Saturday 2.23.13

Larry aka 'The Chirp'

Larry aka ‘The Chirp’

The Heartbreak Kid
50 – 35 – 20
Wall Balls (20,14)

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At 0530, CFNE is a busy place. Hoorah!

At 0530, CFNE is a busy place. Hoorah!

Hope for Kenya Update!

CFNE – we are right on the doorstep of our $36,000 goal. I am almost certain that with the donations in the box, we will get there. However, if you are still looking to donate and have not yet got around to it…check out the CFNE Hope for Kenya donation page. Again, a huge thank you to the entire CFNE community for rallying around this very noble cause!

One Affiliate.

Over $35,000 Raised.

Two Schools in Kenya.

Pretty darn inspiring!