Friday 2.15.13

The power of education.

The power of education.

Hope For Kenya
50 Squats
30 Pushups
15 Pullups

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Creating change for the next generation...and generations to come.

Creating change for the next generation…and generations to come.

Calling All CFNE’rs!

Hey Team,

Today we will be hitting ourĀ HOPE FOR KENYA workout. We hope that you can all make it for this great cause. We are extremely close to raising enough money for TWO schools — that’s pretty darn cool. THIS JUST IN WE’VE HIT OUR GOAL FOR TWO SCHOOLS…but…LET’S KEEP GOING!

Come in, work your tails off, and help create a better life for those less fortunate.

We will be accepting cash and check donations all day tomorrow. There’s a special dropbox at CFNE for your donations. If you can’t make it in to the gym tomorrow, check out the CFNE link at: HOPE FOR KENYA.

Let’s make this happen!