Monday 11.12.12


Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you to Chris Irwin and all of our military personnel who have served and continue to serve our nation!


10 Mile Run
150 Burpee Pull Ups


Post Scores to Comments.




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  1. Clovis: 1:37:24

    Strong showing by CFNE today!

  2. 8 rounds in 1:25 something b4 I had to leave to make work. Brutal WOD. And my first in months. Nice to see so many embrace the day and the WOD.

  3. 3 rounds in 40. (sacrificed lunch hour to do this). Pleased I could participate in a small way.

  4. Best day on the board….ever…..

    Sorry to miss it but I had to listen to the creaks and groans this morning and take my prescribed rest day. Being part of this community is a gift and whether you did this today or not, be thankful of those who have given their lives to make days like today happen every day.

    Ben-I think you can check the box on that 2012 goal of running the best gym in the world. We’ll make sure it shows up on the 2013 list as well!

  5. Please tell me there is no running programmed this week and MDV can mobility class focus on knees:)! As much discomfort and fatigue I feel now I am still smiling (or grimacing)! Great day CFNE!!

  6. Wow. Great work to all! My attempt to honor this was 90 minutes on elliptical in Detroit Marriott.

  7. Clovis 2:04 with Burpee Jumping Pull-ups. I love my CFNE family! Needed this today!

    God Bless all those who keep our country free and safe…

    • Nice job mandi:)!

      • You too Laura! I am FRIED! I am so glad we did it! I think I memorized all of the cracks in the pavement between the garage door and the 400yrd marker!

    • Awesome work, Mandi! We love you!!!

      • Thanks Trina. Thanks for all of your smiles and support during this tough time for my family. I am blessed to have met you! I am blessed to have found CFNE! Thank you Pam H.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxo Lots of love flying around on the board tonight. Now time for a bath with the bubbles on high to try and give my legs some love. HOLY SORE! See you tomorrow!

  8. Half Clovis – 1:03.12 – ran first mile but back/hammies tightened up so rowed the next 4 miles. Whoa. Happy to be a part of it today. Thank you, Veterans. Thank you, CFNE.

  9. Clovis: 1:42:51 RX. Slept in today with my veteran hubby and when I read the WOD I realized, there was NO way I could miss out on this one. Best friend coming home from Afganistan in 10 days after a 9 mo deployment, I needed to feel some pain myself! I dropped off my kids this afternoon and started the workout at my local gym and did a circuit outside crossing 3 lanes of traffic each time of 20 BPU, 1.5 miles times 5 and then the last circuit 2.5 miles and did 25 BPU’s before/after to equal the 150. Picked the kids up walking like I was 100 years old and can hardly move tonight, but it was worth every step. Thanks CFNE. Hope to have a stretch only WOD tomorrow. : ) please….
    USN 1994-1999

  10. I read about Clovis on the national site and definitely wanted to try it. Wish I was in town!

    Visiting CrossFit Deprivation in Phenix City, AL:


    For time
    50 Pull-ups
    400 meter run
    21 Thruster 95/65
    800 meter run
    21 Thruster 95/65
    400 meter run
    50 Pull-ups

    27:13. I wanted to do this Rx so bad, but I ran out of energy on the last set of pull-ups and had to do them banded.

  11. Randy: 7:56Rx(:15 secs off from previous)
    Clovis: 52:20( 3 miles and 60 burpee pull ups, broken down into 12 rds of 400 mts run and 5 burpee pu). If I keep going at that pace it could have taken me approx. 3 hrs
    My respects to all who completed this wod and thanks to the Veterans
    And those who are current in service!

  12. Mad props to everyone who did any part of Clovis today!

    EMOTM 10 of 1 snatch – 98#
    EMOTM 10 of 1 clean & jerk – 123#
    3×10 reverse hypers with 35#

  13. Kristin B.

    1/2 Clovis: 79:something. Slow and ugly but reached the goal I set. Sore/tight back from yesterday so I ended up alternating rowing/running after the 2nd round. So impressed with everyone today.

  14. Clovis – 1:49:25 Rx

    Thanks to all who serve. Proud of everyone who came out tonight. Many people doing things they didn’t think were possible. It was a great thing to be a part of. Congrats everyone.

    Also, BIG shout out to Mike C who kept me motivated throughout the WOD. Thanks dude.

  15. Colleen (OC)

    I am totally floored at all of the comments, and so, so, so proud of you all! Wish I could have done this one, but we were out of town. While everyone here who tackled this WOD should be incredibly proud of themselves, the Veterans and those who currently serve are the real heroes!

  16. Clovis RX 2:16.

    Thank you to all that have served.

  17. Jenna Dude

    it is just so damn impressive and inspiring what the CFNE community stands for and can do. The Dudes are sorely missing not having the chance to have done this with you all, but we have been following this board all day from the Swamp. Inspired, impressed and proud.

  18. Clovis: 64:55 for half.

    So glad I came to the 7:30. Was starving on the way home from work, knew I wouldn’t see the kids much if I did it and was very nervous about injury. I set a limit of 5 rounds to protect my feet. Given how I paced it, I think I could have done the whole thing (I felt too comfortable), but didn’t think that would be smart. Plus, both my arches ripped by mile 3 so I was running on the outsides of my feet. What a beautiful night. Feel blessed to have my health and my freedom.

  19. Clovis: 7 rounds in 1:55.

    So far outside of my comfort zone. Going into this, my goal was to go 5 rounds, so I’m pleased with 7.

    Such an incredible day at CFNE. What a great thing to be a part of. Proud of everyone!

    • OMG, we are twinsies! Did 7 rounds in the exact same time! Wasn’t it awesome?

  20. Christian

    Nice work everyone!! Loved watching so many people far exceed their expectations.

  21. Clovis, dear Clovis: 1:19:53 6 rounds. Subbed 40 an mat sit ups.
    First of all, I have never ever run 3 miles in my life, much less 6!!! 6 is my fathers lucky number and since he served our government, it seems fitting that I stopped there:) I originally aimed to do what I could at 1 1/2 hours and I honestly would have kept going if my hip and calves didn’t seize up. It really was an amazing feeling to get this much out of my body. So I thank you all 5:30ers for making it possible. Ben- thanks for guilting us into showing up- its a good tactic;)
    Thanks to our troops :)

  22. Wish I was there today! Thanks to all the veterans and anyone serving our country

  23. 1:44:39

    Awesome showing by CFNE today!

  24. Clovis: 1:45:54 RX

    This was a tough one but I have heard so many amazing stories come out of this workout. Congratulations to all who attempted this workout. It doesn’t matter how far you got or if you finished or not. The fact that you stepped up and gave it a shot speaks volumes about yourself. Well done everyone and happy Veterans Day.

  25. MA Jennifer

    Thank you to all veterans, young and old. The privileges we all enjoy in the USA rest on the backs of your sacrifices.

    Glad I did this! Never imagined rowing that many miles… Nice work all CFNE, so cool to see how many folks showed up and did this.

    1:38 row; used 2 plates for the burpee jumping pull ups to make the jump shorter to save the knee for BRAZIL. Leaving tomorrow… see you all when I get back!

  26. Clovis: 2:28:54. So proud of all of my pals who’ve never run more than 3/5 miles. Awesome determination!

  27. Clovis: 1:50:10

    So impressive reading all of these posts and watching everyone step outside of their comfort zones to complete this WOD. Great job tonight CFNE!

  28. I am SO beyond proud of everyone today.

  29. such a phenomenal experience watching all of you amazing athletes not only push you’re bodies but you’re minds to their breaking points then turning, saying screw you then flipping that switch to go further and harder….truly inspiring watching you guys continue to grow both physically and mentally

    keep up the fight CFNE, one day at a time

  30. God bless America and Clovis

  31. Amanda S.

    Clovis 2:29:59. Beat my goal by one second! Just kidding, my goal was actually to do 6 rounds which would have been the most I have ever run but Michelle kept me going! Great night at cfne! Good job everyone.

  32. Clovis: Not sure of time, clock restarted (did not let that mess w my head): Did it RX First time running over 5 since knee surgery.. Our service men were in my thoughts every step. Blody sneakers, feet are not used to running distance anymore.

    Bed stat tonight. I will pray for no back squats tomorrow.. Great work PMers!!

    • Amanda S.

      I think the click restarted after 90 minutes if that helps! Great job tonight, you were flying!

  33. Clovis: 2:07:53 . Ran a total of 5.25 miles and rowed for 4.75. My knee would not allow me to run the whole thing. Kind of bummed, but really proud of myself for finishing. On the bright side, I got a lot of practice rowing, which is one of my least favorite things.

    Great class tonight. So much fun working out with the 5:30 and 7:30. So proud of everyone.

  34. Half Clovis. 64 or 66 mins.
    This is the first time I’ve ran more than 2 miles since I injured my knee two years ago training for a half and it felt amazing. Love running. So so so much. Also Mel told me how to stretch post run and I’m 100% pain free which is AWESOME since my knee was screaming miles 3, 4 and 5.
    I had a great time with Alex and Lisa. We should do this more often.

  35. I’ve done several Murphs and Filthy 50s and some longer WODS. But today felt different, even to those. Did an hour while my son got to witness alot of dedicated folks push themselves physically and mentally. I’m so glad he did. I did 6 miles and 75 bpus and loved every minute of it. And I thought of my dad, a Marine aviator and Vietnam vet, the whole time. Today was pretty awesome. Thx CFNE.

  36. Clovis: 7 rounds, 1:54:39

    Wow wow wow. I have NEVER run more than about 3 miles in my life. And tonight, 7. I loved running at night in the darkness…no music, just me and my thoughts. Paced myself and just kept going. I found this incredibly meditative and peaceful. Didn’t even have to walk like I thought I would. Just totally and utterly amazed myself…and am amazed by everyone who showed up today.

    Glad I called it at 7 rounds. Although I may have been able to do 8+, I didn’t want to push it too much and end up injuring myself. So, I stopped short of ripping my hands, blowing up my quads, etc. — left enough in the tank so that I know I can get back at it tomorrow.

  37. “Clovis” 1:53:25 rx.

  38. Christian

    Was wondering when this WOD came up — has this existed under another name before? Could’ve sworn I first heard if this WOD a couple years ago, but no way it was around yet given the timeline of the story. If anyone knows I’d love to know.

  39. Because of my hearing impairment, I was not qualified to join the armed forces (I did try in college). I have always been so grateful for those in uniform who serve so that we may live free. I’m lucky to have family members who were/are dedicated and willing to lay down their lives for our country (Rasheed, Dad, Lee, Jay). I’m fortunate to share the company of fellow CFNEers that serve our great nation. It is you that I think of when we have hero WODs. While I cannot serve, I am grateful to you for doing so…and allowing Malik to grow up in the land of the free.

    Clovis: 5 rounds 1:16:35
    Hands ripped in round two, so had to do jumping BPUs for rest of rounds.

  40. forgot to post yesterday….

    Clovis: 1:23:54…. did 6 rounds (5 run, 1 row)…I have not run in 6 weeks because of a pulled muscle in my leg- soooo, I was happy with this today. I really wish I could have finished – it was so motivating watching everyone give there best effort today – CFNE is an amazing community!

  41. Clovis 1:58…9 rounds. Lauren smoked it 10 rounds sub 1:50 – passed me twice. Eyes adjusted to the darkness around round 6 and it took us a while to get out of the parking lot with all the runners! What a turnout.

  42. Clovis: 1:30 (6 Mile run and 40 BPU’s) had to be somewhere.
    Never ran more than a mile in my life. Cant really believe it. Felt like Forrest Gump.

    • UPDATE: Ran NINE miles and 40 BPU’s ….. 36 laps at 400 – I thought that it was 60 laps for 10 miles (bad info) wish I knew woulda done the last 4 laps

  43. Chrissy Lacerra

    5 rounds – took me FOR.EVER! but happy I did it :)

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