Wednesday 9.26.12

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1. Bench
3 Rep Max

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2.  “Double”
6 Double Kettlebell Thrusters (70, 53)
2 Rope Climbs
Rest 5 Minutes
6 Double Kettlebell Thrusters (70, 53)
2 Rope Climbs

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Mental Toughness
By Coach Geoff


I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it” – Mark Devine

Whether you’re a competitive CrossFit athlete, Coach, Mom or Dad looking stay in shape or individual just looking for a healthier way of life, CrossFit has it’s own meaning to you. I started CrossFit to help me become a better athlete and help prepare me for whatever life may throw my way. However, over the past year and a half CrossFit has become a way of life, its something that I look forward to every minute of every day, not only as a competitive athlete but more so now as a Coach.

Although every CrossFit Coach brings his or her own unique personality and coaching style to their class, we all share the same end result. Hoping that athletes can walk out of the box learning something new and have a sense of accomplishment. Always moving forward and ready to tackle another day.

I pride myself, and my coaching philosophy on “Mental Toughness.” This is a characteristic that every one of us posses, but may be hesitant to go out and find. I mean who really wakes up everyday and say’s “OK, today I’m going to put myself outside my comfort zone and see what I’m capable of?” Not too many of us do, until we check the WOD online or actually walk into the box dreading the workout to come. At that point you’ve already won half the battle just by showing up and telling yourself that you’re ready to see what you’re made of. On the other hand, I can’t blame you for not wanting to crossover to the “dark side,” it’s a down right nasty and painful feeling that we don’t want to experience. However, crossing into that place and being able to harness your emotions and pain, and turn them into a positive can do amazing things for us. It may allow some of us to PR for the first time, complete a WOD Rx, or find a piece of yourself you never thought existed and allow you to accomplishing something that you never thought was possible.

Over the past year I have been a student of SEALFIT Founder Mark Devine’s “Unbeatable Mind Academy.” Mark Devine is a former US Navy SEAL, owner of SEALFIT and US CrossFit in Encinitas California. Mark has devoted his life beyond his service to Country to helping individuals like myself prepare for Special Forces Schools. He has not only helped hundreds of today’s modern day Warriors succeed in training but he has helped fortune 500 executives become more successful, worked with CrossFit Games athletes and even help stay at home soccer mom’s push their physical limits. Now, you’re probably wondering what do these different types of people have in common? The answer is, being able to train, develop and take full advantage of our most powerful and strongest muscle in our bodies, our brain.

I would like to share with you one of Mark’s tools that has helped me not only become a better CrossFit athlete but help me help me accomplish something that I thought was beyond my physical limits. A 24 Hour Obstacle Course Race know as the Worlds Toughest Mudder in the middle of December.

The “Big 4” of Mental Toughness


    1. Not long term goals (e.g. become a millionaire)
    2. Narrow your focus to the immediate future and/or task at hand – how exactly am I going to get through the next hour, WOD, evolution, meeting, etc.
    3. Set small victories and achieve those
      1. These add up and help you reach that main goal you set
        1. 100 burpees for time = 10 sets x 10 reps seems much more manageable, minimizing rest in between each interval


    1. The feeling you get before a WOD, business meeting, date, etc.
      1. Cold sweats, butterflies, nauseous, increased heart rate, panic
    2. Focus on your breath control
      1. Inhale 4 seconds and exhale 4 seconds and repeat for 6 minutes
      2. During a WOD is much tougher, but don’t think about the remaining 70 burpees you have to complete but focus on breathing and keeping that in rhythm.


    1. See yourself running through the movements either in first person or as you see yourself as a bystander.
    2. Run through the task at hand before you begin and how your going to get things completed.
    3. Focus on the smells, the sounds, the people around, and how exactly you are going to move through the WOD. This could also be used for a presentation to an audience as well
    4. When you hear that 3-2-1 GO! Now your ready to run through the WOD a second time


  1. SELF TALK + vs. –
    1. Eliminate the voice of negativity
      1. When you start feeling sorry for yourself or when you want to give up say to yourself STOP! Or CANCEL!
      2. Hit the reset button and create your own cheering section within
    2. Positive Reinforcement
      1. “I can do it”, “this is nothing” or my favorite EASY DAY!

Now you don’t have to come into CFNE tomorrow and try testing this method out but try taking one piece away with you and apply it to your next WOD, or when you feel like giving up and have nothing left in the tank. I hope this insight can help some of you take your training to the next level or improve you’re everyday way of life.