Monday 4.1.13

Oh hey wall balls.

Oh hey wall balls.

5 Rounds For Time:
400 Meter Run
30 Box Jumps (24, 20)
30 Wall Balls (20, 14)

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  1. Kristen p

    Kelly: 33:20 14# ball to an inconsistent 9.5 target.

  2. Kelly on skates- (Rw 450m, 14#) 33:58 last 12 Bj’s were step ups.
    Stoked to get thru all that volume. Tuff one

  3. 25:07

  4. Kelly – 31.18 (14 WB)

  5. Andrew Ho

    Kelly: 34:47 Rx except half step-ups. Just couldn’t keep the jumps going. Whatevs…

  6. Kelly: 34:25 Rx

    Would. Not. Do. Step. Ups. (but had no problem doing step downs!)

  7. Kelly: 34:30 Rx. Fighting a cold so I was struggling but glad to get it done today.

  8. Mike R.

    Kelly: 27:28 Rx

  9. Megan B

    Active recovery day for me – 20 minutes of work on Flight Simulator got me to 35 reps headed up. I will finish this one someday! Must train the DUs when I’m tired.

  10. Amanda S.

    Kelly: 33:59 Rx

  11. Kelly – 37:37 Rx
    Ugh! Such a mental battle tonight. Kept to the standards and got through it Rx. But ugh! And kind of ugly!

  12. Brook R

    Kelly – 29:14 Rx

  13. Kelly: 26:09 14# 20reps scaled because it was my first time doing rx weight at 10ft. It ended up being about 22-25 per round because I had some air balls…one foot makes a BIG difference with wall balls!

    Way to go 6:30!

  14. Matty Noits

    Kelly – 26:33 (16#WB, 20 inch box step ups)

  15. Georgia

    Kelly (at office gym) 34:26
    400m on treadmill, box jumps on a lifting bench, “wall balls” with 8 # med ball (heaviest they had) had to toss it in the air and catch it since I almost put a hole through the wall on rd 1.

  16. Kristin B.

    Shoulder-friendly sorta-Kelly: 29:55

    5 rounds of 400m run, 20 box step-ups and 20 medicine ball front squats @ 14#. Started the first round with 30 reps, but back tightened up pretty quickly, so dropped 20 for the last 4.


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