Thursday 3.28.13

Toes to Bahhs.

Toes to Bahhs.

Open WOD 13.4
Up Ladder by 3
Clean & Jerk (135,95)
Toes to Bars

3,3 / 6,6 / 9,9 / 12,12 / 15,15 / 18,18…

Post Total Reps to Comments.

Paleo Power Meals - Reminder CFNE, orders are due by 8pm Tonight!

Paleo Power Meals – Reminder CFNE, orders are due by 8pm Tonight!

Coaches Corner…With Coach Ashley

Knowledge is Power.

I recently had an AH-HA! moment when I read IT STARTS WITH FOOD by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.  I have always been a firm believer that knowledge is power always trying to learn new things, especially those that allow me to make better decisions.

The human body is fascinating in so many ways and self -preservation is one of them.  Our body has so many hormone signals and negative feedback systems to keep us running like well – oiled machines.   In terms of day to day survival, there is not much thought that goes into it today but think back to the hunter gatherer; for them where their next meal was coming from hugely impacted survival.  What if they found food and it was poisonous or rancid, how would they know not to eat it?  For our protection, the brain adapted to certain tastes, sweet (safe to eat), fatty (good calorie source), and salty (retaining of fluids).  When our ancestors came in contact with these tastes previously mentioned, the brain created memories of the associated foods by sending signals of pleasure and reward.  Now unfortunately I am not the only one who thinks knowledge is power!  Food scientists have transformed whole foods into completely processed imposters that still act upon this ancient survival tool.  What once signaled our brains to know we were making the right choices of nutrient dense foods, today only leaves us with empty calories.  Then there’s satiation, hunter gatherers would eat until this point because their food choices created hormone balance and allowed them to feel full; today these processed foods have more calories and less nutrition therefore we overeat them.

With pleasure and reward comes emotion and through emotion habits can form.  Think about how you feel when you finish a workout…amazing because dopamine and endorphins are released causing us to want that feeling the next day and the day after that.  The same thing happens with food: when we eat candy, cake, or (insert favorite dessert here) our brain signals it is something safe to eat because it is sweet and we keep eating it as it takes a long time to feel full; dopamine and endorphins are released to create a pleasurable and rewarding memory, we feel amazing (for a little while!) and we want to eat it again the next day and the day after that.  SCARY BUT TRUE. 

Think about this…you leave work on your break and take a walk down the street past a bakery.  You smell something amazing…maybe its bread or cookies baking, chocolate melting.  You keep walking to get your lunch and head back to the office.  You spend the rest of the day thinking about what you smelled outside the bakery and decide to stop on the way home to get (insert favorite dessert here).  The power of the mind goes as far as allowing us to actually taste something purely from memory and we feel emotion associated with eating that particular food.  When you pick it up after work you don’t have just one bite, you keep eating.  And it tastes exactly like your remember it.  You even say to yourself, “oh my god this is so good!”  Sound familiar?

THIS IS WHEN THE LIGHTBULB WENT OFF FOR ME!  We have the ability to control our minds, to change our way of thinking about anything, especially food.  We eat to live, not live to eat.  It’s really that simple!  It is important to understand there is biology behind what we think is just emotion driving our decisions because then all it takes is a different way of thinking and it could be a whole different outcome.


  1. 48 @ CFWS. May redo Sunday at CFNE although my TTB were probably my best maybe because the pull up bar here feels smaller in diameter and easier to grip.
    Great job CFNErs! I enjoy reading all the post and see how awesome you all are doing!!!

  2. 33 RX.

    • Big Mike

      Unbelievable…Hope you had a chalk bucket close by in case the baby popped out on T2B’s?

  3. 13.4 60 rx. looked back and my last rx grace time was 7:41 so this was a nice surprise.

  4. Chris M.

    13.4 – 72

  5. Christian

    13.4 – 1

    13.4.Christian – same rep scheme/weight – power cleans and full ext GHD sit ups — 75 reps.

    Thanks so much Ali for judging my one rep and for those who don’t know I’ve been kinda leaning on her as my injury/recovery advisor and I messaged her today telling her not to allow me to do anything beyond my one rep for a valid score. I’m happy, feel good, still got a killer workout.

    Great job 5:30 and thanks MDV for “jump don’t hump” fantastic cue my cleans felt so much better.

    • Great job! Coming back from an injury is a challenge, good for you for recognizing it.

  6. Mike R.

    13.4: 55 Rx

    Thanks for judging, Dan, and an absolutely incredible performance. Watching you get to the 90 rep mark was awesome.

  7. Wanted 60, got 61.

    Definitely could get more

    Really fun WOD!

  8. 13.4- 64 Rx

  9. 13.4 – 22
    Considering at Ali’s “3-2-1″ I was looking at the bar with no idea whether I’d be able to get it over my head, I am ecstatic with that number. Thank you to coach Ali and AK who gave me the confidence to do it!

    It continues to amaze me what a wonderful, positive and supportive group I have found at CFNE. I can not express how BLESSED I feel to be a part of this community.

  10. 13.4 – 6 Rx

    Doesn’t seem like much but my clean and jerk PR was 75# at 13.2. The thought of getting 95# over my head seemed impossible but I’m so pumped I tried!

    Great 730 class – thanks for coaching me Amanda!

  11. 13.4 – 25 disappointed I no repped a bunch of jerks on the last set because T2B’s were my best yet. Need to stop push pressing 135 and start push jerking or split jerk… get under the bar. I can get to 36+ no doubt and will.

  12. 13.4 68 RX

  13. 13.4 round one: 67 RX’d.

    Strong work goes to Pete for hitting this RX’d! Awesome job my man.

    JDoole, sticking around to keep our streak going, appreciate the support of both you and your beard. Get better for Sunday.

  14. Amanda S.

    13.4 16 Rx

    So I am typically one of those who doesn’t post when I don’t think I do well, and to be honest, I’ve never bombed a WOD so badly before, but I’m hoping someone may have some words of wisdom for me. This one was really really disappointing because the clean and jerks felt great, 95# is definitely a doable weight. Toes to bar on the other hand, make so much sense when I see other people doing them and watch the videos, but for some reason when I try to do them, they just don’t click. I spent about 6:30 of the 7 minutes struggling with the pull up bar. I’m definitely planning on hitting this one and again on Sunday.

    • Kristin B.

      Amanda, I’m right there with you. I was so disappointed in my score and the f-ing T2B I literally left in tears. (Thanks Kim and Liz, btw.) Haven’t felt that crappy in a while.

      I practiced TTB yesterday and was happy I was able to get singles pretty consistently. I probably watched 10 TTB tutorials online today and was feeling good about it. Made it through the first round fine and then just fell apart mentally, emotionally and physically. I’m not sure what else I could have done tonight, but I’ll be back on Sunday as well.

    • Susan Stein

      I can’t help with any toes to bar advice, I can barely do them myself, but I just wanted to say don’t beat yourself up too much about it. I’m sure you tried your hardest and it will click. Maybe not for this WOD, but they’ll come. Keep giving it your all and don’t get too inside your head. Does that make sense? And congrats on the 95#. Impressive that that’s a doable weight for you.

    • You did awesome! Definitely should not beat yourself up about it. You were so close on so many reps. They will click soon!

    • You are strong…they will click!

  15. 13.4: 70, massive scale: 70#, knee raises
    Special thanks to Meg for pushing me beyond my “dream score” of 60 reps, and good luck Sunday (if your shoulder would allow it)!

  16. 13.4 – 25 RX!!!

    Was not going to do Rx but the shoulder was feeling good! Took it slow and steady to focus on form. My 6 toes to bar went well :-D

    • You were amazing and FLEW through the toes to bar! Great job tonight.

  17. Matty Noits

    Open WOD 13.4. 40 RX

    Thanks for pushing me Gooch.
    I tried to clear my head of any preconceived idea of what this weight would feel like so I could just do the work. I focused on getting to the toes to bar sections as my reward ( boy does that sound twisted?!)

  18. Brook R

    13.4 – 44. Pretty happy with that. I had never done a 135# C&J, so to get 26 of them felt great. And on Sunday I will get more than that! Great to meet you Megan – thanks for the tips and queues!

  19. 90

  20. 13.4: 47

  21. 41 Rx


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