Sunday 4.7.13

JC the Del Real Deal.

JC the Del Real Deal.

Open WOD 13.5
15 Thrusters, 100/65
15 C2B
*4 minute bonus for every 90 reps (3 rounds) completed.

Post Score to Comments.


The artist formally known as Big Mike.

The artist formally known as Big Mike.

Our Amazing Little Economy…

Hey Team, we are super proud to support our very own members as they conceive, start, and run their own small businesses. In our little corner of MA, we’ve got four (there may be even more) really cool things going on!

Surf Right – Marcus W.
Surfing year round. No winters off. Check out this cool write up about Marcus’ project in The Boston Business Journal!

Fuel For Fire – Cindy B. & Rob G.
Filling a void in the sport’s nutrition space with REAL FOOD…

TheBoxHQ – Mike T.
CrossFit Affiliates deserve a software solution that is as simple & elegant as our fitness.

Broke Girl Boston – AllyB
Remember when you were just starting out and funds were tight. Be fashionable, well-fed, & fit on a budget…

If you’ve got something cool going on we’d love to hear about it.
This isĀ our community, we love and support like a family.
We are proud to help support our members as they fulfill their dreams and goals.