Saturday 3.9.13 (Open Gym, 7a-11a)

Open gym today! Running clock, come in, hit the wod, hang out.

Open gym today! Running clock, come in, hit the wod, hang out, maybe touch the Air Dyne.

Little Black Dress
Wall Balls (20, 14)
Pull ups
Box Jumps (24,20)
KBS (53,35)

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Amazing T-shirt, LJ.

Liam & LJ.  Each, beasts in their own right.

Reminder – 12pm, Reebok Hosts 13.1 at CFNE1

Hey Team, just a reminder that Reebok will be hosting 13.1 at CFNE today at 12pm. We will also be doing the 13.1 as part of our normal programming tomorrow at CFNE. If you wanna come down and check out some great athletes hit 13.1, this is a great opportunity! Also, Reebok will be on hand with some great deals on their Spring / Summer line. Oh la la.

Saturday’s Heat Schedule…

Heat 1: 12:00
Kelly megginson
Katie Trosen
Marissa Nucci
Tara ODonnell
Tim Leard
Chris freeman
Jc del real
Jonathan Ozek

Heat 2: 12:25
Liz Messina
Amy Fallon
Brook Rosenbaum
Susan Weiss
Alison Carothers
Andrew hohenstein
Eugene lee
Matt neutra
Michael rich

Heat 3: 12:50
Jesse Christie
Jesse Christie (2)
Nicki Zambarano
Meghan brown
Meghan brown (2)
Chad Messina
Doug bell
Alex kaumeyer

Heat 4: 1:15
Amy Fallon
Jesse Christie (3)
Jesse Christie (4)
Trina foster
Joe Vukson
Joe Assencoa
Mike braatz
David Hamel
Jared Davis