.

  19. michelle

    13.5: 64 rx. Tied my Thursday score, so that’s my number. So great watching
    CFNErs get after the last wod of the Open.

  20. 13.5: 61. 2 rep improvement from Thurs. I am soooo happy to have completed the opens.

    • michelle

      You did so fantastic throughout! You are such an inspiration for me, SMW!

    • And you did great! I think you are only 10 places or so from a trip to the games. 2014!

  21. 13.5: 21 reps. After some no reps, finally got my first six C2B ever. I’ll celebrate that. Great working with you Dr Rockett and Jerry. You guys killed it.

    First ever Open in the books. Never knew it existed a year ago. I walk away with some PRs, some ‘first evers’ and knowledge of weaknesses that I will work hard to overcome. What’s even better is that tomorrow Open or no Open I still get to come back and do work with really amazing people and learn from the best coaches in the world. Congrats to all of the competitors.

  22. Sarah S

    13.5 part 2: 50 (7 rep improvement). Thanks Lynne for judging, and great job today!!

  23. Chris L. (Bruzzo)

    So nice to be back @ CFNE today and see everyone.
    Baby Steps WOD…
    3RFT – 9:17
    21 BJ (24in Games Style)
    15 GHDs
    9 DL (275#)

    JC & Mike…poster boys for CF!

  24. Melinda

    13.5 second attempt

    20 reps Rx
    That was tough to post for me! First C2B.

    My metaview takeaway however, is that after 6 weeks here I learned a lot about my strengths and gaps, that the Open energy is incredible and that collectively CFNE is pretty powerful, unique and special.

    • Great job!

    • marissa

      i am so impressed! i know you wanted more but you’ve done such amazing things in just six weeks. it’s been an inspiration to watch. strong work melinda!

  25. 13.5 (second time): 45 – got 5 more reps! yayy

  26. 13.5 round 2: 67 (+5 reps from Thursday) Thanks for the energy this morning and through out the Open, hell every day. What we have is something special.

  27. Christian

    Awesome Sunday morning in the back room.

    5×2 Front Squats OTM – 225# (moderate, idea was to definitely not fail a rep)

    5min work up to a heavy Hang Power Clean: 2 reps at 205# (didn’t drop bar between reps)
    – huge PR (40#) for me for 1 rep.
    – this lift was ALL Ali’s coaching, she’s really helped me make more sense of this lift.
    – my pre surgery HPC PR was 135#, power clean 175#, full squat clean 225# — back about six weeks and Ali got me two HPCs at 205#, I’m just blown away at how she made me really get every part of this movement- THANK YOU SO MUCH, ALI!!

    Mini-DT- 5:14 (135#, push ups for push jerks just to be safe!)
    – did one full round of DT Rx first and thought better of it).

    Total of 15:14 working time.

    • Very Cool Christian!!

      • Christian

        Thanks, Ali!! You’re the best!!

        Just flipping through my notes since I’ve been back — one of my first WODs coming back at the end of February was Sweet Nothings, you were coaching. I scaled the weight to 105# because I’d never hang power cleaned 155#, and 105# felt heavy. My book says “Ali says shoulders over the bar, butt back more.” 2/24/13

        Today 4/7/13 – HPC 205#, AND that only round Rx DT I did I hit all 9 HPCs unbroken at 155#…

        THAT is coaching.

        • Awesome. And recording your workouts and making notes like that will improve you as an athlete for sure!!

  28. Kristin B.

    13.5: 15. C2Bs are so close — I have the height — but just can’t figure the rest out. Something to work on this year.

  29. 13.5 (again). Did 4 more C2B for a total of 7; final score: 22.

    Thanks to Eileen, Kim, Kristen and Harry for encouragement and coaching.

    So psyched to have completed my first Open. It was a great experience and one that already has me thinking about next year!

  30. Big Bri

    Open WOD 13.5 – 73 reps

  31. 13.5—69 rx….tied Thursday’s score so that’ll do it on this one…at least until it comes up again…..
    Really enjoyed being there this morning…great experience

  32. Heather V

    Back from vacation…. Ummm yaaa… Not a good idea to not WOD on vaca. Noted!
    13.5: 59

  33. Matty Noits

    Las Vegas – Hilton Grand Vacation Flamingo
    Modified Barbara – Matt
    4 Rounds for Time: 24:10

    10 – 25 lb dumbells Thrusters
    30 Push-ups
    40 Sit-ups
    50 Squats

    *2 min rest between each of 5 rounds.

    Modified Barbara – Colleen
    5 Rounds for Time: 36:10

    10 – 20 lb dumbells squat clean Thrusters
    30 Push-ups
    40 Sit-ups
    50 Squats

    *2 min rest between each of 5 rounds.

    Colleen Saturday @ crossfit 702 Las Vegas
    Open 13.5 56 reps (+8 from Thursday)

  34. Rachel E

    13.5: 46

    Just one more rep than Thursday — guess I was still a little too pokey on those C2Bs. Regardless, the Open has been SO FUN at CFNE! Congrats to everyone who showed up and competed every week!

  35. 13.5, 47 reps. One and done.

    Congrats to all that finished the opens! So much fun

  36. L.J. DiCarlo

    13.5: 78 reps (4 more than Thursday)

    Thanks Harry for meeting me this morning before the 8AM class. I really appreciate it!

  37. 13.5

    75 reps. (12 rep improvement with a little more strategy, little more heart this time around)

  38. sarahw

    Decided to stick with my 59 from Thursday (hadn’t posted this yet). After my weekend, better to be one and done.

  39. 13.5: 15 one and done today – just got my first kipping pull up on Friday so 16 was a stretch anyway. Excited for my first Open to be in the record books. Looking forward to see how much I improve my scores next year 😀

    • Christian

      Nice, AK!

      Did DT today with the AK mod!! Push ups don’t really make anything easier… I think I’ll be using AKmods more often.

    • Cheryl

      Congrats on the pull up girl!!

  40. Dan C.

    eighty – effing – nine


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