Saturday 4.6.13 (Open Gym)



The Big Apple
5 Rounds
400m Run
20 Burpees

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  1. Andrew Ho

    I know I should know this, but what hours are open gym?

  2. Wendy P

    Two of my favorite workout partners…. Love the pics of Martha and Judi!!!

  3. Chad M

    Will there be a kid’s class today?

  4. TBA: 14:43
    solid apple illustration Max. Tres Cezanne.

  5. Mike R.

    Big Apple: 17:10

  6. So that’s my lifting face? At this moment I fully support Ben’s no mirror policy.

  7. Jenn S

    DT: 12:57 RX, 5:20 PR

  8. Big Apple: 17:30
    row instead of run, and no jump on the Rocket says…”modification”

    MU work. Got it after Harry’s tip to “look down”

  9. Tricia D

    Big Apple: 23:00 (approx).

  10. Christian

    Big Apple – 17:58rx

    Big wins of the day — ZERO pain/discomfort in the right shoulder and all burpees done unbroken.

  11. Colleen (OC)

    Big Apple: 21:12, Rx. Whew. Fun times in the back room with a funky clock.

    Looking good Judi!

  12. Laura c

    Big apple. Did 10 burpees/10 kbs 35# for variety. Clock said about 1;12 when I was done. I’m fast:)! It got reset so no idea time. And that’s ok by me!

    MU work. Will focus again now that opens done.

    Nice job Jonathon on 13.5… Next time with music so I don’t hear those knees:)!

  13. 13.5 redo: 27 Rx(5 Reps improvement)

    Big Apple: 23:18 Rx . Nice to have some running done after a long slacking time

  14. Mobility and few practice sets for 13.5. A lot of crepitus in my left shoulder today, so will make sure I’m really warmed up for 13.5 part 2 tomorrow.

    Had the pleasure of watching Max and Geoff coach the MS/HS class today @ 11:00. Outstanding coaching yielding outstanding performances by the kids. When your heart is in what you do, it shows.

  15. Big apple: 18:20 Rx wiiiindy run

    • Laura c

      Glad you knew the time:)! Nice seeing you today. You always keep me moving.

  16. Jonathan

    13.5: 48 reps. Thank you for judging Laura! Glad to have my first open in the books. Now its time to start working at getting stronger and faster for next year!

  17. Kristin B.

    Mod WOD: 22:58

    5 rounds of: 400m run, 400m row.

  18. Row – 4 x 500m easy
    DU work

  19. Andrew Ho

    13.5 redux: 54 rx (3 less than Th)

    Truth is I had no business doing this. My shoulders are just so very mad at me. I just couldn’t resist chasing 60. Anyway, psyched to have my first Open in the books. And frankly, after only 7 months of CrossFit, I’m genuinely pleased. Can’t wait to see what the next 12 months bring.

    Kill it tomorrow guys. Just kill it.

  20. David N

    Big Apple 20:09

  21. Big Apple: 19:10 @ WHS Track


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