Thursday 4.4.13

You want us to do WHAT for 12 mins!?

You want us to do WHAT for 12 mins!?

Open WOD 13.5
15 Thrusters, 100/65
15 C2B
*4 minute bonus for every 90 reps (3 rounds) completed.
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Let me explain...I said Thrusters AND Pullups.

Let me explain…I said Thrusters AND Pullups.

Coaches Corner…With Coach Geoff

“What we do in life, echoes in eternity”

             If your familiar with the quote above then you know it came from one of the best movies ever made, “Gladiator” and if you ask me I can see a lot of similarities between the film and CrossFit.  For most of us 5,000 square feet and one hour a day is all that separates us from the “norm” of everyday life.  CFNE is our Colosseum where we go day after to day to challenge ourselves physically and mentally.

In “Gladiator” all the odds were stacked against him, yet he never complained, never retreated and went into battle with one thing on his mind, to win. I know we’re all guilty of looking at a WOD, and before we step foot into the gym we start feeling sorry for ourselves.  We begin to think all the odds are stacked against us and getting through this will be absolute torture.  We sit at our desks all day catching ourselves thinking how am I going to get through this, contemplating if we should go suffer through it, or take a rest day? “Over a mile of running, “Karen” and 150 box jumps!! NO WAY, I’ll make up for it tomorrow by doing some extra stuff in the back room.” Then you hear that little voice in the back of your head saying, just go! Embrace the Suck for thirty minutes and you’ll feel better after.

You shut that voice out, you don’t give in and you walk into our Collosseum ready to tackle what seemed like an impossible task just a few hours ago.  You have made the decision to become better right then and there, you have already won ½ the battle now it’s time to test your limits, suck it up and get the job done.

Similar to the title above I’m a firm believer that what we do today, sets the tone for tomorrow.  Everyday we challenge ourselves and strive to be better then we were yesterday.  Believe me when I tell you this, it’s OK if you don’t PR every time you’re at CFNE or you missed that goal by a few minutes.  Everyone has off days; even the most elite CrossFit athletes don’t PR every time they touch a barbell.  The big difference that separates them from us is that they don’t make excuses.  They “HTFU”, they find the positive in a tough situation and come back the next day ready to kick some ass.

We don’t fold when things get tough at home or at work, and we surely don’t ever quit mid-WOD.  Remember its ok if we get knocked down but it’s what you do next that defines who you really are.  You can take the easy way out or you can crawl to your feet, stand up, take a deep breath and move forward.

Do me a favor next time you feel yourself struggling mid-way through a WOD or you find yourself having an off day.  Find the positive in what you are doing in that very moment or what you just accomplished when you are done.  No matter how off you are from a PR, or how heavy that barbell felt today, you can always find a positive in a tough situation; you just have to look deep within yourself.



  1. 13.5 – 143rx

  2. Douglas Eisenstein

    65 Reps @ Rx with 1 no-rep.

    Thanks to the great coaching today, I’m really enjoying CFNE @ Day #2. I like my new nick name of Doug E Fresh Part Duex 😉

    Hey Chad thanks for yelling at me today that help me push through those reps!


  3. Jenn S

    27 reps RX.
    I came in hoping I could get a score of 16, as my C2B dwindled 6-7 months ago, and regular pull ups are hard enough. Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped about 12 C2B’s!!

    • laura c

      why didnot you do BTB = baby to bar ?? Nice work! You finished the OPENS that is a huge rock star status!

    • Alison

      Fantastic. Nice job Jenn and Baby S. You make a formidable pair.

    • You would have had at least 30 reps had I not stolen your spot on the bar! Sorry for that and unbelievable effort these past 5 weeks!

      • Jenn S

        No worries. I was happy to just get some C2B. You, on the other hand, were going for triple digits. I’ll let it slide this time.

        • Wow, you made it through the opens!! Well done Jenn, that’s amazing!!

    • You rock mama!

  4. Matty Noits

    13.5 open WOD – 52 RX

  5. 23 Rx baby!!! From zero to 8 CTB. I love the opens!!

  6. Andrew Ho

    13.5: 57 rx

    First C2B in a WOD…

  7. WOD 13.5 RX 42 reps

  8. Christian

    28rx. Not at all ready for c2b in a WOD yet, lesson learned.

    But on the plus side Ali’s goat day tips really helped with the thrusters!

  9. Mike R.

    13.5: 48 Rx

  10. 13.5: 37 Rx

  11. Chris M.

    13.5 – 76

  12. 13.5 – 135 Rx.

    I broke my C2B up starting in round 1 in sets of 5 with a 5 second rest between sets. For me, that and wearing OLY shoes were difference makers. happy that I stuck with my plan and it worked out. As for the massive headache following, well that was just Frantastic!

    • Christian

      Way to stick to your gameplan. Got to watch your first 4 min before I started judging. Awesome!!

    • Braatz

      The thrusters are my limiting factor in this WOD. Do you think a similar strategy will work? Sets of 5 with 5 secs rest between? Anything to keep them moving and steady…

      • Great question. If your goal is to get to the bonus round then I’d say definitely. If your Fran time is over 3:00 or you’re certain you won’t make the bonus then you maybe better just going balls out for the 4 min, but that may change from person to person. You should also consider whether you are looking for an improvement of a couple reps or 10+ reps on your redo. If the latter then a strategy change may be in order, in which case I would lean towards breaking them up even if you are only going for 4 min. Just my humble opinion – check with the coaches too!

    • I love to hear you giving credit to OLY shoes. Although i have never worn them….the fact that you are a strong m”fer…is undeniable.

      awesome job!

    • Haha thanks fellas!

  13. Cheryl

    13.5 – 15 Didn’t quite get the chest to bar, but the silver lining is I got the most number of un-banded pull ups in a WOD ever… :)

  14. Open WOD 13.5 – 53 Rx
    A year ago I got my 1st (and only for a while) in open WOD 12.5. Thrusters all unbroken (mental victory!). Awesome benchmark to see how far I’ve come in 1 year.

  15. Alison

    13.5 – 24 Rx. couldn’t get any more C2B this am.

  16. 13.5 – 15.

    Couldn’t get the C2Bs. Today was my first attempt at them. I’m okay with it.

  17. 13.5 – 41 rx.

  18. 13.5 – 40 Got C2B’s for the first time!

  19. 13.5 52Rx

  20. Megan B

    Modified to 15 front squats and 5 strict c2b – got 32. Happy as these were the first real pull-ups I’ve done since December.

    So much fun judging Jenn S!

  21. Joined the C2B club today! So psyched! Doole must’ve been cracking up at my surprised look when I realized I was hanging there, sternum-to-bar. :)

    Got two before, then 3 during for a score of 18. Coming back for more on Sunday!

    Thanks to all of you – love this place!

  22. Open WOD 13.5: 17Rx. Walked in hoping for my first C2B, left upset that I only got 2. Funny how that works. Might be back on Sunday for more.

    • Kristin B.

      Two is two more than you’ve ever had! Be proud of that!

  23. 13.5 62 reps Happy to report that I still have my Fran cough this morning. Sunday we’ll meet again, why not?

    Thanks Doole and everyone else for bringing the energy last night and through the Open’s.

  24. dylan r

    13.5 – 28

    Got to CFNE thinking I’d be putting up a 15 because I’ve never gotten a C2B pullup, but before the WOD (with some help) I was able to get a few. felt good on the thrusters but started to lose the C2Bs early and didn’t get them back in time to finish.
    Tony, awesome job, way to fight for those last reps dude. Great working with you throughout the Open. Looking forward to next year already!

  25. Greg D

    CrossFit Free Workout #1 Practice:

    1:30 Lateral Burpees
    Rest :30
    For Time,
    20 Squat Clean Thrusters (95/65)
    500m/400m Row
    * each Burpee you perform is worth 1 second. At end, your time, minus Burpees (as seconds) is your score


    Total Time: 6:44
    Total Burpees: 28 (paced)
    Score: 6:16


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