Tuesday 2.19.13

Bros helping bros. Teamwork.

Bros helping bros. That’s Teamwork.

Futuristic Lover
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1  Front Squat (185,135)
10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100  Double Unders

*Front squats come from the ground, no racks.

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On the Opens…  By: Coach Geoff

“Finding the Warrior Within”

With the 2013 CrossFit Games Season approaching we begin to hear a lot of talk around the gym.  Athletes comparing scores from last years WODS, discussing strategy and brainstorming what they think will be the first WOD of the Opens.  Now for some of you all this “Opens talk” may be like a foreign language, but if talk to someone who competed last year or read on below… You may just learn a little bit about the different athletes that choose to participate in the Open and be quite fascinated.

You may be thinking to yourself are the Opens for me?

The answer is up to you! We think it’s a great way to test your fitness and make some serious gains, but we let you decide if you want to sign up. The Opens can be for athletes of all levels from Rich Froning to the 72-year-old grandmother in her first month of CrossFit.  Obviously the intensity level, weights, and scores may differ for these two athletes, but for the most part, the workout will be the same.  Whether your goal is to qualify for the CrossFit games or just have a good time trying something new, we will all be doing the same workouts when they are released each week.

What if I can’t do the workouts Rx? Can I still compete?

This is by far the best part of CrossFit.  Of course you can still complete and scale the WODS accordingly to your capabilities. You will be surprised how many athletes PR or complete a movement or move a weight they have never done before.  Like I said above though, if you want to see your overall rank at the end of the week and see where you stack up against thousands of other CrossFitters you have to submit your scores Rx.  However, don’t let this stop you from pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

Remember that CrossFit as a whole wants our community to come together and have as many people possible compete.  Therefore, the movements have to be realistic and the weights reasonable.  The movements and weight will get heavier in some workouts the further you go into them, but generally most CrossFit athletes will be able to start a WOD Rx and get some reps before things get significantly harder.  Meaning that even if you only get 1 wall ball with a 20#/14# ball in an AMRAP of 10 minutes, your score still counts as Rx!! Plus…how cool would it be to get your first rep at that new movement with your friends cheering you on!?

When will we be doing the workouts?

The WODS will be released every week for five weeks and we will be performing the workouts every week in class.  If you haven’t experienced this yet its like nothing else you could imagine. Think of your favorite class at CFNE with Ben’s coaching, Heathers crazy music playlists, Ashley’s encouragement, MDV’s strategy tips, Kev’s technique cue’s, Ali’s super fun personality, Max’s humor and Doole’s VOCAL coaching all wrapped into one fun filled hour of working out.  The energy levels go through the roof during the opens and the tempo gets cranked up, really bringing out the best in everyone!!

Still not sure if you can do it? Here’s a personal story….

Prior to last years Opens, things were really looking up for me.  I had been doing CrossFit for about a year and was ready to test myself against extremely better athletes.  It was time to throw my hat in the ring and see what I was made of.  Unfortunately a sudden knee injury really messed things up in training and future goals I had set.  I underwent mensical repair surgery in January and spent the next four or so months in a leg brace that looked liked scientists from NASA had developed it. It was a tough break, but what was I going to do? Call it quits and take the next six months off? Absolutely not, I went to CFNE every day, surrounding myself with everyone I care so much about and stayed positive.

I remember laying in bed one night before the Open WODS were announced and said screw it, I’m going to try and do these WODS on one leg or to the best of my ability.  I mean CrossFit is totally scalable so why not give it a go? I was able to complete 4 out of 5 workouts Rx on one damn leg.  Obviously these scores weren’t through the roof but it kept me motivated and positive while I saw everyone crushing the WODS.  I learned a lot about myself during those five weeks.  I not only tested my fitness to some extent but I tested my character and mental fortitude.  Since I have been CrossFitting this has been my biggest accomplishment yet…

One of my favorite mantras is “the body can achieve what the mind can perceive.” I believe until you actually go out and test that, like back yourself against the wall and see what your made of, do you really find out what who you are and what your truly capable of.  So, that’s my challenge to all of you, new members or not I want you all to test yourself physically and test yourself mentally over those five weeks, sign up, get after it and I guarantee you, you will all become not only better CrossFit athletes because of it, but discover a lot more about yourself and untapped potential you never thought existed.

The Opens can really be for everyone, and if I can do 82 burpees on one leg in 7 minutes and 70+ one-legged pistol wall balls then anyone can tackle it this year!!! If you have any questions about the Open, feel free to pull any of the coaches aside — they’d all be happy to chat with you.  Also…if you’re going to come into class and do the WOD anyway so why not toss your hat into the ring and test your fitness!

–       Coach Geoff

Check out some more info on the Open here: