Friday 9.21.12

Double Pump Friday!

1. Snatch
OTM 9 x 1 Rep at 75%

2. Clean and Jerk
OTM 9 x 1 Rep at 75%

3. “Roadie”
5 Rounds NOT for Time:
50 Meter Sled Drag
15 GHD Sit Ups
2 Minute Rest

Post Scores to Comments.


That’s right, my mom can kick your butt!


Master’s Competition
The Master’s competition on October 20th is SOLD OUT!! There will be 4 events form 10am to 4pm. Heats, workouts and schedule will be posted within the next week. We still need volunteers and judges. Please email Mel and Ali @


Box Seminar 
Is your Affiliate at its full potential? Do you have under 200 members and can’t seem to get over the hump to 300+? Is your box a “Center of Excellence” or just a really cool place to do CrossFit?
Ben is VERY excited to share what I’ve learned as an Affiliate Owner with the CF Community. The Box Seminar is on the road and we are going to be in California, Long Island and Florida in the next few months. Hope you can check it out.
For more information, visit the Box Seminar website.