Friday 3.8.13

Neon. Friday.

Neon. Friday.

Jack Sparrow
20 Thursters (115, 85)
2 Rope Climb
10 Thrusters
1 Rope Climb

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CrossFit Kids. So well behaved. :)

CrossFit Kids. So well behaved. Same at home, right?

Coaches Corner…With Coach Ali

Oh hey CFNE! I have some questions for ya. Raise your hand if you immediately drop to the floor after finishing a WOD? Keep your hand up if you pick yourself right up and hop on a rower? We JUST got done working out….who really feels like getting on a rower? Well if you kept your hand up for question number two….you are, 1. Doing the right thing and 2. Totally awesome if you really raised your hand sitting by yourself in front of the computer.

Okay so lets talk about post WOD cool down. Within the past few weeks, you may have noticed us coaches suggesting to you guys to go cool down on a rower after you just finished your sweat fest party and admired your awesome sometimes inappropriate sweat angels. We spend a good amount of time warming up for our workouts, so why are we just coming to a crashing halt afterwards? We seem to be doing a pretty good job with getting in post wod nutrition with a recovery protein shake, and carbohydrate source, but we are missing the physical cool down part.  So here is the deal…if you do not cool down properly this is what happens:

  • Build up of lactic acid in our muscles and blood, leading to fatigue setting in faster
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Inflammation
  • DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), which means feeling sore 24-48+ hours post wod
  • Decrease of athletic performance over time

Furthermore, post workout cooling down helps improve flexibility since our muscles are still warm. According to Kelly Starrett, one of our most common “mobilities” is utilizing lacrosse balls or rollers to break up tight areas. When muscles are compressed after intense physical exertion, muscle function improves and inflammation of that area is decreased. Therefore the next day (or two days later), the athlete is less likely to have tightness and residual stiffness if those muscles were rolled out immediately after use.

Good stuff huh? So now that you have more insight on why we recommend cooling down properly after working out, I recommend trying it out for a solid week and see if you notice an improvement in your recovery. Go get ‘em CFNE!