Friday 2.1.13

Hear ye, Hear ye the Paleo Challenge is over... (don't go nuts, try to keep 80% pale still)

Hear ye, Hear ye the Paleo Challenge is over… (but don’t go nuts, try to keep 80% pale still)

Team Prowler Push
Prowler Push (50′)

Teams of 3 – 6 athletes
Weights Vary

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Have you seen the latest schedule? CrossFit for the entire family!

Have you seen the latest schedule? CrossFit for the entire family!

Coaches’ Corner … With Coach Kev

I was planning on talking about an incredibly cool topic and I had everything done and prepared except for the material and all the words, but I did have the title picked out. “Performance Profiling, Flat Tires, Marbles, Momentum and More!” But something came up and you now will have to wait until next time to here that article.

January 25th, 2013 started out just like any other beautiful New England day. Alarm clock went off crisp and clear at 4:30a.m., and the orange ball in the sky still rose from the east. I hopped in my car and headed down to the greatest place on earth to see my friends, become a better person, and to get super fit, even though it was colder than a witch’s… nose.

Everything was fine and dandy and as the work day neared its end, I was eager to get on my way to the airport to catch a flight to Alabama. I was on my way to teach at a CrossFit gymnastics certification, and upon completion of the weekend I was then headed out to Colorado to visit family and friends!

After a taxi, a bus, and a hop, skip and a jump I found myself at Boston Logan International Airport with plenty of time to spare! And then the real journey began.

I’m going to attempt to cut through all the minutia and mind numbing babble of words that spill over from one page to the next, with the attempt to at least make it readable and post-able to the blog without forcing endless scrolling. It’s one thing to pan down the page with curiosity. It’s another thing to watch the curser spelunk down the page into the never ending abyss. I know HB knows what I’m talking about.

So in a nutshell this is how my trip to Alabama went:

2 cancelled flights, 2 missed connections, 6 rebooked flights, 5 states, a broken hydraulic system on a de-icer, a night in a random city, a missing bag, all over the course of 22 hours, which made for an extremely interesting travel experience. It was like the travelers version of Clovis, and instead of an endorphin kick it was more like a kick in the… teeth.

Often times when things don’t go as planned and you are in the situation it seems like a big ordeal, but in relation to the big picture, it’s just a tiny blip that creates a lesson-filled magnificent story to share with 400+ amazing people!

For me this trip was a great example of how patience and perseverance will eventually get you to your desired destination. In literal terms, it was a travel destination to the exotic land of Huntsville, Alabama. In metaphorical terms, maybe your Alabama is losing 5 pounds, getting your blood pressure to optimal levels, hitting that strength goal, or PR-ing a certain benchmark. With patience and perseverance you will eventually get there!

Another huge reminder for me was one that I personally focus on a lot when competing and I’ve heard Mr. Bergeron speak about a few time: controlling the controllables (CTC). Often times a situation will create stress, anxiety, worry, panic, anger, etc. and although those are normal human emotions they are catastrophic on your health, eliciting a whole slew of cognitive and somatic symptoms, and are often times unnecessary or self-inflicted.

Strictly speaking off of a few things I saw as examples — freaking out about delays and missed connections is not going to make the plane teleport to the destination. If the next available flight isn’t until the next day, yelling and cursing at the customer service rep isn’t going to create a new flight option. Things like weather, traffic, what others think say or do, are all examples of uncontrollables.

Things that are outside of your control you just have to let go. Worrying obsessively about an uncontrollable variable is like punching yourself repeatedly in the face for no reason. This is one example of a time that you want to do the opposite of Nike and “just don’t do it.”

If you find yourself in a situation that elicits one or some of those emotions take a step back and ask yourself if it is within your control or outside of your control. If it is outside of your control just goosfrabba and relax. There is nothing you can do about it anyway.

The best lesson of all, something the coaches talk about a lot amongst ourselves, is the translation of the things learned in the gym to the outside world. For some reason knowing that I can make it through a particularly hard and demanding week of training makes situations like this so much easier. The practice of patience and perseverance on goals, understanding CTC in competitions and life, being mentally tough and resilient, and having a dominating work ethic just brings a sense of peace in difficult situations.

If you haven’t focused on the connection much, start to. It presents itself in all sorts of ways, shapes, and forms outside of the gym and it all leads to enhancing your life experience! Everyone comes in day after day, week after week, month after month, and throws their heart and soul into their training, and everything developed and learned extends well beyond the barbell, kettlebell, pull-up bar, dumbbells, etc.  The moment the connection is made you will walk around with confidence because you know you have a distinct advantage in life.

All the best,

Coach Kev 🙂

Here are a few more things our world class coaches feel translate to the world outside of the box:

Ben – Integrity – doing things the right way regardless of how small or hard it might be. It doesn’t matter if no one looking, if no one is counting reps or would ever know the difference if you touched the 400m turnaround line.  Integrity in movements and wods translates over to my life outside the gym dozens of times a day; from picking up the litter on the sidewalk (instead of walking past it), returning money when a cashier gives you back too much change (instead of taking advantage of a mistake no one would ever know about), to having a difficult face to face talk with a coach, athlete or family members (instead of keeping things inside or talking behind their back).

Heather – CrossFit makes being a parent really, really easy.  So much of what we want to teach our kids can be seen in action every day at CFNE: being honest, working harder than you think you can, how to set goals…and, achieve them, the job’s not done just because you’re done, changing the toilet paper roll, treating everyone equal, dedication, no man left behind, paying attention, no cheating or cutting corners, don’t steal, be efficient, attention to details, share your stuff, get outside of your comfort zone, commercial-free Pandora is worth every penny, wash your hands…and, wipe off your bloody bars.

MDV – Perseverance – I was denied by William & Mary law school twice. When I discovered CrossFit I was at Buffalo Law for my first year. The lessons learned through CrossFit (perseverance, self belief, and integrity) gave me the confidence to apply as a transfer student. Less than 5% off applicants are accepted via transfer. I decided that nothing was going to stand in the way of my goal to graduate from William & Mary. In 2007, I was accepted as a transfer. I ranked in the top 1/3 of all students upon graduation.

Ali – Confidence- Not settling for anything less then what I deserve and learning how to be confident and stand up for myself. Before CrossFit I was kind of a pushover. I would let people walk all over me. I am more sure of myself these days then I have ever been before. I gained enough confidence to pull myself out of a terrible relationship and realize I deserve better as well as taking risks such as making a total career change.

Max – Mental toughness – after you push through a tough WOD you can do anything inside or outside of the gym.

Geoff – Taking a positive approach- we’ve all been there where we struggled with a movement or wod. We never accept defeat and never stay knocked down at the gym. Looking back on the good things we did or accomplished no matter how simple, allows us to leave there knowing we’re better than yesterday and that tomorrow is a brand new day. It transfers over to everyday life when things go wrong and are out of our control (car cuts us off, we spill our coffee on our new jacket, get a flat tire etc.) laughing it off and knowing deep down how lucky we really are truly put things in perspective for those people who have it a lot harder than we do.

Ashley – Building relationships that are supportive, kind, loving, and complimentary.  They are the truest kind because we share the common goal of being the best we can be in every facet of our lives, among many other things. But it is these relationships that help us to succeed.

Doole – The Importance of Community – Personal transformation can lift our spirits and open our eyes to exciting new possibilities.  While aspirations for change must come from within, it is our community that gives us the continued support and encouragement that lead to sustained change – true change.  A rich social safety net gives us the confidence to fail properly allowing us to rise to new levels unachievable by solitary efforts.  The CFNE family promotes virtue common to all successful communities. When thinking of our place in society, we should reflect on what makes the CFNE community successful and to strive to duplicate that in our groups, neighborhoods, and larger community.


Thursday 1.31.13

Lots of us will be getting this view tomorrow.

Lots of us will be getting this view tomorrow.

5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

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Paleo Power Meals. Yum.

Paleo Power Meals. Yum.

Paleo Power Meals – Last Call!

Hey Team, just a reminder that if you are interested in ordering one, two, or seven Paleo Power Meals — your orders are due in by tonight!

Check out if you’re interested in getting on this train of deliciousness.

Get the sweet pots. Unreal.

Wednesday 1.31.13


Braatz. Post WOD.

Power Clean
1 Rep Max

1 Rep Max

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And the winner is SAINT… “I wonder what (insert our fave docs) meant by ‘Grab the box while I put on my gloves’”?

Middle School Strength & Conditioning!

We are stoked to announce that we are adding a MIDDLE SCHOOL (grades 6 – 8) strength & conditioning program. There’s been fantastic results in the high school program, and we couldn’t be happier to help our middle schoolers reach the same level.

When – Mondays & Wednesdays at 3:30 / Saturdays at 11:00am

Where – CFNE! (duh.)

Contact – Coach Geoff ( / Coach Max (

There’s already a few firebreathers waiting to get started.

The program will begin MONDAY FEB. 4th @ 3:30pm!

Tuesday 1.29.13



Soda Popinski
5 Rounds for Time:
15 Thrusters (75,55)
12 T2B
9 Box Jumps (24,20 – games style)

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Post caption to comments. Best caption wins a 30 min skill development session with MDV.

Post caption to comments. Best caption wins a 30 min skill development session with MDV.