Wednesday 9.19.12

Happy Birthday Dr. V

 1. Bench Press
A. 3 Rep Max
B. 10 Rep Max

2. Chest to Bar/ Handstand Push Up Mash Up
On the Minute for 16 Minutes:
Odd: 3-6 reps Handstand Push Ups
Even: 3-8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

If you need to work on strength do the HSPU and C2B strict.  If you need to work on skill/coordination do the HSPU and C2B as kipping.


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Happy Birthday Rap


Your CrossFit Experience
By Coach Ashley

The best part of my job at CFNE is helping new athletes feel the fire, getting them excited about Crossfit but more importantly about overall health. There are so many new faces at CFNE, every class is growing exponentially, new friendships are being made, beasts are emerging, and our community has never been stronger. I followed up with all of the athletes that have gone through the elements program with me and asked them to recall a great memory, an “a-ha” moment, something that stands out about their crossfit experience thus far. Many responded with some great answers and a few I will share…


One great memory was the first day of elements I was so nervous I couldn’t even go to work that day. I thought everyone would be judgmental and I would be a loser in a group of incredibly fit people! I now know that CFNE is not a scary place at all and most people are very encouraging and want you to do the best that you can…Crossfit has changed my life since June…I have lost 15 pounds since joining…and can feel my body getting stronger…” – Nikki


I think the most memorable moment for me from elements was coming to terms with how out of shape I was and that I found a place that was openly going to give me all the tools that I needed to get back into shape. Second most memorable would be your diet talk. I don’t think people are aware of how many CARBS they ingest daily. Almost all carbs. That was a real eye opener for me….” – Brad


The memory that always comes to mind when I think of my crossfit experience so far is that very first WOD. It was a team work out that consisted of box jumps and burpees, neither of which I had ever done. I remember being so intimidated to even try a box jump. I thought I wouldn’t make it to the top of the box and would end up falling on the ground, getting hurt and wounding my pride. Thankfully, I didn’t have to go first but when my turn came, I just did it and was amazed at my own ability. It was nice that it was a team work out since it really showed me how much crossfit is a supportive community…” – Leo

I now have proof that I sweat more than most folks…” – James
All of us coaches would love to hear from all of you, what is an amazing experience you have had through crossfit? What emotions did you feel when you started versus now? How has crossfit changed your life? Anything! Post to comments!