Friday 3.29.13

The OC and Bode make the same face. Cobra Face.

The OC and Bode make the same face. Cobra Face.

Halo Drop
3 Rounds
500 Meter Row
7 Deadlifts (275, 185)
14 Box Over Jumps (24,20)

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#NotAirbrushed. Drink Water, Eat Clean, Train Hard.

#NotAirbrushed. Drink Water, Eat Clean, Train Hard.


  1. #NotAirBrushed. Love it.

    • What are you talking about? I airbrushed that puppy for 3 hours straight. There was SO much cellulite to remove, abs to artfully add in…urgh, it was a nightmare I tell ya!

    • The abs are real. The pants are 100% airbrushed.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Um, perhaps you could Photoshop ME next time.

  2. Not airbrushed, but that’s one of those skin tight Tshirts, isn’t it? I have one with my ribs showing like the dude in Spinal Tap

  3. #CrushPlantainChips #LikeABoss

  4. 13.4: 44 Feel like finishing round of 12 is within reach if spend less time looking at the bar. Have never done Grace Rx but will next time for sure.

    MDV, you will be missed by the 5:30am class. Your knowledge and coaching are exceptional. Thank you for everything and happy sleeping.

  5. Halo Drop: 11:51 mostly RX – didn’t realize until after that I was supposed to square up to the box on the box overs so wasn’t quite meeting the standards as I did the last two rounds almost exclusively jumping side to side. Got the stimulus but not the standard. Next time.

    Good class today and thanks MDV!

  6. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone! :) Great pics of both Colleen and Heather! Beautiful ladies. :)

    I’ve missed the 5:30 am this week. After resting my back for the past five days with just light stretching and walking I finally felt good enough for a three mile run last night which I was able to get done in 26:50! :) Felt great after and still does so I’m hopeful to get back to my half training schedule this weekend and the 5:30 am next week. Have a great day, weekend and Easter everyone! :)

  7. Tricia D

    Halo Drop: 14:06 I think (105#) 20# PR :)

    MDV thank you for excellent coaching and mostly for always providing great tips and corrections during the WODs. It has been critical to me as a newbie not only for improvement, but also so I don’t get injured in there. Thank you! Harry looking forward to working with you!

  8. Big Mike

    Halo Drop: 10:53 Rx
    Slept in this morning and actually worked out with bright yellow glowing object in sky.
    9:30’s gain is our loss but as 5:30 am’ers its our job to bring these young coaches up to snuff. We sent Mel on to bigger and better things, then MDV, Kevin, Max (long term project) and now we get Harry.

    Just tell him to show up ready to so some work.

  9. Heather V.

    What did I miss this morning???? MDV is leaving us? He needs more beauty sleep?

    • Andrew Ho

      Seriously. What’s going on?

    • Judging from the comments: Harry is getting the 5:30 and MDV is taking the 9:30.

    • Sarah S.

      Thankfully not leaving, just moving to the 9:30 and 5:30 pm.

    • Heather V

      The face I am making about MDV leaving us… is pretty much the face OC is making in the pic.

      • Tricia D


      • Colleen (OC)

        Ouch Heather. I thought we were friends. But seriously, we will crazy miss you MDV!!!! Don’t be a stranger to the 5:30 am!

  10. No school for me today, so I dropped in at a local box that just recently opened. They had programmed 13.4 for today, and since I did it last night (well, mostly just stared at the pull up bar waiting for my toes to bar to come back to me), I modified 13.4 to get a little more out of it than I got last night.
    WOD: 10 minute Up Ladder: Clean and Jerk (95), Back Extensions (Did 3,6,9,12 Clean and Jerks, 6, 12, 18, 24 Back Extensions). Made it back to the bar for the round of 15 and got 12 more clean and jerks.

    5×1 Back Squat, Climbing 145,165,185,195,205 (this was part of their warm up. I’ve never done squats without mobilizing or doing some sort of warm up before hand, so I’m happy with this. I squatted 205 on Sunday as a 25# PR, and it moved even more smoothly today).

    • Big Mike

      What? Due any day and matches a 25# PR. Think I gotta get myself pregnant.

      • Mike, If I could bottle these hormones and save them for later, I would! I might even share…if you’re lucky. That being said, though my strength is up, my metcon is an entirely different story! Can’t have it all, so I’ll count my blessings and be happy about what I’ve got :)

    • Megan B

      Holy hell! Way to go!

    • Wow!!
      You may make it through 13.5!

  11. Megan B

    Okay, for your Erica D update of the day: she and her father are in Namche, Nepal for another day or so. She sent me a photo of today’s hike, which you can find here:

    If the link doesn’t work, I’m going to try to post it on the CFNE Facebook timeline too (wish me luck – FB and I have been fighting lately).

  12. Halo Drop: 14:21 (rd1 225#, rd2&3 185#)

    Wanted to go heavy on the DLs… went too heavy, the first round took me several minutes and had to drop down. MDV, going to really miss your energy at 5:30am, thank you for all the coaching!

    Welcome back Eddie!

  13. Sarah S.

    Halo Drop: 11:57 at 110#

    13.4 from last night: 41 Rx. This is a 5# PR for me, so I am pretty psyched that I got this many Rx.

    MDV: thank you for a year of amazing early morning coaching since I started last March! I’ve been to a lot of boxes when traveling for work, and I have always felt that our coaching staff and programming is second-to-none. While you will be greatly missed in the morning, I am glad to know that it’s not goodbye and look forward to taking some of your new classes.

    • Tricia D

      Unbelievable work this morning. You were flying on an off that box. Also, congrats on the PR on 13.4! And, wait since March! You’ve only been doing this since March! Holy hell you are in such great shape thought you had been hanging around longer than that!

  14. Halo Drop: 11:35 (225#)

    Felt great to lift heavy stuff again after a layoff. Thanks for letting me chase you Dennis.

    Thanks Andy. Great to be back.

  15. Scott W

    13.4: 46rx.

  16. David N

    13.4 43rx….I will be back for another try need to get past set of 12 C&J

    MDV Thanks so much for your coaching, advice and friendship any gains I have made since joining are because of you.

    You will be missed at 5:30AM

  17. Finally back at it after 4 days off (flu). Took Ben’s advice and did Christine instead of Halo Drop to get the lungs/metcon moving.

    Christine – 3RFT of 500M row, 12 bodyweight DL (165#), 21 box jumps (24″): 16:40 Rx


    • By the way, can anyone recommend a good tailor? Preferably in Wellesley, but nearby towns are good, too.

      Sorry to take up this space with this sort of thing, but it is because of CFNE that I need a tailor – most of my suits and pants are now too large.

      There’s a whole ecosystem of market needs b/c of CrossFit…

  18. Sarah Wilson

    @crossfit metropolis nyc: did WODs last 3 days here. It’s not the same.
    Colleen, nice “pain face.”
    MDV, 9:30 am is like getting that corner office.

    • Heather V

      That is funny! He is going from a cube to an office w/ a window!

  19. Wendy P

    Halo drop: 130#. 12:42 ( I think)

    Post WOD with Cary- clean and jerks- trying to gain my confidence to do 13.4 RX. Thank Ashley, JC and Lori for all your help. :)

  20. Halo Drop: 11:28 with 175 #

  21. Susan Stein

    Halo Drop: 12:14 (115#)

    Great job today 9:30!

  22. Maureen B.

    Halo Drop: 12:51 (145#)

  23. Halo Drop: 10:26 (225#) to save the back

  24. Halo Drop: 9:50 Rx

  25. Halo Drop: not sure on time , i think around late 12 ‘s @ 235. Need work on dead lifts and focus

  26. Casey T

    Halo drop 12:05 225# thanks for welcoming me 8:30 class!

  27. Halo Drop: 11:14 (115#)

    Post WOD: Front Squats and then C&J work– to take an Rx stab at 13.4 on Sunday. I got 1 rep at 95# (a 10# PR) so the mental hurdle is eliminated! Thanks Wendy, Ashley F. , JC and Lori for all the tips and encouragement. Feels great after feeling defeated yesterday…

  28. C&J practice, 4 sets of 25 GHD, back ext (not for time), halo drop at 135#, can’t remember time but wasn’t anything impressive

    • denise sullivan

      i doubt that girl…you finished close to me (under 12) only RX!!!!!! you go girl

  29. T2B & DU work.

    Progress on both continues.

    • Yeah baby. 100 DU’s by summer!

      • Ok , yeah baby didn’t sound right. Hell yeah dude sounds better :)
        But still… 100 DU’s by summer. I wouldn’t be surprised. When JC get serious, great things happen. Just like the drive to build a school!

  30. Halo Drop 13:23 @ 185# Row felt good. DLs felt heavy. Box Jumps were better than expected.

    When I looked last night, I could’ve sworn the row wasn’t part of the workout. I admit is was a nice little surprise when I walked in today.

  31. Jonathan

    Halo Hrop: 12:20 (185#)

  32. Patti Jeanne

    Halo Drop 12:02 125# went light after ttb’s yesterday!

  33. Halo Drop – 10:50 Rx (sorry Big Mike)

  34. Krystle

    Halo drop: 13:08 (105#)

  35. Halo Drop- 13:03
    225 Deadlift
    20′ Box Stepovers

  36. 8:41 @ 315#

    Seeing Harry made my day. Welcome back, sir!

  37. HaLo DrOp

    9:54 RX

  38. Andrew G.

    HAlo DROPP 11:04 Rx . DL’s were real slowwww…

  39. Thanks for the love my 530 and 630 firebreathers. It’s been an amazing experience coaching such a motivated and spirited bunch. We’ve had more laughs (appropriate and inappropriate) before the sun rises than most people have in their lives. It was never a chore to wake up to coach. An absolute privilege, pleasure, and honor.

    Not going anywhere. I’ll be at CFNE all day er’ryday. See all of you in the daylight.

  40. Matty Noits

    Halo Drop
    10:56. @205#

  41. denise sullivan

    halo drop: 11:57 first bar wod in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!
    only 55# DLs but very happy (i’ll try to jump up 20#’s at a time)
    subbed 24″ step overs
    happy girl

  42. Open WOD 13.4 – 66
    Halo drop – 12:36 (155#)
    Thanks for judging me Ali! Now I think I’ve earned my Cadbury eggs :) off to CT in the am. Have a great weekend everyone!

  43. Halo Drop: 11:33 Rx

  44. Christian

    11:34 Rx… Way to move, 5:30!! Loved that we got “Tornado” pre WOD. LBT is my deadlifting music

  45. Last WOD at Black Flag this week – heading home tomorrow and will be ready to tackle 13.4 again on Sunday.

    For some reason, this WOD was the biggest mind f@&$ I’ve ever come up against. I actually felt intimidated. Knew my PR was 85# for C&J, so 95 seemed like a stretch, but one that I could chase after. Spent time before trying to get my head on straight. Proved to myself that I could get 3 cleans RX. Failed the jerks, but stayed afterwards to work on form with coaching.

    I’m coming after this SOB on Sunday. So proud of the rest of you – you’re crushing this bad boy!

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