Monday 1.28.13

Coach Geoff making rounds.

Coach Geoff making rounds.

Satan's Whiskers
3 Rounds For Time:
10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 Front Squats (165, 115)
10 Burpees

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Feb. 9...Are you signed up?

Feb. 9…Are you signed up?

B.O.X. Seminar – Saturday February 9th at CFNE

“The pursuit of excellence, in regards to operating a world-class CrossFit affiliate, has everything to do with your current members. It has to do with their happiness inside and outside the walls of your gym. It relates to their growing confidence and their acceptance as a part of your community, and it has to do with their health, wellness, fitness and results. In other words, the pursuit of excellence is the pursuit of improving the lives of your members.”  – Ben Bergeron

This one-day seminar will guide you through the ins and outs of running a World-Class Affiliate:

  • Hiring, Training and Paying Coaches.
  • Programming for the Elite, Sport Specific and Masses.
  • Marketing your Affiliate and getting so many members you’ll have to turn them away.
  • Creating a Community of Trust, Support, Honesty and Excellence.
  • Organizing your Affiliate to Run Efficiently.
  • The Details of a Successful On-Ramp Program.

There is no substitute for being a great coach, but just like being a great chef might not make you a great restaurant owner, simply being a great coach may not be sufficient to run a World-Class Affiliate.  This seminar will turn Great Coaches into Great Affiliate Owners.

Where : CFNE (Natick, MA)

When: Feb. 9, 2013 (Saturday)

Who: Affiliate Owners / Coaches / Athletes / Anyone Interested in the Pursuit of Excellence

Interested in attending? Register for the BOX Seminar HERE!


  1. 3:35rx
    Did this WOD on 2/14/12 w 135# in 9:11
    I know this stuff works without this result but it’s amazing what a year at CFNE will do.

  2. david n.

    Great workout today

  3. Satan’s Whiskers 4:47 Rx

    First time doing this wod.

  4. SW: 9:08 with 80# and KPU. 2 min slower than a year ago but 25# heavier and unassisted pull ups. ( 55# and the blue band last year)

  5. Me: “Alright knee, I don’t like you and you don’t like me, but if you help me get through this I promise I’ll ice you later.”
    Knee: “Screw you, you’ll ice me anyway.”

    WOD 5:28

    • This is the funniest post EVER simply because you never write anything more than your WOD time. Until today…you’re killin me smalls

  6. Kristin B.

    8:04 w/105# and red band PUs

  7. 9:38, kipping pull ups, 115#. Squats unbroken…pull-ups not so much.

  8. 8:17 or 07
    C2b on first round, second and third rounds did kipping pull ups
    Tough wod, didn’t have any mental toughness left today

  9. 7:06 85# pull ups

  10. “Satan’s Whiskers”: 7:30 Rx (1:30 PR)
    58 DUs in Coach Doole’s surprise 2 min drill in warm-ups. Pretty sure that is more than I have gotten collectively since I started CF . . .

  11. Satans whiskers – 3:28 Rx

    Last time I did this was 2/14/12 in 8:35 with jumping pullups. I can say that I’m thankful to be today where I hoped I would be by now. Hats off to Max who pushed me every second of the way on this WOD to beat his own stellar time. Now that’s what crossfit is all about!

  12. Satan’s Whiskers: 6:28, 93# w CTB

  13. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:01 (75#) KPU

  14. 7:13 @ w/ 185 Bsq coz of the ol’ quad.

  15. Satan’s Whiskers:

    6:29 RX — 1 Year ago 8:48 (#135) PR by 2:19 and #30

  16. Satan’s Whiskers:

    9:15 RX. Holy crap. I was spent going into the burpies… Nothing like having your ass handed to you!

    On to tomorrow!

  17. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:25 @ 145#

    PR by almost 2 minutes and added 10# and was able to get my C2B rolling. Strong work tonight, everyone.

  18. Amanda S.

    Satan’s whiskers- 7:51 KPUs and 95# from the rack. Nursing wrist still.

  19. Satan’s Whiskers – 6:00 @ 95#

  20. Satans whiskers: 8:40 rxed

    Front squats were rough. Still a great WOD!

    Those 3 and 4 min guys above are amazing! Great work!

  21. Satan’s Whiskers: 6:07 145# (1:05 PR +10#)
    20 min otm, 8 30# WB, 30 Du’s


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