Goals For 2013!

Smiles for Miles.

Smiles for Miles.

New Year, New Goals…
CFNE, as the confetti, cupcakes and champagne come to an end…2013 offers us a clean slate for new goals. One of the most important aspects of goal setting is writing them down! Use the blog to post your goals and aspirations for 2013. We want to know your CrossFit goals, of course, but feel free to post one or two non-CrossFit goals as well.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting by Coach Geoff here!

If you need some additional help setting your goals or just want to bounce them off of someone, feel free to ask any of the CFNE coaches. Together, let’s make 2013 the best!


  1. Record scores every day even if I am not proud…eat clean 80-20…kill Crossfit/work on all goats + metcons.

  2. Julia K

    Connecting butterfly kipping pull ups (so, 2 in a row). 5 toes to bar with a smooth connection. Take fish oil daily! Do at least one random good deed for someone daily :). Happy New Year CFNE! So proud to be part of this box.

  3. Ronda Rockett


    -Count my blessings everyday (all of you are definitely among them)
    -get back to 145 lbs and stay there (I am halfway there thanks to Ali P. who was able to get me on track on December 24th); this will be accomplished as it always is for me, by staying 95% paleo and never straying
    -get comfortable with training in moderation; I’m in this for the long haul and I’d rather be healthy than be the best
    -do like Julia above and do at least one UNEXPECTED good deed everyday

  4. meneutra

    Sleep eat and be well. Be relaxed and happy. Help those around me to do the same.
    I will be scaling my workouts but not my intensity. I will not injure myself. I will focus on maintaining flexibility.

  5. Heather Bergeron

    1. No alcohol.
    2. Compete in the Crossfit Games this year.

  6. >>Recap on goals for 2012
    Compete in the Crossfit Games in Masters Division, 60+ << yes
    Make final cut << missed first cut by two places
    Cheer on CFNE at Regionals and Games << yes
    Compete in 4 other events throughout year << did 3
    Movement July 1, 2012 Goal/Jan 1, 2013 Goal
    Body Fat 18%/17% << no
    Deadlift 290/315 << no
    Back Squat 230/245 << no
    Front Squat 205/215 << no
    Overhead Squat 170/180 << no
    Shoulder Press 150/155 << no
    Power Clean 210/225 << no
    Fran 7:30:00/7:00:00 << no
    Helen 12:00:00/11:30:00 << no
    Flight Simulator 5-10-15-20-25-30-25-20-15-10-5 with sdsdsdsd in 30 minutes <> Goals for 2013
    Maintain paleo diet with only a few cheats per month
    8 hours sleep every day
    96 ounces of water every day
    2 hours mobility outside class every week
    Compete in Crossfit Games in 2013
    Make the first cut at Games
    Cheer on CFNE competitors at Regionals and Games
    Compete in 3 local competitions – win one
    Judge or volunteer at 3 competitions
    (Trying for more attainable strength goals this year!)
    Back Squat 225
    Clean 210
    Snatch 145
    Jerk 190
    Deadlift 285
    OHS 170
    Front Squat 215
    Run Mile 7:30:00
    Run 5K 26:00:00
    Double Unders – 20 consec

  7. Colleen (C4!)

    1. Give away 15% of the things I own.
    2. Listen more, talk less. Make space in my life for others.
    3. Forgive myself.
    4. Do less better: do fewer things and be happy when they hit the 95th percentile, not everything has to be perfect.

    • Colleen (C4!)

      CF goals:
      1. do REAL HSPUs by June.
      2. DL properly by March.
      3. Change the mindset on rope climbs. I get to rope climb.
      4. Make effort to WOD at the 90% Rx weight on all workouts.

      • Sonia M

        Love them. I think I’m just going to copy and paste and add the CF to my list. Oh and 1 and 2 on non-CF :-)

  8. Mike R.

    1. Work on and get first MU, and try to implement them into wods.
    2. Consistently work on DUs, be able to string 10+ together by March 1, and actually try to do them in wods.
    3. Run my 5th marathon (hopefully Marine Corp. marathon in October) and beat my prior marathon PR of 3:49.
    4. More general goal of keeping things in better perspective and truly enjoying all aspects of life including family and friends, working out/nutrition, and work.

  9. Big Mike

    Let’s take a look at the tape from 2012
    Competitor Fitness Stds.
    Achieve 16 of the following 20 (Only got 6 but 3 or 4 that I have not tested)
    Pull Ups 30 NO ?
    Dips 18 NO ??
    HSPU’s 15 NO ??
    L-Sit 45 sec. NO
    500 M Row 1:32 YES
    2000 M Row 7:10 YES
    400 M Run 1:15 YES
    800 M Run 3:00 NO ?
    1 Mile Run 6:30 YES
    DU’s 45 consecutive NO
    Fran 3:45 NO
    Helen 8:00 NO (11:01)
    Grace 3:15 NO (4:36)
    OHS 3 reps @ BW NO
    Squat 275 Yes (285)
    Deadlift 355 Yes (365)
    Press 165 NO (155)
    Clean 215 NO (195)
    Snatch 155 NO (135)
    Jerk 215 NO (195)
    ·Complete all of the Open WOD’s (Yes)
    ·Compete in at least 3 competitions (Yes-4)
    ·Cheer Brandon on once while Rx’ing (Yes)
    ·Attend Regionals (Yes)
    ·Convince Mrs. Big Mike to let me go to Games (NOT EVEN CLOSE)
    ·Get Mrs. Big Mike and Matt (skinny Big Mike) here 3x a week& little Mrs. Big Mike (Nicole) here in the spring when she’s completed her dance season (UES)
    ·Start a “Master’s Leader Board” for those of us over 45 so we can push one another (NO-Sorry)

    Grade myself a C+ but given where I started last January I am very happy with progress….long range view.

    2013 Goals – Simplifying to Ten
    * 15 minutes, 2x week of focused goat practice (DU’s, HSPU, Ring Dips)
    * 1 Muscle up by my birthday (Sept)-Fail = 2x birthday burpees so don’t show up that day
    * 30 Pull Ups unbroken
    * 45 DU’s unbroken
    * 18 Ring Dips Unbroken
    * 10 HSPU’s Unbroken
    * Fran: Sub 4:00
    * Helen: Sub 9:00
    * Grace: Sub 4:00
    * Clean & Jerk: 225 (two plates just looks cool)

  10. Goals from 2012 that I met:
    – DU – 10 consecutive
    – Overhead Squat 100#
    – 100% paleo January
    – met most of my mini goals in J/F/M but lost it in April… thus, I failed to meet remaining goals.

    Health and Fitness based Goals 2013:
    1. Correct my Squat Form. Reached by regular squat therapy and practice. This will be measured at the end of the year by hitting:
    – Front Squat 140
    – Back Squat 170
    2. Deadlift 225
    3. Bench Body Weight (130 to 135)
    4. HSPU RX
    5. Pistols RX

    I will set up mini benchmark goals every month to help me achieve these goals.

  11. Wow, hard to believe it is now 2013. After the Paleo challenge last fall took some time off so looking to rededicate myself taking better care of myself.

    my Goals for 2013:
    – stick to Paleo with only a few cheats a month
    – no alcohol
    – exercise at CFNE 4+ times a week
    – Volunteer or Judge at competitions
    – lose 35 more lbs
    – 100 RX wall-ball’s unbroken
    – 100 GHD situps unbroken
    – 100 stricked pushups unbroken
    – Randy under 6 min (unbroken)
    – 200M run in under 1 min
    – 400M run in under 2:15
    – 2 HSPU, pull-ups, ring dips
    – 100 SU / 30 DU unbroken
    – 7xDL body weight unbroken
    – compete in 1 masters competition
    – support CFNE competitors whenever possible
    – focus on living “I get to”

  12. First time writing goals down the SMART way(as Ben said) Here goes:

    CFNE GOALS for 2013:

    Kick ass on PALEO challenge. Pull 6’s or 7’s each day.
    Lose 10 lbs on challenge
    Lost 18 lbs by April 1st
    Do mobility/flexibility 5x a week specifically targeting hip flexors and gluts
    Snatch: 100#
    OHS: 100#
    10 T2B in a row
    15 PU in a row
    1 HSPU–1 abmat
    Clean and jerk(squat): 125#
    Back squat: 155#
    Bench Press: 155#
    Helen: sub 10 min with 35#
    Fran: Sub 8 with 65#
    Learn and complete a butterfly pull up
    Get 5 DU in a row
    Weight on heels on squats

    1) at least 1 act of kindness to someone each day
    2) Tell my kids/spouse I love them at least once a day

  13. Last year my goals were almost completely foused on specific numbers on specific movements. It took me most of the year to realize that wasn’t really what I wanted. The numbers would be the net result of consistency and determination, both of which I struggled with. Very challenging year mentally, possibly one of the most challenging I have had. Those days are gone though, I only have the ones in front of me.

    In 2013 I WILL:
    – Get healthy. 2+ years of a bad achilles is no longer unfortunate, it’s lazy on my part.
    – Stop. Making. Excuses.
    – Find my competitive side again… it’s around here somewhere.
    – Remain committed to coaching my kids and supporting their growth as athletes and generally good people.

    These could be more measurable, but they get to the heart of what I want and need.

  14. laura c

    I had posted my goals earlier (I am an over acheiver) but will do them again and I have had more time to think about them:

    in 2013 I WILL:

    If I have something nice to say to someone, dont be shy about it, SAY IT! It makes people feel good to hear it and makes me feel like a good person for saying it. I will keep these appropriate, of course:)!

    Stay off the scale for the month of Jan….only in Ben’s office for challange.

    Complete my “modified” paleo challange in jan. Will finally STOP with any white stuff in my coffee – last year I got sweetener out but kept in coconut milk, almond and than to cream ….

    Increase my involvement with CFNE – start this by working with the new member/mentorship program. I want to make a difference in our community and in CF.

    Take my Level 1 Cert on feb 2-3 – Pass test.

    Continue to raise awareness for Early detection of Breast Cancer in my friends honor/memory..EVERYONE READING THIS THAT HAS BREASTS, make a mammo appt!!! Dont take NO for an answer from your MD!

    CF Goals

    Clean 100# by my 42 bday (feb 17)
    Be able to do DU in a WOD by 3/1….keep working on them!
    ONE MU by 6/1
    18 HSPU
    20 KPU
    master CtB!
    Snatch 80#
    Finish another half marathon but be uninjured and ENJOY IT!
    CF 5/week
    be able to link 10 WB with 12# WB by 7/1

    Keep assessing my goals and revisiting them OFTEN!

    and most important to me is to help as many reach their goals as possible in 2013~

    3…2..1 GO!

  15. Had a great 2012 goal wise, now on to 2013.

    CFNE Goals:
    Fran – sub 5 minutes
    Helen – sub 9:25
    DT – Rx
    Flight Simulator – finish
    Clean & Jerk – 215#
    Snatch – 165#
    Strict Press – 135#
    Bench – 225#
    Back Squat – 315#
    Max pullups – 40
    Use butterfly pullups in workouts
    T2Bs – string together in workouts
    Muscle Ups – find them again
    Running – run a reduced race schedule this year, but hopefully still PR
    Push everyone in the 5:30 am Mayhem as much as they push me

  16. since one of my goals is to record scores/wods, i suppose i should write down my cf goals:

    1. lose the fear of the scale – weigh myself regularly a few times per week.
    2. record scores on whiteboard, book and blog.
    3. muscle up (had it and lost it) by 4/13.
    4. re-evaluate goals 4/13.

  17. Andy M.

    I am thankful for CFNE!

    CFNE 2013 Goals:
    1. Front Squat 165# (improve form so knees not caving in, elbows up and midline tight) – should be able to blow this out of the water.
    2. Squat Clean 155# (delay arm bend) should also be able to blow this out of the water
    3. DL #225
    4. Back Squat 215#
    5. Consecutive muscle ups without touching ground
    6. Bar muscle up
    7. Bench 205#
    8. Snatch 125#
    9. 7 minute mile
    10. Finish flight simulator
    11. Learn kipping ring dip
    12. Learn kipping HSPU
    13. Rope climb starting from sitting on the ground
    14. Do extra work to increase strength
    15. Improve nutrition
    16. Do more WOD’s prescribed
    17. Up intensity on every metcon and PR every WOD that I’ve already done.
    18. Get stronger in general which means extra work and more time under the bar.
    18. Have a blast doing it.

    Always try to be a better father, husband, friend and co-worker.

    Always try to be thankful daily for all of the (important things in life as in health, family and friends)and not worry about what I don’t have, the unimportant material things in life.

  18. Chris M.

    “Crossfit 2013 Goals”
    1. Compete in the Open
    2. Front Squat – 315#
    3. OHS – 225#
    4. C&J – 225#
    5. Snatch – BW
    6. Elizabeth – Sub 7 (Goat – Kipping Ring Dips)
    7. Diane – Sub 5 (Goat – Kipping HSPU)
    8. Jackie – Sub 7
    9. Eva – Told myself I’d never to do it again
    10. Drink 84oz (2.5 l) of Water a day

  19. Jonathan

    2013 CFNE Goals:
    1. 25+ DU’s by 4/13
    2. 175lb clean & jerk (been stuck at 155).
    3. String 5 muscle ups together.
    4. Less rest time in WOD’s…Keep moving…get back on the bar.
    5. Focus more on form than weights.
    6. I need some kind of goal pertaining to mobility. Not sure how to quantify it?
    7. Remind Ashley, Mel, Kevin, and Heather how awesome they are and thank them for pushing me and making CF so much fun!

    • Ben Bergeron

      6. Be able to do a split!

    • Heather Bergeron

      #6: choose an amount of time to spend each day/number of days a week, for example, that you will work on mobility…i’ve also took the angle of watching the MWOD (www.mobilitywod.com) 5 times a week which, ultimately, keeps me motivated to stay on top of it.

  20. Kristin B.

    2013 CFNE Goals:

    1. Drop another 35lbs by 9/1; set ultimate goal weight then and continue working toward it.
    2. Unassisted pull-ups by 6/1. I’m close–one more band to go.
    3. Double-unders. Will practice these 2x week before class.
    4. Zero ab-mat HSPU
    5. Rebounding 20″ box jumps; get over fear of 24” box jump
    6. 110# snatch; 150# C&J; 250# BS; 305# DL
    7. Run a 5k; aim to run 2x/week before class.
    8. 3:30 Grace RX; Annie RX; Fran RX
    9. Committed club the months I’m not away for vacation

  21. Ben Bergeron

    2013 Goals

    1. Start a charitable foundation.
    2. Get a bigger space.
    3. Be on the CFNE leader board for every category.

  22. 2013 CFNE Goals:

    1. Stay healthy. No tendonitis anywhere!!
    2. Reach my fighting weight by 2/28/13 – 144#
    3. WOD at CFNE minimum of 4x times a week when not traveling.
    4. Murph Rx in 65 minutes or less. It’s all in the push-ups.
    5. Complete Murph with my teenage boys at CFNE.
    6. Use 1 ab mat for HSPUs in WODs by 6/30/13.
    7. Sub-8 min. 2K row
    8. Participate in a Master’s Competition.

  23. Heather V

    Review of Goals for 2012:
    Sub 10 min Helen Rx- yes
    Sub 30 min Filthy Fifty Rx-yes
    Get over my fear of dropping the bar and get past 165# on Back Squat.-yes
    Get through Flight Simulator!!! -not yet, but I haven’t tried in a while, I better add this to 2013
    Get a HSPU w/o mats-yes
    Sub 50 min. Murph RX- yes
    RX Grace, sub 10 – yes
    Didn’t do: rematch on 400m w/ Liz M, max pull-up comp w/ OC, and Oly Distance Tri.

    Goals for 2013
    Get my first MU
    Sub 5 min Fran
    135# or more C&J
    Do HSPU’s Rx during WODs
    Sub 8 min Jackie
    215# back Squat
    Flight Simulator: finish
    Diane rx’d

  24. 2013 CrossFit Goals:

    – Muscle Up: 1
    – Murph: sub 42:00
    – Fran: sub 6:00 Rx
    – CrossFit Total: 700#
    – Snatch: 150#
    – Clean & jerk: 185#
    – Bench: 200#
    – WOD at least 4 days/week
    – Keep a food log and maintain 80/20 Paleo over time.
    – Convince my wife to try CrossFit. (Or at least get her to stop referring to CFNE as my mistress.)
    – Choose the wrench.

  25. 2013 CFNE Goals

    In the next 6 months:
    1.Connect T2B
    2.Do Grace RX

    By the end of 2013:
    1.Snatch 100#
    2.Ring Dips and HSPU RX in WODS
    3.Be able to do kipping C2B vs. singles
    4.Compete in the RX division of the Garage Games
    5.Support Mike and be his biggest fan as he competes in the masters! Go California!
    6. Help plan an event for CFNE

  26. I count myself among the lucky ones for finding CFNE in 2012. I measured success in 2012 not by reps, or times; but by how much I learned about myself since I walked in the door. I am better prepared for life because of the lessons I’ve learned, and the people I’ve met at CFNE. So, thank you all.

    That said, I have a lot of Fitness related goals for 2013:

    1. Heal all the injuries – shoulder, elbow, and knee. There are times when it’s best to fight through pain, and there are times when you have to back off. Finding that balance is key to my fitness longevity.
    2. Take more rest days. I really like CFNE, so this one might be tough.
    3. Increase mental toughness. At the end of temporary pain is success.
    4. Nutrition, hydration, sleep – make these a priority all year round.
    5. Mobility – this is my single biggest challenge. 5 days a week of non-class MWOD work.
    6. Goat work – 2 days a week of non-class practice year round – DU, HSPU, Rings…
    7. Get level 1 Certified

    1. Push Press: 200
    2. DL: 375
    3. BSQ: 315
    4. Bench: 300
    5. Start Snatch, C&J, OHS. This is tough till things heal and mobility range improves, but I want to make baby steps soon. I plan to start light and learn the proper form.

    1. Do all the main Heroes/Girls that I have not done yet as soon as possible. Then improve on the times by 20% by year-end.
    2. Clovis: 1:45:00, Murph: 45:00, Eva: 45:00
    3. Row 500: 1:28, Row 1000: 3:15, Row 2000: 7:10

    1. Run in at least 4 road races of varying length: 5k, 5 mile, 10k, ½ marathon
    2. Compete in at least 4 CF events once healed up.

    Every goal on my list is achievable this year with the proper commitment and attitude, as well as the support of everyone at CFNE. Pretty psyched to get after it.

  27. This is my first time doing goals, as i just started CF in May 2012. so here goes…

    100# snatch (got 95 up once, but consistent at 90)
    200# back squat (last time we did this, was at 175)
    135# clean and jerk (currently at 125)
    Rx HSPU (currently at 1 ab mat)
    Drastically improve Rx pushups (currently suck at them ha)
    Muscle Up (this may be lofty but what the hell)
    5 strict pull ups unbroken (right now have 1)
    rope climb (terrified…)
    less rest in metcon WODs (mental toughness)
    1 gymnastics class a month (start next wednesday!)
    1 yoga class a month (at least)
    log every workout (lost all my data from june when i did an update to my phone, sigh)
    compete in one competition
    WOD 4-5x a week

    yesterday i posted a little ditty on facebook about a few things i learned in 2012, and wanted to share it all with you as well, since this community has been such a massive part of my metamorphosis over the past year:

    One year ago today my life very abruptly and drastically changed. Over the last 365 days, I’ve learned a lifetime of lessons. Here are the ones that bubble up to the top:

    1) You can go home again, and you should. There’s no better place to lick your wounds and be nurtured by the people that brought you into this world and love you the most.
    2) Don’t wait for someone else to decide your path. Evaluate your life frequently, and if you’re unhappy, take action.
    3) Time actually does heal. The only challenge is that it takes time.
    4) Strength, confidence, wisdom – these things lie just outside of your comfort zone. Go there, spend some time being uncomfortable, and grow.
    5) Loving yourself should be your number 1 goal in life. The people you surround yourself with will love you exponentially more when you are truly able to love exactly who you are.

    Ultimately, sometimes, something that first presents itself as a catastrophe, is actually an opportunity in disguise. Don’t hide from it. Allow yourself to feel it. But instead of it crippling you, let it fuel your drive and your will to move forward.

    Now go get it!

  28. SusanKD

    2013 Goals for SusanKD

    Crossfit Goals
    DL 225#
    Toe Push ups
    Kipping Pull Ups
    DU’s (don’t have them now. Want to string together 50 by the end of the year)
    400M sub 2 min
    1 mi run sub 8 min
    (some of these goals will depend on how well my frozen shoulder becomes unfrozen and my ability to crossfit while I’m away)

    Personal Goals
    Lose at least 25 lbs
    Stay Paleo 80/20 52 wks a year
    Read at least 1 book every 2 weeks
    Be kinder

    • SusanKD

      30 mins of mobility 4x a week (this is besides my usual pre WOD mobility)

  29. CFNE Goals
    1. WOD a minumum of 4x/week
    2. Practice 10 pull ups before or after each WOD
    3. Do 10 “real” push ups before or after each WOD
    4. Eat clean 90% of the time
    5. No soda
    6. Lose 20 pounds by June 30 (or sooner)

    Other goals
    1. Be more present – especially with my kids, no matter how busy I get
    2. Date night 1x/month
    3. Find a babysitter that is not related to us
    4. Do something outside of my comfort zone every day

  30. Rebecca

    Goals 2013:

    Be a better listener
    Think positive
    Log scores on white board, website and log book each time. I’ve been slacking.
    Get 1 MU by 12/31
    10 RX HSPUs by 6/1
    100# clean & jerk by 12/31
    175# deadlift by 12/31
    20 DUs by 6/1
    65# thruster by 12/31
    See a sub 2:00 on the rower
    Review goals on 6/1 and add more depending on my progress

  31. michelle

    In 2013 my Crossfit goals are:
    Do my best every day and remember whatever it happens to be that day, if it was my best effort,  it was a solid training day.  
    Give right back to CFNE community what I get daily – support & endless encouragement.  
    Follow guidelines to be a CFNErockstar, : ) taken from Jen L’s list.
    Kill it at the 2013 Open.
    Clean 140
    Snatch 115
    Finish flight simulator.

  32. 2013 Crossfit Goals

    1 bar muscle up by April
    Steady double unders by April
    Focus on improving endurance
    Eat cleaner- specifically focusing on meals including min 50% vegetables
    WOD 4 x/ week- no excuses!

  33. 2013 CFNE Goals:
    First CF goals for me!

    WOD at least 14 times per month
    3 Paleo Challenges (or 3 strict Paleo months on my own… by strict, I mean no alcohol/sugar)
    HSPU Rx
    10 DU’s in a row by July
    String together kipping PU’s by April
    1 muscle up
    Angie: 24:00
    Fran: 7:30 Rx
    Murph: 52:00 Rx

  34. By 12/31/13 I will:
    – Complete Fran w/in 5:50
    – Complete Helen w/in 9:50
    – Complete Grace w/in 4:50
    – Complete Christine w/in 10:50
    – Complete Flight Simulator
    By 6/30 I will:
    – C&J 205#
    – Front Squat 205#
    – Snatch 145#
    – OHS 145#
    – Complete 500M row w/in 1:38
    – Complete 1000M row w/in 7:40
    – Complete 400m run w/in 1:10
    – Complete 25 unbroken DU’s
    – Complete 25 unbroken 95# Thrusters w/in 1 minute
    – Complete 25 unbroken pull ups
    – Complete 21 unbroken body weight (195#) dead lifts
    – Complete at least two KB WOD’s w/ the 70# KB – though I tell myself it is a physical limitation – in the spirit of truthfulness w/ myself – it’s probably more of a mental impediment
    – Complete 10 unbroken ring dips
    – Complete one muscle up

    CFNE Community
    – CFNE social events – attend one more than I did in 2012 – ie attend one. Bring along Nance as well and have a blast.
    – Competitions – compete in one, volunteer in another and have a blast.

  35. I will:

    – Record my results religiously (I’ve been sloppy)
    – Perform 3 linked muscle ups
    – Get to a 1 ab mat HSPU
    – PR jerk
    – Perform a sub 6 minute Fran
    – Perform 30 straight push ups

  36. 2012 Goals

    (Note – I graduated Elements in March)
    Hit 10 of 20 Big Dawgs standards. Results – I fell short with 8.
    Lose 34 pounds. Results – I lost 25 but then gained 8 back. (No body composition data available.)

    2013 Goals

    Body Composition / Nutrition
    Lose 15 pounds by 4/1
    Lose 30 pounds by 9/1
    Lose 40 pounds total
    Get BFP to 25%
    Complete two 30 day strict paleo challenges
    Keep a food log for the full year – hit 80/20 at least 9 months
    Keep my knee healthy and normal sized

    Unbanded pull ups in WODs
    Ring dips in WODs by 6/1
    1 HSPU Rx
    Rx pushups in WODs
    Connect T2Bs by 4/1

    WODs / Benchmarks
    Fran under 7 minutes
    Grace under 4 minutes
    Helen under 6 minutes
    Complete Murph

    225+ on Fight Gone Bad
    16 of 20 Big Dawgs standards
    12 of 20 Competitors standards (already have 6), minimum of 5 non-strength standards)

    Snatch over 100#
    Deadlift 250#
    OHS 150#
    Clean 150#

    Outside Fitness Goals
    Run 2 miles in 16:30 or less
    Score over 280 on the Army Physical Fitness Test
    Run a 5-K in 30 minutes or less
    Complete the Army 10-Miler
    Complete a Half Marathon

    WOD at least 14 times each month
    WOD at least 175 times
    Keep a positive mental attitude before and during WODs
    Reevaluate goals quarterly and update as needed
    Level 1 Certification
    Judge Certification

  37. smw (formally known as susan weiss)

    2013 goals
    *14# wall ball to 10 ft. 10 consecutive times
    *learn and become profecient at pistols
    *learn and be able to do 1 unassisted kipping ring dip and head to floor kipping hspu
    *flight simulater with single, single, double
    *Use 45# kb in wods. begin being able to use 55# more often
    * progressively increase weight loads on squats, deadlifts, and presses.
    *develop an absolutly gorgeous squat snatch. (work on increasing the weight of each one. beauty counts more however)
    *become brave when doing split jerks beginning at 75# and up.
    * be brave and confident during the opens.
    * be able to affirm my awesomeness (relative to all things crossfit) 95% of the time.

  38. Rachel E

    2013 goals — can’t wait to get after ‘em:

    First muscle up by March 2013
    6 unbroken kipping pull-ups by April 2013
    10 or more consecutive double unders by May 2013
    100# snatch by June 2013 (current PR is 85#)
    Compete in one CF competition by August 2013
    10:00 or faster Helen by 2014 (current time is 11:26)
    Level 1 cert by 2014

  39. 2012 Goals
    Run a sub 6:50 Mile – Yes
    Score 250 of Fight Gone bad – No
    Get to 50 on Flight Simulator – No
    25 pull ups in a row – No
    OHS 165 1 rep max – No
    Power Snatch 135 – No
    RX Fran in under 9 – Yes
    PR Crossfit Total – No
    PR Other CrossFit Total – Yes
    Front Squat over 200#’s – Yes

    2013 goals
    Turn 4 of the no’s above into Yes~
    Keep Climbing and never look down.

  40. Following the principle of Occam’s razor* I have only one goal:

    1. Complete the 50 mile Vermont trail run in September.

    *Keep it Simple, Stupid.

  41. I’m a little late posting this. I’ve struggled to come up with 2013 goals, as I am reaching a new milestone in life and I have no idea how it’s going to change my life. I didn’t want to set goals that would all of a sudden be un-realistic after March.
    Last year, I set a bunch of very specific fitness/crossfit goals, and didn’t necessarily accomplish them (though I made some pretty great strides!)…Not because I gave up on them, but because I was more focused on following Ben’s programming than just woking towards my goals. I would rather adhere to programming and let the rest fall into place (think like a bumblebee, train like a racehorse). So, though these aren’t necessarily “SMART” goals, I’m happy with what I’ve come up with.

    Recap of 2012 CF accomplishments:
    DT Rx
    Back Squat 180 (not a max, just a heavy rep)
    Front Squat 145 (for multiple reps)
    Got (and have subsequently lost) ring dips
    Bar Muscle Up
    2K Row-8:18
    500 Row-149.9
    50 Burpees-1:52
    Competed in the RX division of two competitions.
    Placed 1st at the Festivus Competition (Intermediate division).

    2013 Goals

    1. Deliver a happy and healthy baby.
    2. Positive self-talk and affirmation post-WOD, every WOD. I’ve gotten away from doing this, and it really is beneficial.
    3. Keep un-assisted pull-ups and kipping HSPU through the rest of my pregnancy.
    4. Be back to pre-pregnancy weight and fitness level (as compared to logged workouts and endurance/strength benchmarks) by September 2013.
    5. Be more flexible and open to the unexpected changes in life, and be happy doing the best I can with what I have (time/resources/etc). Essentialy, embrace the “deal with it” mentality in life, not just the gym.
    6. In 2013, I WILL get a strict HSPU, and a Muscle Up.
    7. Register for the Open, and submit a valid score for every possible workout (I’m due in the middle of the Open, so hopefully this is a realistic goal).
    8. Compete in a CrossFit competition (individual or team).
    9. Make more time for family, friends, and myself.
    10. Complete one random act of kindness/pay it forward per month.
    11. Floss everyday.

  42. Patti Jeanne

    2013 Goals:

    Lose 20 lbs by 3/31
    Lose another 20 lbs by 6/30
    Get 5 linked pull ups by 3/31
    Fran RX by 6/30
    Grace RX by 6/30
    10 DU’s
    Compete in a Master’s Competition
    Earn Level I Certification by year end
    Mobility 3 days a week to prevent injury!

  43. Q1 2013 Goals:

    Back squat 225 x 5
    1 Muscle up
    Clean and jerk 135
    Angie in 16 minutes

  44. Started Crossfit just over a year ago but never made 2012 goals so finally some 2013 Goals:
    Make the CFNE committed club every month
    Crossfit 4+x/week
    Run >3miles 2+x/week
    Get weight under 170 and maintain it
    Goat work 2+x a week
    Back Squat 200#
    Front Squat 190#
    Clean & Jerk 155#
    1 Strict Pullup
    Handstand Pushups Rx in a WOD
    DUs in a WOD – complete! did Annie 1/5
    Fran under 7:00
    Grace Rx
    Christine Rx
    Murph (since I was away both times we did it this year)

  45. 2013 CrossFit Goals:

    300 Rep Fight Gone Bad – June 30, 2013
    Sub 6:00 Fran – August 31, 2013
    Compete in CFNE’s Garage Games Rx Division (expected Sept. 2013)

  46. 2013 CrossFit Goals: (started in June 2012)

    lose 10 lbs (currently 187…lost 13 lbs in 2012)
    work out 250/365 days in 2013
    eat better, drink less
    Paleo 90% of the time
    spend more time with wife and kids
    stess less, find a healthy worklife balance
    read more
    do more stretching and mobility…protect that knee

    C&J goal 185
    Snatch goal 135
    Front squat goal 225
    Back squat goal 295
    Bench goal 275
    pull up goal 35
    Angie goal 15:30 (2012 best 17:15)

    train for and do at least 2 great bike climbing tours

  47. Tricia D

    Be able to do at least one unassisted pull up
    Move from knee push ups to regular
    Increase WOD to 4 x a week
    Slow down and realize I’m lucky to have kids and a house to take care of and a job to do that I love and start enjoying life’s duties rather than just barreling through every day.

  48. Brian L.

    2013 CFNE Goals

    1. 205# SNATCH (185# Now)
    2. WOD 4-5 times a week
    3. Increase my METCON- any suggestions on how to measure this?
    4. DU’s- 10 by March
    5. MU’s- 5 by March


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