Tuesday 4.2.13

A little POV mobility.

A little POV mobility.

Deadlift (225,155)

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Stroll down memory lane & compare your Diane’s here…

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  1. 5:13

  2. Diane: 8:24 155# with one abmat. First WOD ever with just one abmat. Got one kipping HSPU Rx BEFORE WOD for the first time.

  3. Rachel E

    Diane: 5:51 (135#, 1 abmat HSPU for 1st set, 2 for the rest — thanks for grabbing me another one, Corey!)

    Gotta work on those HSPU but 40# and :30 PR from last April!

    • Christian

      Way to get that PR!!

    • whoa! congrats on the PRs. PRing all over the place! must have been all of last week’s bacon. HIGH FIVES! BACON FTW!!!

  4. Diane: 6:21, 155# and 20″ box knee “HSPUs”

    1:17 faster, last did this with 3 abmats.

    It’s an improvement I think.

  5. Sara C

    Diane: 6:58, 125# with one plate + 2 abmats

    Everyone, it is SO important to write your scores down…especially new people! You will be so happy to see your progress when these benchmarks come up again. I’ve done this workout three times now and am psyched to look back to see how far I’ve come. On May 26, 2012, about 2 months into CF, I pulled 40# less on the DL and it took me a just over minute and a half longer (same # of abmats on the HSPUs). A really measurable fitness gain that I have worked so hard for and am so proud of.

    • The first time I did this in April of last year I did 115# and 4 abmats (although I thought the 115# was too light)

      • Sara C

        I had recorded that the 85# I did last year was too light…yet, still, I crushed my time today compared to then!

  6. Big Bri

    5 X 1 clean & jerk – 215# across

    3 X 2 front squat – 225/235/245

    “Diane” – 14:14 Rx’d

  7. First time doing Diane. 10:00. Rx on the DL # and reps. Scaled the HSPUs to 12/9/6. I just got kipping from the ground last week. A huge improvement. My count tonight was only then good ones. At least 100% more were not counted. Super happy to start busting up a goat.

  8. Kristen P

    Diane: 9:something (was too wiped to remember!) 135#DL, various HSPU styles this morning (no mat, one mat, two mats, most legit, some not…). I will RX HSPU’s soon!!!

    Fun 9:30. Great coaching on HSPU progression Kev!

  9. denise sullivan

    diane: 7:04 85# DLs (up 30# from last week, yeah), box hspu’s (lots of work needed on those)

  10. Diane: 8:37 115# box knee “HSPU’s”
    Holy Cow. I have a serious goat here. Going to work on my HSPU this month for sure!

  11. Diane – 4:51 Rx PR

    Improved from 6:25 done in October. HSPU were all kipping and broken up as follows – 21 straight, 5/4/3/2/1, singles. Two no reps. Happy with the improvement

  12. Diane – 7:01 Rx… amazing.

    shoulder held up juuuust fine. (yessss!) pretty happy about that.

    love this one. can’t wait to do it again!


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