Sunday 3.31.13 (Normal Class Schedule)

Erica and her gear!

Erica and her gear!

Open WOD 13.4
Up Ladder by 3
Clean & Jerk (135,95)
Toes to Bars

3,3 / 6,6 / 9,9 / 12,12 / 15,15 / 18,18...

Post Score to Comments.

A few days ago we posted the clean's the fight.

A few days ago we posted the clean finish…here’s the fight.


  1. Erica- is your Sherpa hiding behind your gear?!

  2. is there an 8am class tomorrow?

  3. Christian

    Is the policy if we come in and don’t wanna do 13.4 that we can do whatever WOD we want so long as we aren’t in the way/off the main floor?

  4. michelle

    Miss ya! Go Erica!

  5. Wendy P

    13.4- take 2.. this time RX

    6 reps… 15# PR Clean , 20# PR Jerk… It was a hot mess but I did it and I am very happy that I tried. Thank you to everyone who gave me encouragement and tips… it really did help. Seven months ago, I would have never guessed what my crossfit journey would have looked like – I love it!!!

  6. Kristin B.

    13.4.2: 48. I’m thrilled with this — a 31 rep improvement from Thursday’s abysmal meltdown. Lesson learned: If you fall off the horse, indulge in a quick little pity party then get right back on. Thanks for judging, Alex. Happy Easter!

  7. 13.4: 46

    No excuses. Get your ass up, march on.

  8. 13.4…Easter Redux: And on the third day, God turned an 11 into a 20 :)

  9. 13.4 – 43 Rx – 4 rep PR … My goal was 48… but I gave it my all today and happy to have PR’d this one. Thanks to Susan for keeping me going during those 7 minutes!

    Happy Easter all!

  10. Andrew Ho.

    13.4 (round 2): 62 reps Rx (9 rep improvement)

    I’m starting to get some serious pressure from folks to rekindle my love affair…errr…manly fued with Big Mike, but honestly, he is a huge reason that I made such an improvement today. Having him judge me was the best move I could have made. So big ups and big thanks to Big Mike. Our fun will have to wait for another day. I won’t tell anyone that I beat you by 8 reps today. Promise.

    • Andrew Ho.

      Oh yeah, also wanted to mention that is was just amazing to watch true beasts WOD out all over the place this morning…Heather, Geoff, Ali, Max, and countless others just truly crushing it. So inspirational and motivating. Keep killing it!

    • Big Mike

      All part of your training young Padawan….tomorrow you get crushed. Build you up, break you down.

    • I personally am looking forward to tomorrow. First, we have Harry’s first class back. And second, the showdown between Big Mike and Andrew. I’m hoping it’s something epic. Fran would be nice.

  11. 13.4: 56 RX

  12. Comp WOD from yesterday with Christian: 20:47 Rx
    1 mile Run
    21 KBS, 70/53
    21 Goblet Squats, 70/53
    800m Run
    15 KBS
    15 Goblet Squats
    400m Run
    9 KBS
    9 Goblet Squats

  13. 13.4 Redux: 58 (+3 reps from Thursday)

    Toes to bar were . . . better

  14. “Open WOD 13.4″: 23 Rx

  15. Soo psyched Harry is back !

  16. Better than Friday: missed 1 clean @95#, then successfully cleaned about 8 times – which is a big improvement over the three ugly reps on Friday. I fought for the entire 7 minutes, but still didn’t get over head despite excellent coaching from Krystle and Rasheed. I welcome this as my new Easter goat.

  17. michelle

    13.4. 66rx. At Stratton mountain school. Video submission. 6 rep improvement, I’m glad I did it again.

  18. Christian

    Comp WOD from yesterday with Cotter: 21:05 – Russian KBs.
    1 mile Run
    21 KBS, 70/53
    21 Goblet Squats, 70/53
    800m Run
    15 KBS
    15 Goblet Squats
    400m Run
    9 KBS
    9 Goblet Squats

    Cash out: 1000m row, 5×20 ghdsu

  19. Melinda

    68. Just happy to go slow and steady to finish without hamstring issue today. Thanks to Marissa and Jill for the judging/coaching.

  20. Krystle

    13.4: 25… 3 reps better than Thursday.

  21. 5 mile hilly run, hike with dog and kids.

  22. Competitors WOD from Friday: 1 mile run, 21 KB swings and Goblet squats at 53#, half mile run, 15 KB, 15 GS, 1/4 mile run and 9 KB’s and 9 GS
    23 something. Thanks, Cary—glad I had someone to WOD with:-)

  23. 13.4: 10

    1RM was 145…I’ll take 7 at 135. Next time will be much different.

  24. Rachel E

    13.4: 49RX

    Rough wakeup after vacation but sooo great to be back at CFNE! :)

  25. 13.4 round 2: 72 RX’d 5 reps better than Thursday. Bring on 13.5

  26. Is there an extra baggage fee?

  27. Only did #85 but finished with 58 reps.

  28. sarah w

    13.4: 47rx

  29. 13.4. 68 Rx (2rep improvement). Not sure it was worth it.

  30. 13.4 50 – 3 rep improvement.

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