Saturday 3.30.13 (Normal Class Schedule)

Just a buncha strong dudes.

Just a buncha strong dudes.

Open WOD 13.4
Up Ladder by 3
Clean & Jerk (135,95)
Toes to Bars

3,3 / 6,6 / 9,9 / 12,12 / 15,15 / 18,18…

Post Total Reps to Comments.

Don't forget to sign score cards!

Don’t forget to sign score cards!

Weekend Schedule

Normal class hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday we will also provide an alternative WOD for those athletes who have already done the Open workout. However, due to the holiday we are posting the Open workout on both Saturday and Sunday.


  1. A buncha strong dudes *all repping CFNE.

  2. Laura c

    Is 13.4 just being programmed sat?

    • Ben bergeron

      If you have already done 13.4 and don’t want to redo it you can do the workout that Andy has written up below. Should be a nice day so you can do it all outside. Have fun.

  3. would anyone be interested in doing a WOD with me around 9:50, we could possibly bring a kettlebell outside so as to not be disruptive to the class going on? Was thinking of trying part two of the competitors WOD;

    1 mile Run
    21 KBS, 70/53
    21 Goblet Squats, 70/53 – demo vid.
    800m Run
    15 KBS
    15 Goblet Squats
    400m Run
    9 KBS
    9 Goblet Squats

  4. Gym Open Sunday?

    • Ronda Rockett

      Yes regular hours
      See above
      SMDH (shakin my damn head)

      P.S. there’s a kid that works at Captain Marden’s who looks a lot like u. He has a 3:45 Fran and is getting his level 1 this weekend.

  5. Andrew Ho

    Will we be able to do 13.4 on Sunday?

    • Ben Bergeron

      Yes. We are doing it on Saturday as well because of Easter.

  6. Geoff L

    Yes 13.4 will be programmed Sunday as well in all classes 8, 9 and 10 am classes

  7. 13.4:
    83 rx….+6 from Thurs
    Thx Ron, Mike, Max for the push..great energy on Saturday morning!

  8. 13.4: 68 (6 rep PR from Thursday)

    Great working with you Doug! Appreciate the push.

  9. 13.4
    44 RX

    Ttbs felt good…bar heavy…
    Great working with you Larry. Thanks for the coaching and encouragement. Great warm up and tips offered.

  10. Heather O

    Happy Saturday everyone! Got in a 9 mile run this am in 82 mins 14 secs! :) Was only going to do 7 since that’s what was scheduled in my training program but felt good after 7 so did 2 more for fun. I would never have been able to do this without CFNE as this was all about mental toughness and a good attitude telling me I can do it and finish strong! ( Now only have to tack on 4 more to get the hakf finished in 5 weeks!) My back is feeling great so I look forward to seeing some of you on Monday am! :) Happy Easter everyone! :)

    • Tricia D

      Great work Heather. Glad to hear you are back in action!!. Happy Easter.

    • Nice Heather! A 9 mile run is great. You’ll be very ready for the half!

    • Heather O

      Thanks so much ladies! And Judi I’m hopeful I will be bc that last .5 mile to get to 9 felt like it took hours! I’m hopeful getting back to my usual routine this week will make the 9 ill do again next weekend feel a bit better than today. :) Thanks for all of your encouragement I’m excited for it to get here finally. :)

  11. Tricia D

    13.4 43 (65# and toes trying to get to bars – got 3 to hit the bar which is better than the none I have gotten before)

  12. 1600m row, 21 KBS/21 Goblet squat (35)
    800m row, 15 KBS/15 GS
    400m row, 9 KBS/9 GS

  13. “Open WOD 13.4″: 72 Rx

  14. Laura c

    13.4 22 rx.

    That’s only one more rep then before so that’s my number. The last one took about 2 min to get. This wod was all heart and grit for me. I’m can look in the mirror and know I did the best I could.

    Happy spring! I’m up for that alternative wod tomorrow if anyone else in.. I’m done with clean and jerks.

    • Rock-star!
      As I said, how many of us could do this WOD at our body weight? A lot of weight for you to put over your head……
      Awesome job!

  15. Orlando hotel:
    10 x 1 min. All out- followed by 10 pushups.
    :45s rest
    Bike intervals/ pushups

  16. Lynne Mc


    57 reps with 65#

    Fun being back in the 7am for the first time this year and fun judging Marissa doing this RX – so strong!!

  17. 13.4 63 reps (16 more than on Thursday). Glad I did it again.

  18. Kristin B.

    2.5 mile run to the beach down the Cape–beautiful day :) Shoulder is feeling pretty craptastic after 13.4 but really want to redo tomorrow. We’ll see.

  19. Open wod take 2: 64
    +3 from Thursday

    Need to work on the mental game

  20. marissa

    yikes! does anyone know kristin’s – usually a 5:30am gal – last name? she judged me on thursday and i need to submit my score. she’s lovely and kind and has strawberry blond long hair. thanks!

    also. redid 13.4 today and got LESS reps. mental game was off and the bar felt heavier than ever. i’m happy to know that i tried my best, and lynne, thanks for supporting me through the mess.

    happy weekend!

  21. Alt WOD – 16:24 (70#)
    13.4 – 97 reps

  22. Ashley R

    13.4 again…

    Ashley – 54 reps RX (8 more than last time)

    Bob- 73 reps RX (3 more than last time)

    Glad we did it again!

  23. Mike Dunleavy

    13.4: 70 Rx (+5 from Thurs.)

  24. 13.4 66 (with 95#)
    First attempt at this one. Hoping to maybe go for a second time tomorrow.
    Thanks for being such a great judge, Laura!

  25. C&J, T2B, DU practice.

    A gradual trajectory to a distant horizon.

  26. Open WOD 13.4.2
    87 reps (2 rep improvement)

  27. Was going to attempt this again but back was not feeling good so didn’t want to risk injury. Great job to all who beat previous numbers.
    Flight Simulator at home: stuck between 44-50 going up. Hit pothole in driveway first time going for 45 at 43, never recovered.

  28. Melinda

    68. Happy to go slow and steady to finish without hamstring issue today. Thanks to Marissa and Jill for the judging/coaching.


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