Thursday 11.29.12

9:30am class

2 x 1 Reps

9 – 7- 5
Muscle Up
Squat Snatch (135, 95)

Post Scores to Comments.


Muscle Up Maniac

Mel’s Going Away Party
TONIGHT 7:30pm at CFNE
BYOB and Snack


  1. Is there still a 7:30pm class?

  2. Snatch: 65
    Amanda: 9:38 worked at 65# with kipping pullups
    Form on squat snatches were best during 7’s and 5’s.
    Thanks for keeping me moving Colleen.

  3. Snatch: 115#
    Amanda: 9:09 (95#, 2xpullups)

    Everything a little tired and sketchy this morning

  4. Snatch. 135# (missed repeatedly on everything above, couldn’t find my form at all.)
    Sorta ‘Manda DNF 11.23 @ 6MUs, 9SS, 4 MUs, 7ss.
    I know it sounds bad but…I hope to find my snatch again soon.

  5. No snatches for me today. Shoulder tweaky after working on muscle up transitions yesterday.

    Front Squat: worked up to 2 x 1 at 225#

    Amanda-ish: 8:20 (x2 Pull ups/135# Squat Cleans)

  6. SN 2 x 1: 145
    Amanda: 5:24

  7. Heather O

    Great job today everyone! :)

    So today was certainly my goat day! ( I guess that’s what I get for taking yesterday as my rest day)
    Snatch: 40# (just could not get into the right positioning at 45# but I tried)
    Amanda: 7:27 (35# and black banded pull ups). On the bright side here I am feeling a bit stronger on the pull-ups, slowly but surely but snatches will probably always not agree with me!

    • Jasmine Byrd

      You did awesome today! The snatch was tots a bummer for me too today! But we didn’t give up #brightside :)

  8. Snatch: 115# (failed 135 2x)
    Amanda: 7:01 (95# & 2x Pullups)

  9. Snatch 2 x 1 – 105#
    Amanda – 14:45 (95#, 2 x PU)

    failed three times on last round. ended up power snatching to an overhead squat.

    two of my many goats. great news is that i am fortunate to have lots of open road for progress.

  10. Just wanted to take a minute to say a big THANK YOU to Kevin Griggs and Katie Trosen for their super generous Movember donations! We’re in the home stretch, so if anyone else wants to donate or spread the word, you can follow this link to my page: .

    Not a huge fan of asking people for money, so thanks for bearing with me, everyone.

    See y’all tonight!

  11. Cuppa Joe: 17:56

  12. Snatch: 2X1 – 115#

    Amanda: 6:07 (85#/2 X pull ups)

    I would have liked to do Amanda with 95# but during warm ups I wasn’t getting the squat. Two areas of focus to take away from today is keeping the bar close to the body and tightening up the landing position.

  13. Snatch 2×1: 95#
    Amanda: 9:45 (85#; 2x pullups)

    Good to be back after needing to take a couple of sick days. Have to keep working on getting under the bar and catching in the squat position.

  14. Snatch – 135#
    Amanda – 11:16? 11:36? 115#, 2 MUs then all PUs
    Back Squat – 2×2 at 245#

  15. Colleen (OC)

    No squatting today, or anyday for that matter…

    2×1 snatch: 50# (55# would be easy for me but the back wasn’t having any of it after almost 2 weeks off of CFNE!)

    Amanda: 5:57 with 45# and 2x pull ups. Pull ups didn’t feel great (again, been away for too long!) and I had issues with the tape, so this should have been faster!

  16. 21-15-9
    Front Squat (45#)


    • Colleen (OC)

      How did those front squats feel? I can front squat that weight, but not fast (as in, not 3:51 fast!) Great job!

      • They felt good….Just have to focus on super tight midline and not over extending the lumbar. Back to basics!

        • Colleen (OC)

          That is definitely the ticket. That helps me when I deadlift too. SUPER tight midline!

    • wow… faaaassstt. must have been a blur. that is 2.56 seconds per rep, including transition times.

      • haha thanks RIch. I feel like an animal being let out of its cage every time I work out now. 4 mons on the injured list and ive been scratching at the doors to get out :-)

  17. Snatch – 2×1@155#
    Amanda – 11:45 Rx’d (PR)
    Squat – 2×1@315# / 2×1@325# (F2)

    … rings kept slipping down – spent a bunch of time resetting the height and trying to tie them off – few missed Snatches but last batch of 5 unbroken – I’m thinking mostly due to frustration …

  18. Snatch: 2 x 1 #75
    Amanda: 8:45 45# & PU’2 Pullups- Green Band

  19. Snatch 2X1 115#
    Amanda 15:something 105#/1to1 MU with band

  20. denise sullivan

    snatch: 60# x 2 (fail-2 steps)
    amanda: 5:52-47#, double kips
    1.5 miler after party w lori & ashley (loved that)
    thank g! gettn’ my mojo back

  21. denise sullivan

    martha-love that shot!

  22. Snatch: 70#

    Amanda: 5:20 with 55# and pullups 18,14,10. I wimped out of time!

  23. Snatch: 185# 2*1,then 205# PR
    Amanda: 9:29 Rx

  24. Andrew H.

    So, to recap, yesterday I work on my two biggest goats: pullups and squat snatch (just can’t seem to land in that squat). Then today I walk in and see the workout: pullups and squat snatches. Jokes on me, Ben. I get it. :)

    Snatch: 115 x 2 PS + OHS
    Amanda: 8:53 at 85#, double PUs with blue band

  25. Ben Bergeron

    Snatch, 2×1: 170
    Amanda: 6:07 – first time.

  26. Snatch: 60#… Felt solid.
    Amanda: 7:32. 50#. Mu transitions. (12-9-6)
    Kept having trouble back at snatches bc my bar was in the way of rings so prob spent a good 45 seconds walking around with my bar:(!
    Mu transitions not sure those were correct?

    Snatches felt great at 50#.. Prob too light but form felt great!
    Mobility class
    DU practice.

  27. Snatch 2 x 95#
    Amanda 14:25 and 95# (except last 3 at bar) and MU transitions
    tough day, but very pumped for Mel night

  28. Snatch: 85
    Amanda: 11:15. 2 bar mu per round/75#
    Thank you, MDV!
    BS: 2×2. 155, 165

  29. 93# PR. Amanda: 7:49 65#, Dips

  30. Worked up to 85# on the snatch – power snatch into 2 OHS

    Amanda – 2x pull-ups with green band and 65# Power Snatch into OHS.

    Super excited to get real depth in those OHS with weight on the bar, and do some pull-ups too. Working on those goats, even when it’s not Goat Day. Thanks a ton Kev for the form check and correction.

  31. Yest:
    3×3 bs – 320
    Goat day – 3 pc @205 / 5 hspu
    5 rounds – 5 fs @225 / 10 ghd

    Amanda – 8:33 RX – not stellar, lots of misses on the SS. No rounds of MUs straight. Not the best effort on the mental side. Second time in a row I’ve let this workout get the best of me.

    Next time doing this wod, no clock. Need to get through it without the stress of the time.

  32. Snatch: 115#
    Amanda: 14:29(105#)

  33. Snatch: 65#
    Amanda: 7:57
    50#- 12/9/6 c2b
    1.5 mile fun run with Denise and Ashley.

    • Lori you typed fun… I think you meant ‘fast’… I guess if I could run that fast it would be fun. Nevermind. 😉

      Awesome job!!

  34. Nicole Z.

    My Amanda: 6:04

    10 Pull ups each round
    21-15-9 Front squats 35#

    Forgot to put bar away today, thank you whoever did :)

  35. Snatch: 50# (5#PR)

    Amanda: 8:42 35#, Double PU with green band (arms are so sore from yesterday.)

    1.5 mile run… couldn’t keep up with the party girls (Ashley, Denise and Lori :) – thanks for motivating me)

  36. Susan Stein

    Snatch: 45# Not a PR but great tips from Mel and Kev on form

    Amanda: 8:06 (Double pull ups with green band, 35#)

    My last Mel class. I’ll miss you!! Best of luck, it’s gonna be so amazing for you.

  37. Snatch2x1= 115# Just gotta dial it in… long road ahead.

    In honor…
    Amanda: 11:20 (Mod-95#SS/GHD Dips)

    For those who may not know Amanda Miller’s story check out the link below. CrossFit Hero WODS are some of, if not THE toughest CrossFit WODS and are dedicated to military/first responders who have died in the line of duty.

    I always reflect, “in honor” of their sacrifice and contributions before I give thanks and honor them by giving my all… no matter how long or hard the WOD.

    Amanda was the first WOD, that I know of, dedicated to a female CrossFitter who gave here absolute all both in competition and life but eventually lost her life to Cancer.

    Keep that in mind when you do this WOD or any HERO WOD… they are so much more than a workout. Enjoy your health and the community around you even as you struggle to complete it. Like I said, it may be a struggle but it’s my honor.

    Shine on!

    • How fitting to do a WOD dedicated to cancer as you are near the tail end of your ‘stash’ month.

      Kudos to Chris Cav for raising a ton of money for Prostate and tesicular cancer. I donated to his charity in memory of my Dad who lost his battle to prostate cancer in June. It isn’t too late..he has a little bit to go to hit his goal!! (and if you donate he will lug your weights around before and after the WOD for you :)

      • He will carry my weights… I’m in:)!

        All kidding aside.. Link plz:)!

        • Thanks so much!!! There are a few other CFNE Mos out there too.

          Tom Leard, Nick C., Will N. that I know of.

          Next year we’ve got to organize a CFNE Movember team!!

          Appreciate the support (some goofy pics too) and yes it’s true- for every $25 you get bumper/barbell/whatever service pre-/post-WOD. The WOD however is all you! 😉

          • done. No need to carry my weights just be my personal cheerleader one day:)! LOL!

        • You got it Laura C.

      • Colleen (OC)

        Ashley- I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, I didn’t even know! My father is fighting stage 4 prostate cancer right now. This is a fantastic cause that everyone should support! Nice job guys!

        Chris, for $50, will you come to the 5:30 am class TWICE? :-)

        • I will. Pick your dates (as early as tomorrow) and you are good to go. I have a feeling Ali LeBlanc is holding her credits for a 1RM day. 😉

    • Chris, I didn’t know this. So sad. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Squat Snatch: 155,165,165(f)
    Amanda: 10:17 Rx
    Back Squat: 275×2, 300×1 (failed 2nd rep)

  39. Pre WOD: 3.2 mile run (CFNE to Rivers and back)

    Back room:
    GHD sit ups – 100
    DL – 4 sets. Worked to 255# (10 reps)
    DL cash out – 1 x 25 (190#)
    Weighted Box Steps – 4 x 15 each side (two 35# KB)

  40. @ the NFD…

    1. Press
    97.5×5, 115×5, 125×8

    2. Deadlift
    225×5, 260×5, 295×4

  41. This CFNE Mo thing is kicking so much butt that if you’ve donated to:

    Nick C., Tom Leard, Will Nystrom, or me…

    And you are interested in taking Mel or your CFNE super buddy to tonight’s Movember Gala Parte (as an after-party to Mel’s going away party) just email me. I have two tickets to give away.

    When: 7pm-1am, Tonight Nov. 29
    Where: Royale, 279 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

    chris @ (remove the spaces when emailing)

  42. Jasmine Byrd

    Snatch: 45#
    Amanda: 40# with box jump PU.
    Big thanks to Max and Heather O. for trying to keep me outta my head on those snatches. Today was just not my day with those bad boys.

  43. Amanda – 3:56 rx

  44. Booty labella!!!

  45. 2K row. 8:52, went too slow on first K and had to play catchup. Realized that if I did more hips I could get a bigger pull and the number went down.

    Didn’t work out with Mel’s last class but when I row I always hear her yelling “legs, hips arms, arms, hips, legs” in my head.

  46. Snatch 185
    Amanda 12:35 (WAY slower than previous time)

  47. paulbrick

    2×1 Snatch @ 135#

    Amanda– 12:24 / 115# / MU’s…wanted to get all the muscle ups so stayed w/ it….sqt snatches felt good

    Great working out w/ Cotter and Jule on the snatches…thx Ali and Geoff for the coaching.

    Big thanks to Mel…awesome coach, awesome athlete…will do great at RCF1 + Reebok

  48. 1. 2×1 snatch @ 175
    2. Amanda – 7:58rx
    3. 2×2 BS @ 365/370

  49. 1. 2×1 snatch @ 155
    2. Amanda – 8:31 115# 2xPU. I felt tired tonight, no spring in my step.

    Thanks to all the Mel party goers for the support they provided to the 7:30 class. That was truly crazy! Best of luck Mel.

  50. 2×1 Snatch 155#
    Amanda 9:32 – first time and way to paced, looking forward to doing this again


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