Wednesday 4.3.13

Ashley showing a great kip swing then knees up progression on the TTB.

Ashley showing a great kip swing then knees up progression on the TTB.

OTM x 20 Goat Day
Odd – Goat 1
Even – Goat 2

Post Score to Comments.

Coach will help you determine movements, scales, loads, & reps.

The outdoors are coming.

The outdoors are coming.

Hey Guys & Gals,

Check out Kevin’s latest Clean & Jerk…Montoya hits 290#!

Beast. Mode.


  1. Kevvy Kev!!! Awesome work dude!

  2. Andy M

    Wow Kevin, awesome!

  3. Beth T

    You are a very strong man, Kevin.

  4. michelle

    Kevin, that was amazing! Wow.

  5. Nice, Kevin!!

  6. Alison

    Totally amazing Kevin.

  7. Ronda Rockett

    Kevin, You are kind and modest, strong and skilled. We all love to watch you succeed. Congrats.

    • Tricia D

      I couldn’t say it better than this. Congratulations, Kevin.

  8. Christian

    Kev that’s so awesome!! Love the victory expression as you walked off

  9. Geez, Kev – amazing. I’m going to burn that form in my brain and get my muscles to follow!

  10. Mike R.

    That was awesome, Kevin. So impressive!

  11. Susan Stein

    That’s crazy awesome! Great work Kevin, must be because of that wild ‘n crazy youth of yours.

  12. Way to Go Kevin!!!

  13. laura c

    It was amazing to watch live!! Nice job Kevin! A true classy athlete!

  14. Kristen P

    Awesome! Inspiring!! So strong, Kev.

  15. Sean Rockett


  16. Sean Rockett

    guesses for 13.5, watch dave castro video on games site. I am thinking plank for time. first one down loses

    • Rich P

      I’m slightly horrified after watching that video… I guess I’ll have to wait another year for AMRAP 5 Slam Dunks…

    • Colleen (OC)

      Seriously, how many times does he said the word “pain” in that video!?!

  17. Heather O

    Kevin, you are an incredible athlete and a true inspiration to all of us! I loved that video, amazing job! :)

  18. Big Mike

    Goat Day: 30 second hand stand holds and more feeble attempts at double unders.

    Good luck to our Teams, Games and Masters competitors….one last hurdle but I need a lot of you to qualify so I can get my kitchen pass to California!

    • Andrew Ho

      Will you be taking padawons with you?

      • Big Mike

        Those that are ready, those that are worthy. You must be prepared to roam the confines shirtless, do random acts of Crossfit without warning, and publish uplifting and comical posts. Ready are you?

  19. Chris M.

    Great lift Kevin – impressive to say the least.

    Goats today were stretching and mobility in an attempt to make some space for 13.5 tomorrow.

  20. Colleen (OC)

    Goat Day: 10 calories on the rower and 10 push ups.

    Push ups definitely got spicy by the end, but I’m glad I did 10.

    Kevin, love your reaction most of all! Andrew H. could learn a few things so maybe he could stop scaring fellow crossfitters with his screams!

  21. Colleen (C4!)

    Awesome Coach Kev. And I was digging the video fade-in and music. Nicely produced!

  22. Ashley R

    I was in the locker room when you did that lift Kevin..I heard a lot of shouting and came out and saw that enormous bar on the floor. Holy cow! Nice job. Glad I got to see in on the video.

    Goat Day: 12 double unders (strung them once)
    12 strict pushups first 10 min/ 10 strict second 10 minutes. OUCH.

    FUN games during warmup..felt good to laugh!!!

  23. HSPU (kipping) & DUs

    Harry sprinkled a bit of HSPU magic on me, and I’ve got them now. It’s a day late for Diane, but this one’s off the goat list.

    DU crusade continues. Making a bit of progress there too.

    • laura c

      you worked hard on those yesterday and looked so close – nice work!

  24. laura c

    I just spoke to “SusanKD” from kabul – she says hi to all! Her next place she moves will have a crossfit set up or maybe a class so she is excited! She sounds good.

  25. Goat- 10 200’s

    1:04- Best
    1:15- Worst

  26. michelle

    Goat day: Pre-Game. That 8:30 class was ridiculous fun- the warm up was hysterical and it was so great w/ the gang- Harry, Ben, Anya, Paul B- and the 8:30 regulars.

  27. Goat Day – Odd: 5 power snatches / Even 5 OHS @ 65#

    Power snatches felt pretty good; probably could’ve gone heavier. OHS got spicy as the rounds went on. Next time, two bars to maximize work on both. Thanks for the tips Harry.

    Endurance WOD: 5x400m row OT3M – 1:30, 1:33, 1:33, 1:33, 1:32

    • Kev – Wow, so strong. And absolutely love the genuine excitement.

  28. Goat Day:

    10 cal on the Airdyne (or whatever that bike from hell is called)
    3 HSPU (2 ab mats)

  29. Sarah S.

    Goat Day:
    Double under practice of course. Needless to say that it went sooooo well that I broke down and bought a rope online this morning (thanks Alison!). I know that my new training fancy rope won’t jump or swing for me, but maybe it will hurt a little less when I miss…

    2 HSPU negatives – is that what they’re called?

    Awesome Video Kev! AND great kip Ashley!

  30. Susan Stein

    Goat Day:
    Odd: 40 seconds of double under attempts, I’ll just leave it at that- there were lots of attempts.
    Even:8 weighted sit ups, 25# x 5/53# x 5

  31. Annmarie

    Goat day: :40 DU practice, able to string together 6-10 at a time! Amazing what five weeks of practice can do!
    5 strict push ups, able to complete but struggled with the 5th each time

  32. marissa

    goat day:

    odd – :40 DU practice (they come, they go, but i think i might actually have them)
    even – 10 strict push ups (so. hard.)

    goat day is great!

  33. Goat Day:

    45 seconds of DU practice – still doing single single double. Heather showed me a video of me doing them and I can’t believe how widely my arms flail.

    5 push ups: These were tough – only able to get 3 per round for the last 3 rounds.

    Excellent coaching (as always) – and with a small class at the 12:30 today it was a treat to get so much coaching!

  34. Goat Day, renaming Damn Hammy: 5 pull ups, 5 push ups, moved up to 7 pull-ups with new blue band and 7 push ups. Cannot wait to get back to full strength. If Kev can do that lift, I can certainly get more out of my workouts… thinking about April goals.

  35. Melinda

    Goat 1: kipping HSPU (also an April goal)
    Goat 2: 150m row (tks for the coaching on this Heather)

    Excellent Coach Kevin!

  36. super fun class today! play is what it is all about!! goat day – 12 cal on aerodyne, 6 T2B. muscle up practice.

    amazing kevin!!!!!

  37. Pre open wod/ wod. 13.5 I’m looking forward to/ can’t wait till it’s over.

  38. Chris L. (Bruzzo)

    Kevin, fun to watch you C&J that kind of weight!
    It’s one thing to DL or BKSQ 290#, it quite another to take it from the ground to full lock out overhead…Wow…just Wow!

  39. Christian

    GOAT day:

    Odd – 45 sec DUs
    Even – 5 Thrusters 95#

  40. Brian L.

    Goat Day: muscle ups/HSPU’s

    First muscle ups today! strung a couple together then got a few more singles…

  41. Alison

    Goat Day: DU/WB. My DUs are more consistent, although I was jumping too high this morning. Got a pretty good metcon in as a result.

  42. Mike R.

    Goat Day: DUs and GHD situps

  43. Patti Jeanne

    congrats Kevin that lift is amazing

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