Tuesday 2.12.13

Geo warming up with some dynamic leg swings.

Gio warming up with some dynamic leg swings.

A Close Shave
20 Clean & Jerks (135,95)
1000m Row
20 Clean & Jerks

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We can make a difference.

We can make a difference.

From the Community…

OUR School(s)

As everyone knows, this Friday (2/15) CFNE and CrossFit Boxes around the country will be doing the Hope for Kenya WOD.  This is more than just another workout; it’s an opportunity for us to come together as a community, raise money for those in need, and to share what makes CFNE so special with those in Kenya.

In just a week we’ve raised $22,500.  That’s enough to build a school, a cistern for fresh water and all the desks.   That’s fantastic, but I know we can do better.  For this to truly be OUR school we need everyone to participate.  Every dollar and every rep count.  Let’s show the world what we can do together.  I’m certain there is no group more capable of success than the 400+ member CFNE team.

I know we all have pride when we wear CFNE gear, or see CFNE’s name on the leaderboard at the Games.  We all feel that special connection.  I believe we have that same opportunity here.  OUR school will be the CrossFit New England School.  I know we will all take pride in seeing that as well.  Let’s make it the best school by continuing to raise funds for this worthy project.  Who knows, maybe we can raise enough to build 2 schools.  We are certainly on track to do so.

Together we have an opportunity to make a huge difference in people’s lives through the gift of education.  And, in some respects our community will grow with the newest CFNE members being in Kenya.  Thanks to everyone at CFNE, there are kids out there whose lives are going to change.  That’s pretty Awesome!

JC DelReal