Saturday 9.15.12

Have you had a FFF? Well, you should! Great Pre or Post WOD snack

“Flat Tire”
8 Hand Release Chest Slap Push Ups
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
8 Push Presses (135, 95)
8 Kettlebell Swings (70, 53)

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Happy Birthday Colleen (The Origial)!


Saturday Schedule
Tony Blauer will host his Self Defense Seminar tomorrow from 10am-5pm. There WILL still be classes at 7am, 8am and 9am. Come over and get your WOD on!


Beauty in Strength

CrossFit has changed how women view their bodies and how they define beauty. Check it out…



Message From Ben…

A Promise To Your Coach and Your Critic…

When was the last time you looked someone in the eye and made them a promise?

Promises are powerful motivators.  When you make a promise, large or small, to someone else you will go to great lengths to fulfill your end of the deal.  Promises are important.  Promises that are fulfilled lead to trusting/loving relationships, while broken promises create doubt and insecurity.  One of the important steps in making deposits into the Emotional Bank Account is following through on promises.

What if you had the opportunity to sit with your biggest coach and make a promise to them?  How cool would it be to have that coach with you every moment to direct and motivate you towards your promised goal?  What if you could look in to the eyes of your biggest critic everyday and prove them wrong?  How powerful a statement would that be?

You have that opportunity everyday.  No coach or critic has more communication with you than YOU.  You are your own biggest coach and critic.  Take advantage of this realization and opportunity.  Every morning while brushing your teeth in front of the mirror think about something you want to accomplish that day.  Once you’re done with your teeth look yourself eyes and promise yourself, OUT LOUD, that you will accomplish that goal.

My advice is to start small – “today I will take the stairs instead of the elevator,” “today I will drink water instead of soda/juice,” or  “today I will go to the gym.”  Little promises that are kept build self-confidence.  Self-confidence that you are mentally strong.  Self confidence that your inner-voice is a coach and not a critic.  Self-confidence that you will accomplish what you set your mind to.  Before long you can challenge yourself with bigger promises – “today I will not eat anything processed,” “today I will run for 1 mile before class,” or “today I make it home for dinner with my family and tell them I love them.”

Allow your inner voice to coach you and prove to your biggest critic that you are strong willed, determined and capable.  Start small and become something amazing.